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thanks for your great script.

Most welcome sir. Thanks for using our application.


Hello sir, Our application can possible to customize as our customers choice. After purchasing send us your customize requirements in details to . Our developer will do it for you. Thanks for waiting to us.

Can we have integration with Aritic Mail transactional email delivery API? These days a lot of people are facing inbox email deliveries through SMTP based email communication; and this web API based service resolve these email delivery issues to great extent. I could see Aritic Mail only provide integration for application, so notification/ event based emails always land in inbox of the users.

Dear sir, Integration depends on your API system. For the better query please send us a ticket at . Our developer will be there for your help, they will guide you. Thanks for connecting with us.

I know that your app have many, many other features, but I ask for something specific specific to my work. Please I sell the following services by my web site: Managing social media pages (3 months – 6 months – a year) and each of these types has its own price.

I also web design for clients, for an initial amount, then an amount paid each year. And also services are similar, but pay the amount every month. Is your app suitable for that? Also, I want to automatically send invoices to the customer once the service selection process has been completed, as well as the email stating that the customer did not pay the monthly amount for example, as well as email telling him to terminate the service, and so on.. All this makes your program is the gate through which the client reserves the service that he wants and everything is done, and of course through our website. Is your app suitable for that?

Please reply with clarification,

thank you very much,,

Hello Sir, please send us a message at

Our developer team will be in touch with you. Thanks

hi, where can not find smtp settings?

Hello sir, please send a ticket at with your product purchase code, our staff will be there for your help.

You have not been supporting it for 10 days. No document No support What kind of understanding is this?

HOW DO I UPDATE THE THEME TO THE LATEST version 2.8 – 27 September, 2017 with out loosing all of my CUSTOMIZED changes.. i requested that you help me but you said PAY a very expensive price. so i customized this software myself. now what i would like to know

1. how do i update this software to the latest version with the automated installer module and when i do .. the next update when i hit the update button

2. how will i protect my customized changes?

please do not send me a rubbish message sending me to your support forum when they CLEARLY do not reply there in time ,, i need answers now they are not in your articles. of i will continue to post here everyday until i get them.

Hello sir, Please send us a ticket at as this is a technical issue. Our support staff there will help you.

Hi, Just wondering if its possible to setup a cron job on this system?

Kind regards

Hello Sir, thanks for your message. It is possible but we haven’t integrated the feature yet. For more queries, feel free to leave us a message at


Hello, 1. can send private messages between administrators. 2. Can an employee send a message to the administrator? 3. Can you give somebody the right to add projects?

Yes sir it can be possible. You can customize our application and get the facilities by includes sms gateway option.

Want to create subscription payment for end users to use this. Let me know what to purchase here

I will make it myself, question is do i buy regular license or extended?

Yes sir you can do it. Our regular license is for one domain and extended license is more than one domain.

Hello sir, you can customize our application as your own choice.


A simple question, from what I saw in the demo, it is not possible to define recurring tasks. It would be very good if we could define a task to be repeated daily, weekly, monthly or annually.

Is it planned to do something like this?

Hello sir, it’s possible to do it, but it’s need some custom work. You can also use cron job for repetitive works.

Can you? And how to set notifications on e-mail and in a new file, new information to the project.

Please send us a ticket at as this is a technical issue. Our support staff will help you.

Can you? And how to set notifications on e-mail and in a new file, new information to the project.

Hello sir, Please follow the previous reply of your comment. Thanks have a nice day.

Hi There, So far, in looking at the DEMO – LOVE This system… Please tell me – How do I add INCOME and Payments (If not associated with a Client or Project?) Thanks so much. Making purchase right away.

Hello sir, thanks for your comment. For the technical issue,please send us a ticket at Our developer will guide you.

Dear sir, i have seen your script it’s a nice script. i am having few doubts in it is supporting for multiple languages. these languages also developed in code ignitor

Dear sir, It’s support multi-language and it’s developed by CodeIgniter web framework. You can check our demo application login here-


hasandm Purchased

Hello, we are using this script about 2 years but yesterday we updated to new version. when we try to login as admin, we are receiving invalid login message.

Hello sir, Please contact with our developer team, they will guide you as well.


omarharbi Purchased


Can you tell us how we can download and use mobile app in new update?

Thank you very much

Hello thanks for your message. We have included the whole android app inside the CRM package. You can either run it or with a codesigning, you can upload to the playstore.

For more queries, feel free to leave us a message at


even with the update 3.0 this script is still incomplete. very bad news for me.. your support takes a week to reply. then you charge outrageous price to customize. . . YOU NEED TO MERGE YOUR HRM ERP AND CRM into one thats the only way this script will worth money… i bought another called ultimate crm and it was complete . . so now i just wasted money on this unless you plan to update it !!! You also should have an employee clock in clock out to keep track of wages . . you people still have lots to learn beginner developers…

Thanks for your suggestion. Please teach us how to learn development from beginner level. Take us a programming course. We will pay you for teaching us. And take back your wasted money by issuing a refund. We are going to process it in a moment.

nice choice of words. and I’m still waiting for that refund by the way. . that would be the right thing to do until you fix this to work as intended. still waiting on that refund

Yes, we are still interested to pay you for teaching us and train us as beginner developers.