Ekattor School Manager iOS Application

Ekattor School Manager iOS Application


- Read the complete user manual for the ios app.

Update History

version 1.5 – 14 March, 2018

- compatible with the latest version of ekattor web app
- Minor bug fixes
- performance improvements
- compatible with latest version of ios and swift

version 1.4 – 4 October, 2017

- exception handling for noticeboard details
- fixes issues on login response
- New layout and design 
- Minor bug fixes
- performance improvements
- compatible with swift 4 and ios 11

version 1.3 – 16 August, 2017

- Noticeboard issue has been fixed.
- Exception handling on Attendance Report view on Admin panel has been done.
- Changing Password issue has been done.
- Exception handling on Accounting on Admin Panel.
- Exception handling on Exam Marks on Teacher Panel.
- Exception handling on Daily Attendance on Teacher Panel.

version 1.2 – 05 January, 2017

- Updated to Swift 3 and Xcode 8
- Fixed an error where SwiftyJSON failed to parse JSON response
- Fixed a bug where sometime optionals were unsafely unwrapped
- Codes updated to match new syntaxes of Swift 3

version 1.1 – 19 May, 2016

- Now compatible for both iPhone and iPad
- Changes in some views
- Bug fixes
- Upgraded to swift 2.0 and Xcode 7.3

version 1.0 – 22 Oct, 2015

- Initial release


  • To run this iOS app, you will need to host the Ekattor School Management System web application on your web server.
  • You can sync your existing Ekattor application server with this iOS app.


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