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Thank you for your purchases.

Very nicely done on the responsive multi-tier menu levels. This is one of the best-handled ones I’ve seen. I’ve bookmarked it for future use.

Thank you very much))) It s my first work here and i very happy to see it.))

And if you have have any questions or you want change something write to my email or here.


I bought this menu and love it. However, I have and issue. When I put it online, it does not work on IOS. For testing purposes, I also uploaded the code exactly as it comes from the download files, and it does not work either. Do you know what can be causing this issue? Thanks in advance

Error was deleted. wait update.

Thanks a lot! I will wait for the update. I cannot wait to have my site live with this awesome menu. :)

Now it must to work.

Amazing work! This is fantastic. Just what I was looking for! Nice, clean and code it very tidy! Impressed. Keep it up!! Will be back for more. ;)

Thank very much!!!! I glad to see this post)) item was updated 7 March.

Hi, I have used the menu in my site but the drop downs do not work on the ipad. Is there a script I need to use. I noticed that your site sample files work ok.

Hi, any chance of a collapsable mobile version

hi, please can you explain why you have added collapse.js as there is nothing in the documentation. is it in response to infuzed’s comment above? how does it affect use of the menu? thanks

hello. i added information about js code in documentation. yes, it is collapsable mobile version.

wait update.

Very nice menu.

How would I add a “reset” function button the the contact form?

Hello Jim_A!! Thank you very much for purchase. Now I improve the code this menu. I will add the code for the reset button.Please wait full update.

OK I look forward to your update. Any idea when you will have it up?

Thank you for the update with the contact reset button.

HI Unable to open these dropdown menu in IE10 & IE9 browser.. Please help me what to do??

Do you have email?

Yes.. is my email id..

Hi Sky_lab, Can you please guide me quickly…

Hi Sky_lab, Will you please give me solution to my problem..??

Hello there.

I sent you a file with the corrected code. Please, test it.

But I didn’t get any mail..

You write here your email 10 days ago. is your email. Please check your older reply in this forum.

I’m using this menu on a one page responsive website using anchor links such as: “index.php#products” or ”#products”

Is there a way to make menu collapse when using anchor link?

Example: User on smartphone clicks “MENU”, menu drops down. User clicks link such as ”#contact”. User scrolls back up to menu and menu is still open blocking page content.



Any luck on this?

Fixed, replaced:
$('#pull').click(function () {
$('a').click(function () {
Now, in mobile mode, click any link and the menu collapses.

Beautiful and elegant design. Does it require the javascript or is it optional?

Hi, Thank you for your nice menu, i want to use this menu in right to left mode, it means menu position is top and submenus opens from right to left , also in responsive mode works fine can u help me to do this? thank you again

Hi Sky_lab! How can I delete all the .right_item code?

I want to use it from the right border of the webpage and I have problems with right margin.

Thanks! Germelo

Is it possible to open the menu options to the right side? How can I do it? Thank you!

Sorry… I need to open the options to the left…

Great! GLWS!

Thank you!