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Awesome job, very useful! :)


do you have a demo account with money in it so we can see all of demo as we cant see how it all works and courses are displayed and such

Demo Account:

email: demo@demo.com

pass: 123456

Hello friend!

This system supports power point files or a video player? You can send me an admin access and password / User and password?

Thank you Raphael

why it is not in english?

language site: English

contents by user post.

I want to buy this. However, it needs some improvement. I can’t seem to find an admin area. Also, I created an account in your demo and there is no logout option. I am looking for an E-Learning platform where people can sign up as teachers and charge end users for classes and courses. I want it to be structured like WizIQ. Is this possible with your script?

Pre-purchase questions:

1. Where is the admin panel?

2. Can you change PayPal currency?

3. Why is this not in English? (Even changing the flag to English still has chinese content).

4. What’s the payment flow? What happens when user purchases, is there a download or confirmation page etc. Please provide exact process.

Silence? Make it responsive so users can view it on mobile.

If you answer users promptly, you will get more sales.

The demo is not working can you send live link to demo?

I want to see the admin panel also.

Can we see the admin panel demo?

Is this abandoned? Live demo does not work.

it work

Demo dos not work…please check it and dont reply it working if you have not fix it, and hope this not abandoned script

show me, where not work?

San pham tot lam, ban tu code het hay la co team vay? so minh xin sdt

gioi do! Minh dang tim nguoi leading mang code apps de start up. Neu mau kinh doanh thi ae hop tac. Khong thi cung vui khi duoc lam quen pro :)

Cung dang mau nhung mau business hon, gio ko muon code nua roi.

I would like to buy has the Spanish language, you can add videos from youtube and download files?

good job. success in sales

please a working demo ?