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student and parent can accsses from this app

Yes,both student and parent users can access the app.


motasim Purchased

can i get notifications sounds for incoming school messages for parent and student ..please this is very important for school mobile management and frist i hope you to do for us

Push notifications have not been implemented it. But we plans for including this feature in our future updates. No fixed date can be given though.


We are bulk sms services Provider i,e SMSGATEWAYHUB and my customer requied School management system can u please help me to intrigate so that will purchase


Please send us a ticket at http://support.creativeitem.com as this is a technical issue. Our support staff there will help you.

hi sir…when you will be updating the application…please do it soon

Sorry,no fixed date can be given for the next update yet.

Can I have an sample APK with user id and password to login ???

I purchased the code for both android and web…I can not import sql file and can not create user..please explain me how to create user and import sql file in myAdminPhp

I have setup the server successfully and from web side its working fine…I can not login from app side..please help me to login and what data will I give in server name….?will it be ip of server or domain name

Please follow our given documentation for the android app installation. You will need to put a ’/’ at the end of server address.

Hi, I have purchased Ekattor School Management System Pro, how difficut to integrate with this Android app ? is there any documentation you can share ?

Hello,our android application comes with a detailed developer manual that has instruction on the android app integration. Please follow that.

Finally I have successfully install the app. But seems the users can view only, can’t add or edit. Please advise how to add or edit, for example to update the attendance, create notice board, etc through the app.

Yes,for now the user has mainly monitoring capabilities. Other mentioned features might be available in our future updates.

it is necessary to purchase ekattor school managemnet system before purchasing android app script ?

Yes,you need to purchase and setup the ekattor school management web application before purchasing android app as the mobile app uses the web app as its server.

what’s wrong with this? this message come when i build the apk. im using android studio 2.2.2

Warning:WARNING: Dependency org.apache.httpcomponents:httpclient:4.5.1 is ignored for debug as it may be conflicting with the internal version provided by Android.

Hi, thanks for your comment. Please send us a ticket at http://support.creativeitem.com

PRE-PURCHASE QUESTION: Please, how does work this process. I should to have the ekattor school management web before (it’s ok). But for app, after I bought your application, to configure it and after publish on Google Play Store? After the bought you send all documentation for it? Thanks friend!

Hello,for the mobile apps to work you first need to purchase and setup the web application as it works as a server for the mobile apps. Then you can install the mobile apps by following our developer documentation where the installation process is described in details.

Hi is this app white labeled? I mean if I get this for your software, can I build it with my logos, upload in my own account and put it online? or does any user from anywhere download your app with your logos and stuff. Also is it easy to translate? Any news on the push notifications? Do you deliver the source code so I can make some tweaks (for example place a slider of notifications at the beggining of the app? Thanks

Hello,you can customize the app as you wish along with uploading your own logos after purchase only. The mobile apps are not translatable yet and no current plans for push notifications. Full source code is given.

Hi, can you add access for parent to see the attendance report of his child? And would be great to have push notification on next update.

Hello,thanks for your suggestions. We will keep them in mind for our future updates.

Pre Sale Question 1. Is it required to purchase Ekattor School Management System Pro to use your app 2. We already having website for school can we use at our subdomain so that we can use app and erp 3. In your android app will you save to google play store or we have to do that. 4. Android app how fetch data is it easy to config for non-tech guy. Will we have to put our domain name to fetch data or we have to do changes in all pages. 5. Will logo and other details also will be updated mean we can use in whitelabel or with your brand. 6. If we made changes in your School ERP will still android app will work or if we want to show some more features in app is it possible or not.

Please reply me so that i can pay

Hi webooindia, thanks for your queries. 1. Yes, it is required to purchase the web app. 2. You can use at your subdomain. 3. You can upload the app to your google play store developer account. 4. It is easy to config for non-tech guy. Instructions given in documentation. 5. You can change the logo and other details as you need. 6. If you make changes in your school ERP, you have to changes the android app accordingly.

If you have any more queries, please send us a ticket to http://support.creativeitem.com .

Well I think this guys are not to serious to selling this product, I wonder where a product is bought without any form of trial. Anyway I think I would have also gotten this product if there is a form of how the web and android app would work. Also from the way I saw the admin responded to reviews, it’s obvious they don’t have any plans for updates and support isn’t anything you can bank on.

Pls font get me wrong it’s just my observation as a buyer and hope you can work on all of this to provide a better service

Thanks for your observation. We provide regular support and updates to our customers. So no worries about that.

pre buy question: when will be next update going to launch ?

Hi toppersindia, we are working on our next update. It will be released when completed.

Pre Sale Question: School Admin, Teacher , Parents having separate application to login and check activities Like Homework by parents etc. And same app work for all Admin , Parents and for teacher.

Is data get as per domain i input. or I have to do server configration. As i purcase one webview and only change domain name and it become android webview, very easy and good.

Is you configration we update our domain name and it start fetching data from that url

Hi webooindia, thanks for your queries. All user types will have separate panel for their facilities. But all of them are integrated in the same application.

Regarding server configuration, the standalone php web application will run in your server, and the native android app in your mobile will sync the data from the web server php api.

The android app will fetch data from the web app as you update the configuration.

If you have any more questions, feel free to send us a ticket at http://support.creativeitem.com

Hi, Need to Purchase ANdroid and Web both.But Please give me demo for Android app

After Purchase this PHP and Android Full Rights is reserved by me right?

Hi, This Android Application is Working for All 4 Users (School , Teacher , Parent and Student)?

Yes, it work for all 4 users.

Is this app is working?? because most of the comment says that “Login Failed” error is most common in this.

Hi there, thanks for our comment. Login issues are solved when the android app is configured properly. Those instructions are given in detail in the documentation when you purchase the software. So no worries regarding the login fail message.

To send notification you are using FCM or GCM and to how many notification are free.

Hi webooindia, thanks for your comment. We didn’t implement notification yet.

Can I translate the application into my language? Does it send push messages? Thanks

SMS works in Brazil?

Hi acfj, thanks for your comment. Yes, you can translate it into your language. The push messages are not added yet. For more queries, please send us a ticket to http://support.creativeitem.com

Thanks, push is very important :( thanks thanks, good plugin!