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Nice works


Hey there! thanks I’m glad you liked it.

hi , i use your products in iran but we can not more access to your website and know about any product updates. pls do somthing

I think VPN or Proxy prevented by envato during the account login. Why you’re using VPN? use your normal connection or if you have a phone + connection use it an do whatever you want.

Best Regards Team

I am in Iran . when i connect normal I can’t see anything. Just this Message “Sorry , Envato Market Is Not Available In Your Country” in this page = ...... But why Country … Me … Anyway thank you For Your Attention. We Love You & Your Products Not “Your Country”

Hey again this is not one by one regarding with you. I think this is regarding with your country. The Envato seem to restrict some of the countries with yours. I’m sorry but I can’t do anyhing for you. That’s the explain everything: obviously like that message “US sanctions prohibit trade with certain restricted countries”

wo wo wo wo wow…from far the most complete VC addon i ever seen in envato…and i mostly used and practiced them all…congrats !

Hey there, We glad you liked it. By the way thanks for your puchases! Also we got you messages and the issue will be fixed as soon as possible. Please keep eye on updates. Thanks for using our items.

Thank you so much. Great support and extremely fast. The team help me a lot in my project. I actually like this plugin and your supports. RATE 5 STARS

You’re welcome! Thanks for preffered our items. When you need us please don’t hesitate to contact anytime. We are trying to give first class support our customers everytime.

Good but have bug.

Try it and fix pls i want buy :

Click to page end car, ( red car at bottom )

This screen shot :

Hey again it’s fixed but it’ll be fixed as media queries too. Plugin also updated.

Just FYI; plugin updated width fixed version!

Thanks, i examine it.

Hello (google translation – sorry if bad translation)

I just bought your plugin, but can not install it on my site. Error message, telling me that visual composer must be installed before. Except that my visual composer is installed, but modified theme of the author.

Can you help installing the plugin on my site?

Best regards

Hello, (google translation)

Thank you very much for your support. I am very happy to use your plugin.

Best regards,

Hi, You’re welcome! I hope you’ll enjoy those all elements, presets & layouts. Thanks for your purchases!

Best regards, Team

Modified VC version compability check changed in the plugin with version 2.0.1. Update has been sent to codecanyon now & they will be approve item asap.

Thanks for using our items!

Best Regards Team

Can I use the slider as a recent post slider?

Hey there,

Currently; Elegant Mega Addons Slider getting images from the media gallery. But If you need like recent post slider we can implement in Elegant Mega Addons.

Regards Team

We’ll be update the plugin with recent post slider & tons of additions soon. Just FYI

Pre Sales Question:

In your demo site appears this at top =Notice: The called constructor method for WP_Widget in ZillaLikes_Widget is deprecated since version 4.3.0! Use

Is that ok? its from another stuff?

Hey there it’s not regarding with the Elegant Mega Addons plugin. It’s regarding with Zilla like plugin. I’ve disabled debug now.

Hello , where can I find LIVE PREVIEW in web. Link in describtion doesn’t work

Hey there here is the demo live demo issue fixed. Thanks for your interests.

Hi. I want to use the White Theme preset but without the hover feature. How can i manage to disable it ? Thanks

Hey there can you please more specific and can you please sent us you used preset link over our demo? we’ll be let you know the solution quickly.

Thanks! Team

Hey sorry for delay. Can you please select you used template over here and sent us the exactly URL so we need to see which one do you using.

Hi, I’ve presale question. My site is running porto theme that comes with ULTIMATE ADDONS: can I use your your plugin with this without running into any problems? Thank you

Hi there, thanks for your interested. Yes this plugin compatible with any theme & any plugin. Also you can use plugin without any problem.

Thanks! Team

is it clear?

HOLY Visual Composer Batman! This is amazing. Buying right now.

:) thanks. Just installing. Are almost all or all of the image effects clickable with URL link?

I do have a question. Posted on support board.

can you please sent us a sample link? you mentioned about the image effects clickable with URL link?


I am using an heavy ajaxed theme for this project. How can I add the JS and CSS or any other code to load throughout the site to allow for Elegant Addons Codes to work on any page as it loads on and into any other page?

I am so hoping this is possible.



Hey Chris, If there is no misunderstood; When use use the any Elegant Mega Addons shortcode in any page, elegant mega addons will be included the js and css automatically for each module.

Elegant Mega Addons will be detected if the shortcode used in the page contents.

I hope this helps to you.

Yes but with Ajax, pages can load into each other. A page without VC can load one that does and then there is just VC shortcodes displayed.

It’s not impossible but needs a bit works on it.

Hi Support, I have purchase Elegant mega addons for visual composer but i did not find any step by step documentation for element. Can you provide link for documentation. Like i did not find how to use Dropcaps element. Please help me as i am in a project running. and provide tell me how to get support for your plugin as when i click on support it goes to your site and no support area there. Thanks, Murad

and please provide your contact email so that i can send mail directly. thanks

Hi Thanks for the contacting us with your issues. First your theme included fitvids.js and this is changing and causing a issue div structure in the html source.

You can disable the theme’s fitvids.js or you can wait until our fixes. Also do you have a sample for the team ?

You can reach us info @


Hey There, we have a solution for the with/without fitvids.js. Plugin will be updated a lot of improvements and fixes within a couple days later.


Hi I have a question regarding the hexagon grid with hover effect. I want to buy this add on but I need to add a hyperlink so my question is: Can i add a hyperlink to the hexagon when clicking on it? When I test it, I only get a popup on the screen of a page, but I want to click on a hexagon and then go directly to another page. Is this possible?

Thank you for fast response! kr,

Thanks for the interested. Plugin allowed to use any link right now but popuped version added and updated a couple days later.

Shortly yes you can sent hexagon links to another page.



lalaine Purchased

all profile versions don’t work team members etc. just blank

did you tried to define profile image? if you used predefined yes that profile image won’t display but if you define your own image is will work perfectly.

Hi! I will buy this amazing plugin but I need to know if I must transfer My Daylymotions videos to You Tube. Must I ? Your plugin doesnt play Daylymotion videos ? Thanks in advance.

Hey thanks for your interest. Currently it does not supported daily motion videos but we can add DM support into the plugin module.

Currently you should transfer them to you tube.


I would like to know if the Elegant Mega Addon includes the Video Gallery Module or if it has to be purchased separately.


Yes got it thanks I’ll be take care your issue. Thanks for your patient.

Hey there your issue has been solved on your site. Please check your website video section again. Also we’ll be sent updates to for this fix.

Thanks for your chosen our items!

@Hebininja did you see your website? and fixes? If you have satisfied please don’t forget to give a rate our items.


Hello, looks really good. Awesome work ! I’d like to ask a question about the Floating Contact Bar. Is it possible to disable or remove any of the buttons that we don’t need ? Since i.e. someone does not have a Twitter account or an Instagram can those buttons be removed from displaying ? Thanks !

Hi currently there is no option for this but I’ll put your suggestions and recommendations into the plugin now. Basically you’ll see this option with next version.

Thanks! Kevin J. Team

We’ll sent an update right now with your suggestions right now you can check this demo and compare this demo I hope sounds like your wishes :)

Regards Kevin J. Team