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Hello, I bought this addon and works great except for the video thumbnails on Safari. On all other browsers I’ve checked is ok, explorer, chrome, firefox. Some of the thumbnails do not load.


No problem I hope this helps to you.

Regards Team

Facebook and custom video support implemented and you’lI get them with updates. it’s in update queue right now.

Do you have to import a separate thumbnail image for each video, or does your plugin pull the thumbnail from the vimeo or YouTube url?


Facebook and custom video support implemented and you’lI get them with updates. it’s in update queue right now.

Is there any chance to use local videos or facebook videos?

Amazing !!!

Thanks! If you don’t want to wait until the update, I can sent it to you via email. Just share your email with us. We’ll sent updated version to you.

Thanks, Kevin

it’s updated!

Does this support self hosted videos

Shortly yes!

Longly: From Youtube, From Vimeo, From Media Gallery, From Facebook

Pre sales question: Can this be set up to just display videos posted to a Facebook wall and nothing else ? Thanks

Plugin will be display from Facebook videos, From Youtube, From Vimeo, From Media Gallery. Shortly yes!

Thanks! Kevin J.

The first video reading video source from the Facebook on plugin demo.

could I upload just one video and the rest of the gallery images? video + images gallery mixed.

Only you can show your videos within your gallery. You can define custom video and define custom image for this. But this is a great idea maybe we can add this with next release.

Hi and thanks a lot for a very useful plugin! I’m trying t change height of the main video and it doesn’t work… any ideas?

Hey there! I hope those are helpful for you. I’ve checked it again because fitvids.js prevent the main height. I did some fixes for it and you’ll be get fixed version with next release within 1-2 business days later.

Thanks! Kevin J.

I am trying to set up a gallery like the ones you have on your demos. Your instructions do not contain or demonstrate that information. Can you please point me in the right direction?

Hey there, just click to the “Add Template” button or click to the right hand of the add element icon. Then import video gallery template. It’ll be appears in your page automatically.

That’s it.


Did you create one like the demo?

hello the support system wont let me register and tells me im locked out.

main video hangs over the other videos underneath it, and i cant see the smaller videos at all.

Thanks for your purchases! yes I saw your issue. Can you provide us your email to info @ ? We’ll be sent fixed version before the update.

Fixed version has been sent to your email. Please let us know the result.

hello support is not letting me in to contact-you – my main image is very small and the rest are working please see here. -

Please set main video width/height in the addon settings. It seem you forgotten to set them for main video.

thanks that was it it works great.

You’re welcome! I’m glad it works.

Hi, I have a question before I buy it now. You must be knowing that, Facebook doesnt show full image of YouTube share links, like it does for VIMEO links.

So, Im looking for a solution, so that Wordpress can fetch the thumbnail from youtube and make it as featured post image automatically for that WP post

Then when I goto Facebook and share this post link, it will automatically show up the thumbnail image big in FB share image.

But when someone clicks on the post link on FB, it should directly goto my Youtube video instead of going to Wordpress post page with video.

Can your plugin do that ?

I have seen many websites doing this, im not sure, if its your plugin or something else.,

Let me know asap.

Lets say, You have a youtube video – ABC DRIVING.

Now that gets pulled to Wordpress automatically and your plugin will pull its thumbnail full res image and make it as featured image of the post automatically.

So the wordpress post becomes –

So, now I goto Facebook and share this post –

Facebook will pick the thumbnail featured image of this post and show as FB thumbnail.

Now if someone clicks on this post in FB, it should not goto the wordpress post page, but it should directly goto the Youtube Video.

Got me ?

Please try live test drive it at Also check our another plugin at this plugin will be fetch thumbnails automatically from the source.

Thanks for your interest! Kevin J.

Note: Also we can provide you a special live test if you want! please let us know.

You mean, your WP posts when clicked, directly goes to Youtube ?

Nope opasite. They will be open via ajax


Thank you for your work.

I just bought the plugin and I would like to use it to make a gallery of Facebook videos, as in your Live Preview. But I only see Vimeo and Youtube when I try to install it.

How do I do it ?

Best regards

Hey there thnaks for your purchase. Just click to the VC template icon and you will see the predefined templates there. You can use sample templae and see thw result.

Thanks Kevin J.

You mentioned in an earlier comment that you might add the ability to have still images as well as videos. Has this functionality been added to the plugin?

images + videos right? Currently not implemented.

Hi there, I have a pre-sales question: Can I make galleries out of my self-hosted videos using this plugin? I run my videos from my own server, so I need a good video gallery plugin to help me layout my videos nicely on a page/post/portfolio post types. Then when the video is clicked it opens the video player with controls right away, or it opens the video into a lightbox and then I can cycle through the videos. Again, these videos are self-hosted.


I can go to this page: but when I try to edit it and I update the page it just tries to save the page forever. After 15 minutes it’s still trying to finish loading/updating the page. And this page on the frontend: me a This site can’t be reached error in Chrome.

Here are some video links, can you just update that page for me and show me the results on the frontend:







Sure :) yes there is a 15 min limit for the each session I’l prepare a page with your videos and let’s see the results.

I’ll update you asap.

Good Work, Congratulations GLWS;)


Great Work, Congratulations GLWS


Is this plugin compatible with the new wordpress and new vc

I will attempt again. It stated that the site couldnt accept messages and in support it stated that I havent putchased the plugin. The main video will adjust to a set width but the height does not adjust on mobile. So it fills the screen unlike how it shows in the demo.

you can contact directly with us via info

Also I’m seeing your user in our side but you can’t post anything I think!