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This looks amazing! GLWS :)



Would be cool if you could disable sections though;)

Thanks! It’s possible with some customisation, send me an email and I’ll see if I can help :) Cheers.

Very well made, and easy to work with including the Mailchimp integration.

+1 for ability to disable sections though – eg a enable/disable checkbox on each section :)

Could you please advise how to disable section 2 and 3, So that only the main page is shown. I am knowledgeable enough to hack the code if it’s not to complicated.

I’ve emailed you :)


Great work, loving the concept and function. Quick question can the “QR reader slide/section” be disabled or removed? I would like to purchase this, but don’t want to use or have the QR slide/page in my final product.


Hi there, Yup, I recently supported a request to remove sections, so I can help you disable unwanted sections. Cheers!


I have two questions:

1. Can I set user roles to visit the site while is in maintenance? 2. Can I add contact form in the front page to allow new users to contact me? Also… with personalized fields in the contact form?

Thanks Priscila

Hiya, 1 – Yes and No…the user would have to be logged in, then we can use some logic to check user role, and either show the coming soon, or the normal theme…if you’re comfortable with PHP it should be pretty straight forward, but the user will have to be logged in…so if it’s for unregistered users, then they will always see the coming soon unless you disable it.

2- Yes, contact form 7 is supported, so you can install that, create a form with some custom fields, then use that form shortcode. You’d have to do a little bit of css for additional fields..so some customisation will be necessary.

Hope that helps. :)

when disabling the qr code section [dont need this at al] also the first page disappears

Hi there! Sorry about that, totally my fault, I’ll be releasing a patch shortly…but you can solve this by going to the file elrtcomingsoon > inc > template > comingsoontemplate.php , open it in a text editor and comment out lines 336 to 344 …that’s if you disable QR code.. I’ll release the patch for this ASAP…but in the meantime, just do the above. Cheers. :)

hi can i add links or text in section 2 right side (Where the QR Code is ) also i disabled QR code then i cant see the background in slide 1

please see below comment…I’ll be releasing a patch for this shortly…but please see the below fix if you need to do this ASAP. Cheers. :)

and about the links thing ?


I am also looking to disable the second and third page.

Please let me know how this can be done.

Haven’t heard back RE:removing second and third sections.

Hello, Very nice Like it Bought it and will recommend it ! I was wondering if you can add some other SM - Youtube Pinterest instagram Google plus linkedin

I aslo was wondering about the mobile side it … do I need to set my photos at a certain setting?

Thanks Again Your theme Rocks !!!! Bennie

Logo is very small, could you place an auto adaptive update, where it fits any size logo, or wide logos. Thanks

Hi, i’ve install plugin and set options but “coming soon” not appears on my site … Why ?

It’s just for mobile ? Not for mac, pc… ??? i d’ont understand…

and could you please explain to me how to disable sections ? mawebvitrine@gmail.com Thanks.

Nobody on this Plugin ??? I’ve understand how make appears this plugin on my website but not how delete section 2 and 3. Please answer me.

Great plugin however, could you add the following:

1) add Instagram to the social media options

2) options to disable section 2/3

3) ability to manage logo width

4) custom css section

5) Google analytics seciton

Preorder Questions:

Hello, actually im looking for a plugin which is matching with my claims.

I need a „coming soon“ plugin with this features:

1. a coming soon mode – i can switch on/off, so users cant go on my „real“ site. They can only see my homesite (the coming soon site)

2. i can exclude any single page from the coming-soon-mode, so i can say: users can see the homesite AND site-X (for example)

3. i have my own newsleter-sign-up form with a connection to my newsletter server. I like to implement this on the homesite (coming soon site). So, can i implement custom html with your plugin? I like to have the form directly on the homesite, not in a pop up or sth. like that.

Im happy to hear from you.


Hi! How can I disable sections 2 and 3? Thanks

Could you please advise how to disable section 2 and 3, So that only the main page is shown. I am knowledgeable enough to hack the code if it’s not to complicated.

Thank you!

By the way… Great work!

Hi there,

I want to disable section 2 and 3, So that only the main page is shown. Can you assist, please?

NOT mobile friendly at all! Otherwise, very beautiful

It would have been great to be able to disable individual sections

not supported?