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Does this come preloaded with the data? Also can I limit it to just certain appliances?

This have all appliances already installed in it, If you know little about php or wordpress plugins you can delete specific appliances. I would send you brief guideline on it after you buy thanks. If you would not able to delete you can hire me to delete appliances for you

Hi, I would like to know if you can send spending by email. Thanks

ok but you can not have access demo wordpress and use the back end trying the plugin?

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Hi The wattage display box is only enough for one digit, (not 3 As sales page)

Please advise how I can alter the width of the wattage box in appliance calculator

According to width some CSS of your theme might b reducing its size, or you have not put it in proper width page. kindly show me your web page url. also you can contact at ateeq@webfulcreations.com for customizations thanks!

Hi Thanks for the fast reply http://naturespowergrid.com/local-energy-news/ The page if full width and is wider than the sales page of the plugin. I need the wattage to be 4 digits wide and the others a minimum of 2

hey there are some CSS issues your Theme css is conflicting and overriding plugin’s CSS please go to my profile and send me your wp-admin info i will fix this for you thanks!

Can you have the options in £ and so it can be used in the UK as well. thanks

Thanks for your interest, once you buy the plugin, you can ask me to send you updated version with pound sign :) np. thanks.

hello, buy the plugin, I want to personalize it, I need only a calculator consumption and energy-saving incandescent and LED bulbs. You can help?

Please contact me through my profile page thanks.

Please contact me through my profile page thanks.

Very nice!!! I just need to be able to have the user be able to change the cost per kWh depending on what state they live in. I have users from all 50 states and the price varies from 8.0 to 33.2 cents and there is no default that will work unless it can be entered by user of calculator. Thanks!

Hi kindly send me email at ateeq@webfulcreations.com thanks… So i can tell you solution

Hi I need something similar to the cost calcutor but that can also send information similar to a survey form. I own a moving company and there is an excel sheet that has sizes and weight of all household furniture like beds, tables, ellipticals etc and people input their inventory into that and it calculates the size of the move at the end an example of it is here


Can you make something like this and make it possible to send the data into google docs or integrate with zapier? If so let me know how much you would charge.

I need soemhting with a nice easy interface…maybe with a plus and minus button for qualtity…i like the ;ayout of yours

Hi for this enquiry you can send Email to ateeq@webfulcreations.com thanks.

Hi there, are you able to change the dollars to South African rands? This is a pre purchase sale

Once you buy plugin you can send me message through my profile, i will send you updated version of plugin in which you will able to change $ sign from Settings page in backend.

Dear friend, contact with me for more update with this plugin.

you mean cheanging option avalible at my requirment

This plugin can only have electricity price setting and display options further options you need to customize plugin

Hi Are you still supporting? Is support RTL?

hi This plugin is supported but sorry its not available in RTL language thanks.