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Hello el_lobo,

very nice! Here are my questions:

  • Do the animations apply site-wide, or can be chosen for selected pages?
  • Will you add more great primary/secondary animations in future releases?

Thank You in advance!

Hi there, thanks! The animations work site wide…with some customisations and abit of time, you can get them to work on specific pages though..I’ll test this and get back to you :)

Hi el_lobo,

thank you for the reply! I’ll look forward to hearing from you after the test.

Looks awesome – what happens when a browser that is not support hits the pages?

Hi there, the browser should support the SVG animations, but the secondary css3 animations will not be displayed. :)

Well done, good luck with sales! :)

Thanks! :)

Hello el_lobo,i wondering this work for loading pages like when when i click to contact page and im at home page i will see this animation ?

Yeah, as long as javascript detects that the window has loaded, ie you’ve moved to another page, then the animation kicks in…if that’s not what you meant, please elaborate and I’ll try to reply! :)

hey, great idea! tow Questions: woo-commerce support? black BG support?

Hi there, not tested on woo-commerce, but will test ASAP and get back to you here :) ..black BG support YES.

Woocommerce 2.1.9 added to demo…woocommerce ajax requests not intercepted, only page load effects as advertised! Hope that helps. :)

jQuery version?

Standard wordpress bundled jquery, we are not allowed to de-register the wordpress default jquery…so to answer, tested fro mwordpress 3.6 which has jQuery v1.10.2 :)

Seems to cause problems with bbPress when visiting a forum page. I get a modal popup asking me to insert a link…

Hi there Teri, can you send me a link to check it out for you. :)

I just purchased the Plugin, it is nice but I would love the ability to load it on separate pages and there is a very serious conflict with fancybox and the plugin master slider. It loads below the page content and leaves the fancybox loading gif stuck in the middle of the page and a weird box up too the left. but if those bugs were fixed it would be great!

Hi there Sterling, I’ll have a look at this and get back to you asap! :)

Thanks for the reply Lobo! Im looking forward to hearing back from you.

Pre-sale question. Is there a way to add your own shape to the transition? being the loading one or the shape of the complete page divider? Thanks

Doesn’t work for me :(
I can see the transition for a second and then I get a black screen..
Please Help

Hi there adi, please email me with a link and I’ll have a look for you. Cheers.

Hey :)
Please reply my email. Activating the plugin (currently disabled) shuts down my site so I would like to activate it to as little as possible.

I see a white blink/flash ( http://digitalmarketingcardiff.com/plugintests/ ) just before the animation is it possible to make it transparent? Cause when the animation is loaded an it opens to saw me the page, it just saw the page and not a white flash as when the animation “close”

I would like to buy that plugin and i made a question, it’s been 16 days and there is no answer..

Hi there, sorry about the late response! :p I really really don’t understand what you mean by white flash, where does that occur, in the primary or secondary animations? I can then get a better idea of what you mean :) Cheers !


Is it possible to choose not to have the primary effects and have only the small loader moving ?

Thank you!

Hiya, please email me with your link and I’ll sort you out! :) Cheers.

hey lobo,

If i want to brand my company with the loading page could i upload a gif ( specifically : of a big transparent background with icons that have minor animations taking up the full screen? ) and have it show up instead of the percentages. I think it would be a cool idea, if it doesn’t already do so. Also are there other animations. fading in, slide up etc..?

thanks, great work

Just bought it and it a complete disappointment!

The loader and animation effects appear after pages are loaded! it completely messed up my revolution slider animation and sometimes page elements also show during loading!

Any help?

This plugin don’t work in many themes! :/

Hi i just purchased this plugin and I’m getting errors. Please issue refund. I see others are having issues as well.

Hello El Lobo, it’s nice plugin…. but seems that loader not load first on opening page..

after click on link i got white page on seconds -> after this new page appear on second -> opening transition -> closing transition -> new page again

Any solution for this issue? Thanks

Is it possible to add a logo for the preloader?


adw259 Purchased

Very cool plugin. If you look on the page in the link below you will see that when you first pull up the website your transition effect closes and then opens again to reveal the page. I would like to know if I can make the effect start already closed and then open to reveal the page. This would only be needed for when you first visit the homepage, of course.


adw259 Purchased

Hey, can you answer the above question? Is there some javascript variable that I can change to affect the timing? I just want the entire screen to be blue as soon as one of the footer icon links are clicked so that the underlying page render does not show while the closing transition starts. Matter of fact… I don’t need the closing transition. Just an overlay and then the opening transition. See page… http://uber-jets.com/empty-legs-ios/


adw259 Purchased

Why is your support so horrible? I’m a web developer and “hello”... I work on websites for a living. I really can’t wait 2, 3 or 4 days until you ‘feeeel like’ answering a simple question. Co’mon already??!!!

in addition to my question above, I’d like to know if you have a javascript snippet that could cause your effect not to show on any page that includes this javascript or jquery?