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The app doesnt work at all

If you are facing any errors please specify them correctly.

always error message at the time of login {status“}

Please send us a ticket at http://support.creativeitem.com regarding your query.

Hello, how i can display the same logo using on website to ios ?

YES what?

The logo will automatically come to the ios app via web app’s api.

Hello; When i am trying to login in to apps , it gives login failed why i am getting this error message?


Push Notification Supported…?

For Exam Mark-sheet, Homework, Attendance and many other…?

Hi,Its under development for certain purpose.Thanks

Hi, how is going push notification development? Thank you.

No fixed date yet for that feature.

Hi I am trying to setup the ap, and I am stuck on step 3.

o Change the value of “SERVERADDRESS” key to your server address

Is this referring to the existing web install that is through my web host? (I am not running this locally.)

I have purchased the Ekattor School Manager Pro, and installed it on my web host database and it is working fine.

Please specify which SERVERADDRESS you are referring to. I currently host with MediaTemple.

I added a ’/’ at the end of the server address and now the error that I’m getting is ‘FAILED LOGIN’ I’ve confirmed my user name and password, and even tried creating a new user name and password.

Any suggestions

Will this app sync with the wordpress plugin? or just that Pro Version?

Couldn’t u easily make it for the wordpress versions also. I see plenty of people have been asking for it. Wordpress has the JSON API that could do the same thing as the PHO (PRO) version right? Please consider implementing this. It is very important to me as I want to only use Wordpress. Thanks!

Ok,we will discuss this suggestion with our team.

Thanks. It would be a huge value to all. Also, please tell us about the delivery of the push notifications. Much appreciated.

Creativeitem please please please don’t sleep on this project. I’ve been browsing school management scripts and yours is the only one with Android/iOS custom apps. Please try to fix the errors people are getting and add push notifications especially for messaging through the app etc! If there will be updates I guarantee there will be a lot more purchases, at least 5 licenses just from myself in the first couple of months!

Thanks for the appreciation. Don’t worry,more updates will be coming soon implementing the requested features. So,stay with us.

Hello, can admin or teacher control the data from the app? like take the attendance, add homework, etc? do the app user able to choose the app language?

Hello,those features are not implemented yet. The ios app is just a basic application that enables the admin have a overview of the whole system on the go. The app is only available in english language.

hello, wordpress plugin is compatible with android and ios app?

Hi there,the mobile apps are only compatible with the pro (php script) version not the wordpress one.

Any news about push alerts?

Thanks for writing us. It is in our developing plan.

I’m looking for an app for students and parents to do assignments and/or register for school or a class etc. I’ve bought the pro. Thanks

Hi, yes you can do those tasks by using our software. For more queries, send us a support ticket : http://support.creativeitem.com

hello this app support arabic ?

Hi fraidsoufiane thanks for your comment. For getting developer support,please send us a ticket at http://support.creativeitem.com Hope we will solve your problem. Thanks.

I added a ’/’ at the end of the server address and now the error that I’m getting is ’FAILED LOGIN’ I’ve confirmed my user name and password, and even tried creating a new user name and password.

Any suggestions

  • I’ve asked this question 7 months ago and didn’t get a response. I’ve sent many support requests and haven’t gotten a solution *

What was your ticket number please? If you sent a support ticket already, it must have been replied already. And you need to renew the support pack to get developer support. Thanks.

i don´t have a clue about this, i´ve bought the pro version and i want the ios app. do you do all the process? is it easy? cost of implementation?

Please send us a ticket at http://support.creativeitem.com as this is a technical issue. Our support staff there will help you.