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I still didn’t receive any feedback from yourside, I have sent you tickets for 5 days, regarding nothing show up on the staff-side.

I gave you credentials to access to my site back-end as well, any feedbacks?

Hello there, thanks for your comment. I am afraid there is no ‘purchased’ tag in your profile icon. Can you please tell me the number of that ticket you sent?

Hi I saw you had update your crm, i did’ seen the issue from email do you had fixed it ? thanks for your reply, best regard

Hello, the email issue is actually depending on your server’s mail configuration. So if mail function is running ok in your hosting, our softwares mail functionalities will work fine. Hope you understand now. Thanks.


I can not install anywhere there is no manual. This is drama! There is only this message: Before running the application, please follow the installation instruction provided in the Developer Manual Documentation.

In the document there is nothing that concerns the installation.

Please help!

Hi there, did you check the developer manual pdf provided with the purchased zip? There is written the installation procedure in detail in initial section. For getting further developer support from us, please send us a support ticket to

I do not have the zip of such instructions, please send me to my email.

hi, can I request the feature upgrade that the ticket between staff or client, the file upload can be multi files? thanks

Hi, thanks for your suggestion. Can you please send us a ticket regarding?


Cordoba Purchased

Money back… No docs, no support…

Hi there, we didn’t understand your problem. Can you please explain what issues you are facing? Send us a support ticket

hi, can staff creating tickets to each others? example staff A create a ticket n assign to staff B

Hello, Yes you can do it.

Hello How do I update and thank you

Hello, please contact our official support center at Thanks

I’d love to buy this CRM but actually Paypal and Stripe don’t works for us down here. i dont know if it’s possible to add new payment method for me if i have to buy this script. bellow are the payment method that works in my region,...

Please check them and let me know if possible yo can add them for me… Thanks

Hello, Can you describe us in details or contacts our support team. For any queries send us support ticket to


CFFT Purchased

Whats new in 2.5?

Hello, New features are written in version log.

Please check your demo. Project_Room/Bugs-Issues/Add Project Bug/Submit Button / It doesn’t work.

Please send us your ticket number.

What ??? I told you please check your PRODUCTS. Project_Room/Bugs-Issues/Add Project Bug/Submit Button / It doesn’t work. I hope you will understand.

thanks for your valuable suggestions. We are taking note of it for our next update development. If you have any more queries, please send us a ticket to

does the plugin support document Workflow?

Hi, thanks for your interest. Can you please explain a bit more about it?

Hi I upload all files crate Db and import sql bud I get db error

Unable to select the specified database: ‘admin_crm’

Filename: libraries/Session/Session.php

Line Number: 102

Any idea what to do with this error ?

Hello, thanks for your comment. For getting developer support,please send us a ticket at


Can you tell how can I update the software? Just received the update and wanted to make sure I do it properly.

Please send us a ticket at as this is a technical issue. Our support staff there will help you.

Hi, I update ekushey to version 2.6 and noticeboard showe me 2 errors, Error Number: 1146

Table ‘pd301_panelcrmpd.notice’ doesn’t exist

SELECT * FROM `notice` ORDER BY `date_added` DESC LIMIT 4

Filename: views/backend/admin/dashboard.php

Line Number: 262


Error Number: 1054

Nieznana kolumna ‘date_added’ w order clause

UPDATE `ci_sessions` SET `timestamp` = 1490212795 WHERE `id` = ‘c41d37264f65e00363762f13ed1f633a9bae78f6’ ORDER BY `date_added` DESC LIMIT 4

Filename: libraries/Session/drivers/Session_database_driver.php

Line Number: 243

Please help me :)

Please send us a ticket at as this is a technical issue. Our support staff there will help you.

I request a fix of all responsive display bugs for the next update…it’s the only point i’m not interested to buy this script for :D Good luck

Hello, your application support multi languaje? Thanks

Hi yes, it supports multi language.

I am not able to save smtp settings in the crm. After enabling it, I filled in all the columns and when I click on the update button it gves me a message “Data Updated” The screen refreshes and goes back to disabled option. Why is it doing that??

Please send us a ticket at as this is a technical issue. Our support staff there will help you.

I wish you would show more content built into your demo. Also trying to find a good crm for my construction biz. holds subcontractors and can produce PO’s to my subs.

Please send us a ticket at as this is a technical issue. Our support staff there will help you.

Hi, which Neon template version are you using in the latest release of your app?