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Thanks! : )

I like it, I think i will buy it soon.

But in the demo I tried clicking on the nav arrows, but it didn’t work. When I tried using the touch screen it worked.

Do You have any explanation ?

Also the nav dots didn’t work by the mouse. The only works by touch.

I am using Google Chrome

Hi Condize, thanks! :) I cannot seem to replicate this issue on chrome, any chance you can give me a list of the extensions you have enabled in your chrome browser? Cheers. : )

Alexa Traffic Rank, Awesome Screenshoot, Facebook Unseen , Google Publisher Toolbar, YSlow, Adblock Plus :D

Excellent support. Had a small problem with my custom theme and el_lobo solved it for me in a couple of hours. Perfect!!

Thanks YD! :)

I’m running freelancer website, where people can register for their own public profile. The public profile includes description off what services they can offer. Companies can also register for their own profile, and describe what type of services they need.

I would like companies to be able to post a comment on each individual freelancer profile, as a reference when projects are completed. I would like this to look like a testimonial. Therefore, they should be able to post it from the front end.

Each new freelancer profile is generated automatically through a plugin, and it has a single-profile.php file with the content. I therefore need to be able to add the testimonial via the single-profile.php file with some kind of code.

Are these features available with your plugin?

I am using your testimonial plugin. Love it for the most part. Is the a way to have it play a series of testimonials. I have 5 testimonials i would like to automatically play one after another like a slide show. Can this be done?

Hi there, Yes, this is possible, open elrttestimonials folder > inc > testimonialContent.php..around line 253 find > margin:30, ...just below that add ,

autoplay: true, autoplayTimeout: 4000,

Then save and it should autoplay automatically, with the timeout interval…change that to whatever time you’d like in milliseconds e.g. 4000, for 4secs, 5000 for 5 secs etc.



Is it possible to use it with a long testimonial texte of 600 prints for exemple ? Thanks

You mean 600 characters? I’ll have a quick test and see, but that shouldnt be a problem, the height is not fixed, so should adjust for however many characters you want to use. hope that helps. Cheers !

Hi there,

If I set the plugin on my homepage which is full width, does the testimonials with background will be full width too or like in the live preview?

Hi there,

If I set the plugin on my homepage which is full width, does the testimonials with background will be full width too or like in the live preview?

I placed the shortcode into a site that I am working on, but it isn’t functioning properly. Instead of animating it just list all of the testimonials.

does this plugin work with the current wordpress version?

Hey, looks great. Is it also editable in the length of the background box?