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This update broke our project. when loging in, the user is taken back to the login screen. So frustrating. It’s even hard to pinpoint the issue.

Please go to /vendor/laravel/framework/src/Illuminate/Foundation/Auth/AuthenticatesUsers.php then replace previous AuthenticatesUsers.php if your don’t have previous AuthenticatesUsers.php please email me md.jewelmia52@gmail.com i will send to you this file.

Hi, I´m going to purchase this script. At first I would like to know that this script support comments/discussion? I´d like to use this script as my privat membership site with tutorial videos, is it possibe to include inside videos from thirt part websites? Thank you, have a nice day :)

Yeah, you can use for that. It has some feature for startup needs but what’s your need you can add easily. It’s very easy to customization.

You can also try Bdtask – Bootstrap Admin Template is used for admin and client portal. It is 100% user friendly and unique admin panel template.


@mubassir thanks for advice, But one more think this product Template client can easily customize if any client need help for template change then he can contact with me thanks.

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Looking to assigned / restrict the viewing of certain html5 pages to unique registered users? Was not able to notice it, in the Admin-dashboard : Roles and Permission dash

Please tell me what I am missing.

Thanks in advance

Please reinstall database may it’s work thanks . If may not work please email me.

Hi Farazisoft ,

Will send an email. Thanks in advance, :-)

Hi !!,

Regarding the ability CREATE user account : How can one NOT USE or DELETE ,,, the Birth-Date, Address and Country Fields?

Thanks in advance

If your have knowledge about laravel it’s very easy. Please see laravel doc.

Hi, I downloaded your login script. I still need to verify the quality of the work itself, but a first bug which bothers me is a layout one: If you collaps the sidebar, you the titles do not get trimmed ok.see image: http://imgur.com/a/eb1zI Im using the lastest version of MacOsX, safari browser.

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Okey thanks for you advice but this design integrated form this link https://themeforest.net/item/remark-responsive-bootstrap-4-admin-template/11989202?s_rank=1 I will try to fix it. Thanks.

[I am logged in as ADMIN] User -> Update Details Field with label Phone shows emailaddress if you delete the content, and push Update profile details, it remains the same. User -> Create new user If you create a new user, and you press the button “Create an account” the whole form is made empty. So no redirection to the “Users list” page.

@aa_dev thanks for your comment i found this and correction it please go to resources\views\users\edit_profile.blade.php & resources\views\users\edit_profile.blade.php then change in phone input field value=”{{$userdata->email}}” to value=”{{$userdata->phone}}” and another question after registration redirect userlist go to app\Http\Controllers\userController.php then go to store() method then below replace below redirect return Redirect(‘userlist’)->with(‘msg_success’, trans(‘app.insert_success_message’)); you will get next update all things thanks.


We are using your code in a simple application of ours. However, we would like to know if you have a ticketing system somewhere to report bugs, and give feedback. (instead of using this envato support form)

We plan on doing a full security check, layout implementation check and best-coding-practices check on your script. So it would be nice to give feedback in nice way.

Kind Regards aaDev

Hi, If you have ticketing you can email to me here : md.jewelmia52@gmail.com



I’m running into issues with your Framework, everytime I try to login with the standard password / username I always get redirect to the login screen, it seems like it doesn’t want to enter the dashboard.

Even if I use myappname.dev/dashboard it falls back to the login screen, my .env file and database connections are all set up correctly.

Are there any more issues like this?

Please go to /vendor/laravel/framework/src/Illuminate/Foundation/Auth/AuthenticatesUsers.php then replace previous AuthenticatesUsers.php if your don’t have previous AuthenticatesUsers.php please email me md.jewelmia52@gmail.com i will send to you this file.


Why does the migration files of your login not contain the fields as specified in the users database? I want to use the “php artisan migrate” commands to specifiy user table migrations, but half of the fields like google and facebook or not defined here. In the migration file it says firstname -> in your table it says first_name

What is this????

Thanks @aa_dev okey next version i will create it for table migration.

Hello @aa_dev please email to me md.jewelmia52@gmail.com


why don’t you set up database migration classes for user creation and filling in the default information in the database? In this way it is very easy: - to edit the database and go back - Change the default logins - make sure standards are followed

Yeah i know it’s very simple so mistake.


do you have plan for reCAPTCHA?
how about we prevent bots?
I got a lot of fake account when I purchase other member scipts.

Yeah i have plan i will do feature.

thanks you.
I will wait for that day & will purchase immediatly

I want to contact you. I am bangladeshi. Do You have bangladeshi contact number?

Yeah you can go to http://farazisoft.com/

Is possible to use datatables in this project, because I saw that is part of remark template ? Thanks

Yeah it’s possible you can try it thanks.

Thank you. Now, I try to include css and js

This project supports real time updates. Let say I have a table open on my screen and someone add a new item from another computer, does my table updates automatically without having to refresh the page?

No it’s not support real time.

Hi Unfortunately the migration files are missing ….

Already mention it my previous comments when i will update then you will get.


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Hi, I need right to left support ? Thanks,

You can go to www.farazisoft.com then send email thanks.