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Very nice, almost candy sweet, love the colors.

Thanks :)

Gorgeous! Good luck with sales!

Thanks :)

Exactly – Love the colors!

:) Thanks

Hi, I like the design and the colors! Is this also responsive?

No this isn’t responsive item. I’m working on it, so very soon I will update this version. Thanks :)

Greenline, Pricing Tables are updated. Now they are responsive :)

So what happens in IE 8/9? Can can you have 5 columns. No one seems to do five :(

Very nice and I’ll buy for a project if I can have 5 and it doesn’t fail in IE8.

FYI – the site will have HTML shiv and is fine with HTML5

These tables are using CSS3 elements that are not supported in IE8. You can add another columns in the table. Thanks :)

Goymedia, this item is updated and it contains variations with 3, 4 and 5 columns. :)

Nice Template. Waiting for the responsive layout update.

Thanks :)

Darshana4it, Pricing Tables are updated. Now they are responsive :)

Hey Trissia, I am really new with this, are there installation instructions? How are they added to your webpage?

Hello :) Yes, there are installation instructions. You can find it in documentation file. If you have any problems and questions, send me a message! I will help you :) Thanks!

Are these WordPress compatible? How would I use them with WP?

I haven’t checked table’s code compatibility with WP.


How many digits can be inserted in the circle without reducing the size font ? Thanks


Hello Fran,

Please send me a message with concrete details (3, 4 or 5 column table).

Thanks, Trissia

Awesome! GLWS