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Can this do reoccurring payments?

Hi alyjhan,

Not at the moment. If enough interest in the script – we will release an update.

Can this be used with WP Ecommerce?


Hi LeonardDesign,

This is stanadlone PHP payment terminal (not a wordpress plugin).

Can additional form fields be added? Predetermined products/pricing added?

Hi d4web,

As any other our payment terminal – you can add any amount of custom fields (will need to add it to front and to form.processing.php file). Services and prices can be predefined in config file.

I bought the script as its the only one available in the market however I had a chat with Elavon representative in uk and they asked us to use sage pay as a gateway as they dont provide gateway here or something; my question is this Payment Terminal mean i can deal with Elavon directly or do I still need to get the sagepay gateway I look forward to hear your expert opinion.

Hi Arashk,

We never worked with Elavon outside US and Canada, so it is a surprise that they work in UK through SagePay. If they work with SagePay the same way how they work in Canada through InternetSecure (which they own) then it’s a matter of switching API endpoints and API credentials. You may want to either find SagePay Terminal product someplace, or get SagePay documentation and compare what they offer in terms of code to what we have in Elavon payment terminal.

can this be integrated into OpenCart as a payment method?

Thank you!

It probably can be integrated into OpenCart, however you will need to adjust the code. Unfortunately we cannot provide insight on this, as we don’t develop plugins for OpenCart at this moment.

Hi, I purchased this script and I’m working with internetSecure. When I’m working in a test mode everything works fine , when I turn it to life as a result it brings me empty page (no errors, no messages)!

Can you help me with this problem ? Thx !


Please use support forums for all support related inquiries. Thank you.

Can I use this module for OpenCart shopping cart to let the clients make the payment without leaving my website (merchant direct solution)? Thx!

Hi antoinenet

Thank you for your interest in our product.

It is standalone application not connected to any other 3rd party solution like OpenCart. You can use it on the same site where you have opencart – but they will not communicate, unless you will do code adjustments per your needs. Regarding second questions – yes, customers will not leave your site, they will be paying with credit card on your site directly.

Is this for Elavon/Virtual Merchant?

Hi jojojr12583

Yes, this product contains 2 sub-products: elavon(virtual merchant) and internetsecure


I purchased this class will this class still work if ssl is not installed on the server plz let me know. Because i don’t have ssl on the server.


please open support forum ticket and we’ll be glad to assist you ( )

Hello plz let me know from where i will get the Item Purcahse code after login

Thank you i got the item purchase code and opened a ticket.

I use Elavon for our Credit Card Processing. Ok so, recently an Elavon stated, if I use this app My Rates will go up to 2.-Something.

Question- Just using this app, an ONLINE VERSION of their service would change my rates?

Hi FlashingU,

Are you sure it was about our app ? and not generically about usage of their API ?

I know that they are phasing our their InternetSecure API (they acquired it long time ago, and now phasing out the whole product) – perhaps that’s what they meant ?

Very interesting product.

Would you consider adding tokenization and recurring/installment payments?

Hi persiangulf,

Thank you for your interest in our product.

At the moment, we don’t have plans to add tokenization to this product, however, It can be done through custom development.

Hello I currently (try ) to use internetsecure with elavon canada. Does your product work with internet secure or does it replace internet secure gateway and go directly to elavon?

Thanks .

Hi parasail,

Thank you for your interest in our product.

Elavon is phasing out internetsecure (they acquired it long time ago), and we received request from them to remove internetsecure from our product – which we had to comply with. However, if you will purchase this product – we can send you internetsecure payment terminal which was sold earlier, which does work with internetsecure.

Hello I have purchased this product – can you please send me the Internetsecure gateway. order # 7599055 Thank You

Hi parasail,

Thank you for purchasing our product.

We received your email and will send the files today.

Hi There… Product purchased and now need the Internetsecure gateway files.

Hi Ian,

We replied to your email with attached files.

They have not arrived :( Would you let me know the from address so I can check my email server logs, and if whitelist it if the server is seeing it as spam or something?

I have not received any email from you.

Thank you! .. received!

Very nice script – nicely done. If you know a bit of coding and are comfortable editing to make changes in appearance and/or information, this product is very good.

I give it five stars.

Hi Ian,

Thank you for your feedback, we appreciate it!

(if you don’t mind, could you please set the rating for the product here: – click on 5 stars rating next to our product).

this is for Santander bank? is valid for Mexico?

Hi dagonet000,

Thank you for your interest in our product.

This is for US & Canadian ELAVON payment processor.

Cool Item! Good Luck!

Thanks Az_Tunes

Hi there,

Great plugin. Any plans to provide ACH / eCheck support?

Hi Schwartzen,

Unfortunately, not at this time. It can only be custom developed for you.

No problem. What would cost be for adding this to my own install?

Please contact us through codecanyon profile form:

Hi, I have been waiting all day for a response from support. This is slowing down our side for setting up our business payments. Can someone please respond.

Day 2 and still waiting for service

Hi Derek,

We apologize for the longer than usual delays in getting back to your tickets – we had a sudden influx of support requests and couldn’t process everything within regular promised 48 hours.