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I think that’s exactly what I’m looking for.

Please confirm that I can generate any kind of content inside the xml? because I’m different variables that are not only images, link, etc… I have some settings info etc.

Thank you :)

sorry for my English :-)

Yes, of course. You can generate any number of attributes for each xml node. I think the “info” it is a text, so in confg file you should add something like this: text[] = info, Info title instructions

Login with demo /demo doesn’t work, any idea ?


Config files from codecanyon do not have any login and password.

Of course you can change this in “cfg/cfg.php” file.

define("LOGIN", "");
define("PASS", "");

Hmmm, I’ve made an other test and it works with SAFARI , not IE8 with demo / demo

I checked, there is a some bug with codecanyon frame. Remove frame and it will works on IE8 :-)


I have done what you told to do, and receive this message:

Internal Server Error

The server encountered an internal error or misconfiguration and was unable to complete your request.

Please contact the server administrator, webmaster@xxxxx.com and inform them of the time the error occurred, and anything you might have done that may have caused the error.

More information about this error may be available in the server error log.

Additionally, a 404 Not Found error was encountered while trying to use an ErrorDocument to handle the request.

Can help?

What about testing this in my localhost? i tried but when a need to put localhost:8888. Any help?


Hello again, I had resolved the problem of localhost. Changing the file cfg.php:

define(‘URL’,’http://'.$_SERVER['SERVER_NAME'].":8888/cms/" rel="nofollow");


Notice: Use of undefined constant auto – assumed ‘auto’ in D:\phpnow\htdocs\elasticcms\cfg\cfg.php on line 30

Notice: Undefined offset: 1 in D:\phpnow\htdocs\elasticcms\lib\core\class.redirect.php on line 31

Notice: Undefined index: port in D:\phpnow\htdocs\elasticcms\lib\core\class.databaseconnection.php on line 12

Notice: Undefined index: title in D:\phpnow\htdocs\elasticcms\lib\controller\class.app_controller.php on line 93

easy to generate xml miro24lp@gmail.com Logout Notice: Undefined variable: i in D:\phpnow\htdocs\elasticcms\external\libs\compiled\D-\phpnow\htdocs\elasticcms\layout\templates\adm_categories_main.tpl.d16.php on line 44

Notice: Undefined variable: i in D:\phpnow\htdocs\elasticcms\external\libs\compiled\D-\phpnow\htdocs\elasticcms\layout\templates\adm_categories_main.tpl.d16.php on line 59

Notice: Undefined variable: i in D:\phpnow\htdocs\elasticcms\external\libs\compiled\D-\phpnow\htdocs\elasticcms\layout\templates\adm_categories_main.tpl.d16.php on line 64


write to my email, I will help you

where is the demo ????

now it’s works.

Good Day, miro22lp

In what files do I have to make changes to translate admin panel for russian- speaking users?

What is the encoding of the pages (does it utf-8)?


most of the texts is in layout\templates, check all files from this folder

yes, pages have utf-8 encoding

Good Day, miro22lp

Cannot realize at all how to work with this CMS

I need it to have a convenient way to edit xml- files for Flash sites and to create new files

So I cannot realize how to open an existing xml and to add/delete/edit elements (tags) of the xml and their content (attributes and text)

I can’t realize as well how to create a new xml- file with a specified name

Can You exlain STEP BY STEP on the example of a concrete xml-file (I sent You one – catalog.xml on Your mail miro24lp@gmail.com) how to edit it with CMS and how to create such a new file, named, for example, catalog_new.xml

Have read pdf instruction several times- it doesn’t help me

Need Your help

Waiting for soon answer


Good day, Mirek

Thank You for Your letter – it was very helpfull

Everything is much more clear now

Can You explain me one thing, please

Xml files of a flash site have their own directories. Paths to them are written in action scripts in appropriate flv- files

Your CMS doesn’t change (rewrite) original xml files in their directories- it generates xml on the fly (dynamically) from the cfg.some_name.php files in config directory of CMS

In a flash site different xml files may be in different directories

In the ElasticCMS all files like cfg.some_name.php that serves for generating appropriate xml files must be in one directory – config

How it works that flash site doesn’t use its original xml files that are not modified and whose paths are written in action scripts of flv files, but uses the xmls that are generated dynamically by the ElasticCMS?

In other words- how flash site cooperates with CMS (i.e. flash site ignore its physical native xmls and prefer to deal with generated dynamically CMS xmls)?

Respectfully, Serglom

Made a mistake in my previous letter

When I said about *.flv files, I meant *.fla (or compiled *.swf) files


Good Day, Mirek

Two questions

1. What is the data type for swf – I mean image[], video[] or smth else?

2. When I am trying to access project by Deep Linking- swf page doesn’t load, only image pages. There is no such problem when I am not using CMS for xmls generating. Perhaps, this happens cos I defined swf as image[]

Waiting for reply


Tested many times

CMS doesn’t work with Deep Linking, i.e. links like http://www.domain.com/directory/books_catalog.html#/book1/1



1. For swf I think the better is upload[].

2. It does not matter if the website used deep linking. Cms always generate link with http:// and it must work. Look how your website works, probably your make mistake somewhere in code.

Thank You, Mirek

Will be looking for my mistakes

Respectfully, Serglom


It looks very useful and genius!

What I want to know: writing CDATA codes are rather painful, time consuming especially if there are regular updates.

Let’s say, I’ve purchased a News XML Script?

Does the ElasticFlash CMS makes life easy as with a kind of Editor?

yes, it will be easier :-) but you must still use HTML tags in CMS


I am following the instructions but it’s impossible to me to get working the CMS, is always getting me a 404 error for the file “logowanie.html” that is missing in the original installation folder.

I have the data base imported and properly configured, i have php5 and mysql5 and think that it’s all ok.

Can you help me with that, please?

turn on “mod_rewrite” on server

Hi again,

i already have “mod_rewrite” activated and working on my server with rules on the .htaccess file. I need to create rules for elastic-cms or what do you think is happening?

Thanks for the reply