Elastic CMS - Solution for Flash Xml websites

Elastic CMS - Solution for Flash Xml websites

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Update 1.3:

  • add one more configuration option to cfg files
  • improved paging (working more correctly)

Update 1.2:

  • working not only on attributes, but also on nodes and CDATA (HTML text)
  • an additional upload field for TXT, PDF, DOC, and other files
  • expanded thumbnail generation, it is now possible to generate a different thumbnail for every image in one configuration file
  • automatic thumbnail generation in the cms (faster image loading)
  • expanded vertical element positioning due to the ability to enter the exact position coordinates
  • distribution into pages of displayed elements (paging)
  • now possible to change the xml tree name in the configuration file
  • removed minor issues

Elastic CMS is a flexible content management system that generates xml files of an arbitrary structure.
It is the ideal solution and the only one on the market for Flash websites that store their content in xml files.

Elastic CMS is a fully configurable system and only you decide what xmls it generates, how many of them and what structure they will have.

The xml generating possibilities are practically endless.


  • Arbitrary amount of generated xmls
  • Arbitrary names of generated xmls
  • Arbitrary structure of each generated xml

  • Work only on xml attributes
  • Arbitrary attribute names
  • Arbitrary amount of xml attributes

  • html coded text handling
  • handling of graphic files (jpg, gif, png with alpha channel) with upload to server
  • dynamic creation of arbitrarily sized thumbnails
  • handling of sound files (mp3) with upload to server
  • handling of video files (flv) with upload to server

The system only need a server with PHP 5, a MySQL 5 database and enabled mod_rewrite.

You can find more information about how the cms works in the instruction:

You can test the fully working cms at:
login: demo
password: demo

All generated xml files correspond to their names and they are:

If, after clicking, you don’t see the above xmls, log in to the panel beforehand.

See more on my website: