Electronic Library Management system

Electronic Library Management system

Electronic Library Management system - CodeCanyon Item for Sale

A Simple and flexible library portal through which e-books/ and hard-copy books, journals of all possible genre can be stored and made available for library users.

It’s a responsive web application for libraries of all sizes that want to modernize their services and improve staff productivity. This software can be used both web-based or local host based.

Features at glance
  1. User management,
  2. Library Catalogue Item management,
  3. OPAC access to authorised users,
  4. Instant Messaging system,
  5. Access to library news and events,
  6. Users’ shelf for storing study materials,
  7. Catalog Item (Books/ journal etc) Reservation,
  8. Violations Management,
  9. Resources Recommendation Management,
  10. Importation and exportation of catalogue items,
  11. much more

Online access for registered user to see the status of their books.

No need to invest heavily on Hardware.

and much more.

Please check the demo @

Admin : pass: admin

User : pass : user


  1. Dashboard
  2. System Management (Catalog management, Physical library management , eLibrary mangement,Misc. Records, User Management )
  3. Transaction
  4. News & Event
  5. OPAC Search
  6. My Library
  7. Messages
  8. My Shelves
  9. Library News
  10. User Guide


The “Dashboard” section of this system shows a summarized infomation of records which include

Reserved library Resources (For today and other days.)
Borrowed library Resources (For today and other days.)
Returned library Resources (For today and other days.)
Violations (For today and other days.)
Created local libraries

System Management

This section allows an authorized user to set core system settings which made up of two four(4) sub-sections which include the following

Catalog management : Creating/editing/deleting library catalog records
Physical library management: Adding/modifying physically sited library to the system
eLibrary mangement: Creating / editing / deleting eLibrary records
Misc. Records : This manages all the type of resources that can be added to library catalog system (format, category) and type of violations approved by the institution
User Management : To manage (create/ update) library users's account


The “Transaction” section of this system is divided into four sections which give access to authorized users to

View elibrary resources reservation made by users
Lend resource and view lent resources
Enter record for resources being returned by users
View records of violators, fines and status of the record

News & Events

News & events setion of this module allows authorized users to create/ edit and publish news/events to the library users community

OPAC Search

“OPAC Search” is an online catalog search system that allows you to search for library resources hosted on our local server (using basic / advanced searches) or external servers(external search). This feature also allow you to view your previous serach history.

My Library

“My Librarys” is a section of this system that gives you access to record linked to your account which include

Your Private uploads
Borrowed Resource
Violations of rule/instructions and fines


Its an internal mailing systems thats allows you to send and recieve electronic messages.

My Shelves

“My shelves” as the name implies is an electronic version of your physical library shelve that allows you to keep your library resources in group-like manner.

Library News

“Library News” section of this system shows you lists of the latest happenings (news/ events)