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Please can you integrate ArcGIS software into your application to enable tracking of Project Locations etc. please let me know if it is possible and how much it will cost my email is I look forward to hearing from you soon.

The ticket you have created regarding this has already been replied. If you have more queries please contact our support staff via the previous ticket.

Can this integrate with Gravity Forms? I have already created an in-depth quote form and would like to ake it work with a project management solution

Gravity forms are not supported in this plugin. Thanks.

Hi, I need to know how I can translate the plugin. Thanks

Please send us a ticket at

no details in frontend? some1 help please.. only profile picture etc

Please send us a ticket at Our support staff there will help you.

may i have your reply sir ?

Your ticket is being reviewed.

Hi! I have some pre-sales questions here.

I know your plugin is a Project Management and not a CRM but it might be the one I am looking for. I have a client who is in food franchising business. So the website is not for general customers, this is exclusive for the franchisees of his business. He wants a CRM that can handle the following:

1. Can check/add/edit profiles of all his franchisees. Where he can send emails for news and updates, send a birthday message or a greetings during holidays.

2. The franchisees can order stocks like paper cups, crew uniforms and make an online payment and then they can process the orders just like a regular woocommerce shopping cart.

3. The website owner can monitor all the activities, from orders to payment inside the admin panel and can send report or comments if there is a violation in the part of the franchisee.

4. And one of the most important part is that, he wants to put a renewal date for the franchised outlet and the CRM plugin will send an automatic reminder (at least a month before) to the franchisee that they need to settle the amount due – something like a billing software.

5. Any notifications, account due, etc., will notify the owner thru email.

6. If a franchisee has a multiple outlets in different locations, is there a custom fields that can indicate there the different addresses of the outlets and their contract date and expirations?

7. Last login feature – where he can monitor who among his staff is the last one to logged in from the admin panel and made changes to it.

8. Google Map for the franchisees address or store address.

I just want to ask if your plugin can handle all these features including the password protected website? Or do I need to get a separate plugin for the password protection?

Do you offer a money back guarantee here in codecanyon in case the plugin didn’t worked or my client rejected it?

Thanks and best regards!

Those are some pretty handy requirements and will require detailed reviewing. Please send us a ticket at regarding this. Our support staff there will answer all the queries you have.

I have a pre-purchase question:

I really love this plugin and I am very interested in purchasing it.

the only problem I have is with the task display:

1. Is there a way to show all tasks without the calendar? I don’t want to give them a date, only a “done/not done” option

2. Is there a way to add subtasks?

Thanks, looking forward for your reply!


Sorry,these features are not available. Source code customization will be required for implementing them.

Hi there, I would like to ask if this is BuddyPress ready? I mean, if this can be use by each Group inside BuddyPress?

I wish to provide each Group the function to manage their own Projects, aside to Events.

Thanks a lot in advance.

Hi,the plugin does not support the buddypress.

why i can’t see any frontend pls help?

The frontend is displayed in the demo. Please recheck.

Hello, I want to buy this plugin but I have few questions and one issue:

1. I tried my best, it not possible to login with staff login credentials. Only client and admin are working. I did logout completely and even used different browsers still not working.

2. Is it possible when Admin list tasks/projects for Staffs to chose them selves which task they wanna do? For example instead of assigning a project to staff A, I live it open then if staff B found it interesting then they book it and when A and B comes they can see that their colleague took it already?

3. Is it possible to give feedback to staff which will be shown on the project to other staffs?

4. Will the clients see only their own projects and not for others?

5. Is it possible to translate or change the terms for example Project by task?

6. Is it compatible to WPML?

Hi zconsulting, thanks for your purchase. Here is your answers:

1. You need to create a staff account, and clear the browser cache properly after logging out, then it will work properly with the frontend panel for staff.

2. Right now, only admin can assign tasks to staffs, but the source code can be modified so that staffs can choose from opened/unassigned tasks.

3. It is also needed to be added in the current system.

4. Clients will only see their own projects, not others. It’s a general privacy issue. No worry about that.

5. Yes, they can be translated from the php files.

6. Not compatible to wpml right now.

We are working on the updates of this version. Please stay updated with the next version release. Thank you and wish you a very happy new year. For more queries, send us a ticket to

I have installed and cannot see how to get frontend-panel/ link that should be used by Staffs and Clients. Please help.

Hi zconsulting, thanks for your comment. For getting developer support,please send us a ticket at

Which file do we upload?

The plugin cannot be uploaded through WordPress Admin as all plugins?

Please send us a ticket at as this is a technical issue. Our support staff there will help you.