Elegant Tabs for Fusion Builder

Elegant Tabs for Fusion Builder

This plugin is an addon for Fusion Builder WordPress plugin that comes with Avada WordPress Theme version 5.0 and above. It works great with the WordPress 4.6 and Fusion Builder 1.0 and above. To get Fusion Builder plugin, Buy Avada Here.

The plugin also includes woocommerce addon for elegant tabs, that means, the plugin does work well with Woocommerce and Avada!

It lets you add any shortcode or html content in multiple tabs so that users get to choose the data they want to see. We have also added numerous possibilities of customization where you can select different colors, icons, backgrounds for different sections/tabs. The content area can be filled up with TinyMCE editor; which means you can implement WYSIWYG.


# NEW: Icon Selector for Tabs in WooCommerce —

Now, you can use the icons on WooCommerce tabs. We have added icon selector with over 400+ icons for woocommerce tabs.

# New: Tabs to Accordion on Mobile —

Now, you can set the tabs to convert in accordion on mobile devices for easy access

# NEW: Justified Tabs —

Added another option to make all the tabs justified. This will set all the available tabs with same width across the container.

# NEW: Vertical Tabs —

Most requested and awaited feature is finally here. Now, you can add vertical tabs to your page or turn the existing tabs to vertical tabs to add more look to your site.

Custom Image Icon —
Now you can use the custom image icon for your tabs. Just select the image icon from the icon type and upload your custom image icon.
Tab Icon —
You can choose the icon for each tab from the available fonts library in Fusion Builder.
Tabs Alignment —
Most of our users have asked for this feature. We have added an option for alignment. You can now align your tabs left, right or center.

Currently, Elegant Tabs for Fusion Builder offers around 10 different styles of tabs and unlimited variations to make sure no two websites have similar looking tabs. This also lets you choose from a wide variety of options. Following are the style we provide -

- Bar Style

- Icon Box Style

- Underline Style

- Top line Style

- Fallig Icon Style

- Line Style

- Line Box Style

- Flip Style

- Trapezoid Style

- Fillup Style

For Theme Authors ?

We offer theme authors an easy way to include this plugin in their themes on Themeforest. If you wish to include this plugin in your theme to be sold exclusively on Themeforest, just purchase an Extended License for each of your themes and send the purchase code and Theme name via contact form on our profile page. We will provide you with the stock license for that particular purchase code.

Changelog —

Version 2.3.0 – 14 November, 2017

- New: Added compatibility with Yikes Custom Product Tabs for WooCommerce
- Improved: WordPress 4.9 compatibility
- Improved: Tabs styling.
- Improved: Fusion Builder Gallery element works fine within elegant tabs now
- Fixed: WooCommerce 3.2.x compatibility
- Fixed: WooCommerce empty tab container if all default tabs are removed
- Fixed: Tab js scroll jump in deep linking

Version 2.2.0 – 15 March, 2017

- New: Mobile tabs to accordion option.
- New: Added icon selector for product tabs.
- Improved: Tabs styling.
- Improved: Compatibility with WooCommerce 2.7
- Fixed: Few minor bugs.

Version 2.1.0 – 21 Feb., 2017

- New: Justified Tabs option to spread tab width equally across the container.
- Fixed: Tab to dropdwon on mobile devices issue.

Version 2.0.0 – 24 December, 2016

- New: Vertical Tabs option to convert tabs to vertical type.
- New: Tab ID option added for adding custom tab ids.
- New: Option added to enable tabs to dropdown conversion on mobile devices.
- Improved: Compatibility with WordPress 4.7
- Improved: Compatibility with Fusion Builder 1.0.6
- Improved: Tabs styling.
- Fixed: Blank Image placeholder being added if no icon is selected.
- Fixed: Tab content area top margin adding blank space after tab navigation.

Version 1.0.0 – November 16, 2016

Initial Release