Electric Appliances Cost Calculator

Electric Appliances Cost Calculator

Electricity rate calculator

Electric appliances calculator is a wordpress plugin which helps you to put electricity cost calculator based on electric appliances on your website. Electric appliances cost calculator is wordpress plugins which gives you ability to calculate electricity cost based on different electric home appliances. Like Televisions, Kitchen, Refrigerator, Household, bathroom, Medical, HVAC, Garage and outdoors.

Electric appliances cost calculator is a wordpress solution for electricity calculations and the best plugin for electricity companies websites. Electric appliances cost calculator plugin comes with a lot of features which gives ability to its users to change everything as per they like or want to use.

Some basic features of this plugin are.

  • Instructions Tab where you can guide your user how to use calculator.
  • Television Calculations
  • Kitchen appliances calculations
  • Refrigerator Calculations
  • Household Calculations
  • Bathroom Appliances calculations
  • Medical Appliances Calculations
  • HVAC Calculations
  • Garage Calculations
  • Outdoors Calculations
  • Result tab to show result for all appliances total and Grand totals
  • Review where you can put something for your users or change tab name to something else.
  • Same for terms tab change tab name or put something for users

This calculator comes with two different layouts 1 Horizontal tab view as listed below.


The second layout comes with vertical tabs view .


The colors of tabs, borders, text, results, everything can be changed.

The KWH rate is also changeable from settings in admin panel. Currency symbol can also be changed from settings backend update.

This plugin can help you to manage your electricity cost nicely for your visitors.

Electricity cost calculator wordpress plugin takes number of units let’s say for television LED 50”+ you enter quantity of televisions, then a default suggestion for number of hours it is used and watts of electricity it use is there which you can change as well once you enter units and other values as you want it will give you electricity cost based on those values. And electricity rate KWH $ you enter in plugin settings page on wordpress admin panel.