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This has the best UI and workflow I have seen on here in a long time for a project management product. What are future updates going to include? I am interested and will get this.

We will obviously look forward to it :)

Is that a yes for implementing this feature? lol

Hi mriexinger, we are continuously analysing our customers valuable suggestions. Not confirming anything at this moment. Thanks for understanding :)

Whoa man, this one’s really nice. I’ve never used a project management software before but this is making me reconsider.

Hi webfector, thanks for your interest. We are looking foward to hear about your experience on using our software! Cheers :)

You can let you know you wrote this in any language, any framework, you buy the $ 175 I could feature automatically updates it okay, you will support it? because it’s just basic, but we need more companies such as contract management …


Hi, please send this message to our support center for more discussion. I am not fully clear on your above text. Thanks for contacting.

Really like it! But you should add more features!

Hi, thanks. We have plans in future updates.


The script is great, congratulations. But one change makes all the difference so you can buy the script. In the demo, I did not see the option to create an admin related to a customer ticket. This is possible since not all users of the system are client.

Sorry for the terrible English.

Google translator;)

Thank you.

Hi, thanks. Thats a great idea indeed and we make that a point :)


Will add customer registration (not just login)?


Send us a message to our support center

Beautiful script GLWS :)

Yes you can add your own html in email template with your company logo and other images. Go to settings>>email settings. You will see the email templates category wise. Client accounts can be created by admin inside. For learning more about this software, visit this link let us know how can we assist you more. Thanks :)

Any update soon to add a form with registration?

Sorry, we can’t promise any fixed timeline, but we hope to update in near future. Thanks

Looks great, but your demo isn’t running well.

It keeps freezing up, when scrolling profile; trying to add image url etc. >> There might be an issue might be issue with the modal pop-out :(

Add Role Based Access with granular permissions.

Add Departments, so staff can be assigned to departments.

Add ability to Add Partners / Freelancers – usually with limited access based on assigned permissions.

Look at WHMCS admin demo ( for example. Also study “Redbooth”(

Its got potential, but i doubt your company has the right mindset to really push this forward. No offense intended ;)

Thanks for your message. We have checked everything is working well. Though if you face any problem still, please send us some screenshot. We will look into that for sure. In demo, we kept some limitations, just for user checking purpose. You can check this link for getting a detailed overview on the software For further discussion, please send us a message to our support center

Hi, it´s beautiful :)

Is it possible to upload files in the projects and in the support tickets ?


Hi, thanks for your comment. Yes it is possible to upload files in project and view them in google docs preview instantly on page. Support ticket file upload is in plan for near future updates. For getting more information about this software, please have a look at the detailed documentation here : Let us know about your feedback, cheers :)

does it have spendings control?

We are planning to develop it in future if you are talking about continuous spendings. Thanks

Nice work, GLWS! :)

Hi, this is an excellent work, something I was looking for . I need to use INR (Indian currency) for invoices, does it support INR for invoices, Thanks bro.

Hi, the payment gateway is paypal right now. For more queries please send a support request at Thanks

first; this is a great thing! second i wanted to ask: 1. how scure is this stie from hacking 2. is it modular to make any changes? (designs and features)

Hello, we are happy that you liked it. The application is built on codeigniter framework so its highly secure. And yes the features are modular. Thanks

Good work , but - why there is no chat with co-workers ?

Hi, we have plans for it in updates. Thanks.

Are there any recurring billing functionality for invoices? I have a monthly invoice for services that should be put in automatic mode.

Hi, recurring invoices will need custom coding. If you have any queries, feel free to contact our support centre Thanks

Nice work.

I’m wondering since now it’s version 1.0. If I purchase now, will I get the free upgrade when you’re releasing the new versions?

In the “Project List”, is it possible to customize the title (for example: project, category, client, progress, options) to the wording that I want to display and use? Also, in the “create new project” is it possible to add a text field that include the “project ID”


Thanks. where I can submit the customize request to you for getting a quote?

Please contact our official support centre Thanks

Thanks for the quick reply. Another question. we currently are using access file to record all the contents that we have in our current PMS. is it possible to import our current access file to yours? or any other ways that we can keep our current information and be able to search in your PMS?


Hi What a spectacular project. It falls short of my needs just a tiny wee. This is what I would have loved to find: 1- Ability to add more permissions 2- Role based registration 3- User Groups with flexible filtering to match any roles and permissions. 4- Ability to automatically lock up groups once it has a specified number of users 5-Customers with projects to become project admins for their own projects

QUESTIONS. 1- will this software integrate nicely with any theme and groups plugins? 2- What is the turn around time for support and how long does the support last once a customer buys your software?


Hi, thanks for your nice feedback. We know it can be improved, and we have plans to do that in regularly updates. Those features you mentioned needs custom development. Not sure they will be integrated at this moment. If you need that development service, send us a message to our support center.

You can change the theme with your custom css styling. For now, we are providing support for our customers with any existing feature bug fix. If envato changes support structure, we have to move with them. But be informed that whatever happens, you will get the best possible support from us.

Thank you. Please drop me a private message on how much it could cost to sort out the features I have talked about.

Send us message in our support centre so that we can keep track with your service. Thanks.

Nice script. Better than the other alternatives I have used before. It’s on it’s early stage I’m sure there is room for a lot of improvement but so far so good. KUDOS.

I wonder if it will be possible to integrate SMTP so that emails get send from my google apps account i use for system email ( all outgoing emails are getting blocked so clients nor employee are getting informed about updates on the platform. Thanks

Got your points. Yes SMTP can be configured to sent email via your own mail server. That configuration is in application/models/email_model.php , line : 165, function do_email() You can configure your own mail server settings here. Thanks.

Thanks I see, good. How can I set it up so that it sends emails through say google apps? I have an option to set smtp host which is and smtp port which is 587 BUT I don’t see any option to set username (which is the email) or password. Also doesn’t show up a way to select TLS as the ssl type (maybe it’s automatically done?)

We need to check about that. Please send us a support request at

Thanks for a great script. Can you let me know why the email is not working on my side, when I add a new user or send an message extra, is it suppose to work straight out of the box or am I suppose to do something else.

Hi, thanks for your purchase. Email may not work properly if your mail server not configured properly or the script is running in localhost. When you add new user or send message to someone, an email notification would be sent. Let us know how can we assist you more. Send support messages to our support center.

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