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Good luck with selling! :)

Thanks a lot.

I need admin Laravel with:

- Multi menu with submenu
- Multi category whit subcategory
- Multi module
- Multi themes

Codecanyon not have :(
when it contains does not work well

Add to your cms and will increase sales

Thanks for your advice :)

http://login.farazisoft.com/.env you should protect that file.

Thanks a lot :)

htaccess :

        RewriteEngine On

        RewriteRule ^.*\.env$ - [F,L,NC]
        RewriteRule ^.*\.json$ - [F,L,NC]

Thanks a lot :)

The preview links isn’t available.

So, your server is restricted to some countries. I can’t access from Mexico.

May be, thanks your patience.

While testing your script I detected an error , for “see all messages” under user account

Does this script come with API Rest ?

BTW great script

Hi, This script no API Rest it’s based on laravel But From validation & data preview created with Angular js.

Are you available for Freelancing, if yes, shoot me an email info@christiansimon.me, Thanks

Nice… Please add VUE.js and in full agreement with equipexq, requests.


hydm Purchased

It is really a good product for startup. Easy customization, well-documented, flexible and quality product. And author is helpful and interested person as well. I rate 5 and strongly recommend.

Thanks a lot :)

Hi does this have a module (CRUD) generator?

Yes this is CRUD generator. But what’s you see demo and documentation that’s it.

http://survey.ssalumni.com/public/ Parse error: syntax error, unexpected ’.’, expecting ‘&’ or variable (T_VARIABLE) in /home2/pramodkr/public_html/staging/survey/vendor/laravel/framework/src/Illuminate/Foundation/helpers.php on line 475

Please help me …to fix this issue

Please check your PHP version. Minimum required PHP 5.6

If you don’t understand it’s. Please send request skype : jewel_farazi

There is no really a CRUD Generator, or?

Sorry i have no Skype… Can you tell me, where i can find this in wich documentation? thank you!

Please see laravel 5.3 documentation how to create model, view & controller. my email id : md.jewelmia52@gmail.com please email me have any query.

Thanks! :)


First, thank you for your work, it’s a great tool to start a new project.

However … :)

With the initial install, everything works fine, BUT, after a simple “composer update”, the authentification seems to be broken, and I have nothing in the logs to identify the problem. Here are the updated packages: http://pastebin.com/NPwSdGWY Once updated, you can’t enter the admin, but, if you was logged before, you can keep working. So it only affects the identification process (or redirection?). Do you have any idea of what is causing this issue?

Also, you say it’s a CRUD app, but your documentation lacks explanations on this point. How do you generate a CRUD? What are your recommendations to integrate it in your project? In an earlier comment you say to see the Laravel doc, but it’s not really an acceptable answer. Other Laravel projects that pretends to do “CRUD” integrate a Crud generator with documentation on how to use it. And sometime it is even an online generator, like with the project “Josh” (8754542). So either remove the “CRUD” in your product’s name, or add a package like ‘appzcoder/crud-generator’ and explain how to use it.

Last thing, a recommendation for better localization: in app/Http/Middleware/Language.php add Carbon::setLocale($language); otherwise sentences like “2 days ago” are not translated.

Thanks for your help on the update / identification issue.

Thanks @cmayol for you comment’s, i don’t know why you fetch when your composer update then authentication to be broken but i check this.It’s working but you don’t worry i again check it.You also say about CRUD app if you want to create new model, controller and view page then you can use laravel comment like as “php artisan ” or you can create customly i already says my previous comment. Last you says about language i also recommend to you language system create custom if you want to add or change new anything you can do it easily go to foldername\resources\lang\en\app.php. open this file then you can add new line what’s your need. Whatsoever thanks for you advice. Have question please add me skype: jewel_farazi Email id : md.jewelmia52@gmail.com

I found the issue : it’s because you use the field ‘username’ for identification, and the default is (now?) the field ‘email’.

So, in login.blade.php, I’ve replaced this http://pastebin.com/huRWrAsk by this http://pastebin.com/LA3N0w2t

And it works.

Thanks @cmayol. Have any query or any think can you share with me by email. Good luck.

Do you recommend any laravel-based CMS to connect to your product? I found AsgardCMS is it easy to integrate? Any advice/docs on that?

If your have best knowledge on laravel you can do it. if you want to discuss more add me skype: jewel_farazi

hi There,

I have some bugs when the sidebar is collapsed. Ie the title heading don’t look right. I then hover over dashboard icon and move to the next. the dashboard icon does not go back to an icon when hover out.

can pls fix and share the code again to me?

May you fetch design problem but it’s work fine my demo. I don’t understand which problem you fetch please send email or add skype don’t worry I will help you.


cmayol Purchased

Hello. You forgot to mention that the theme is “based” on this TF item: https://themeforest.net/item/remark-responsive-bootstrap-4-admin-template/11989202 Some persons can found this useful.

@cmayol many many thanks for mention that. I mistake it i will mention my documentation.


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hi, will be nice if you will make a separated folder called update with only the files you have modified. its very hard to keep track to all the fixes.

@rozatarra lot of thanks for your advice i will follow future when i will update my product but if you fetch problem please knock my skype id.


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I got an error if i change the language. FatalThrowableError in Manager.php line 137: Call to undefined method Illuminate\Session\Store::set()

Why not let the user store in his profile witch lang he will choose?

Go to app/controller/languageController.pop then replace set to put then it will work fine. Please replace set() to put().

Go to app/controller/languageController.pop then replace set to put then it will work fine. Please replace set() to put().


derpapst2 Purchased

Thank you, works fine now

How to set the menubar closed by default?

It has no Option for that you can see my documentation. If your have any confusion please add skype for more discuss id : jewel_farazi