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would this application only be for system management or for students as well? if not for the student do you have a student app?

Hello sir, This application is connect with this system. This application is full native application for managing and monitoring your system and this application can possible to log-in by different users.

Dear sir We are searching for a student Communication, Feedback and Engagement application that will work on cloud and will be reachable from desktop and will have android ios apps We would like to know if : 1. I want to be able to customize it according to our needs in Europe 2. would your program can do all the functions in the list below users will be a- admin b-student c-teacher d-parent e-schol staff f-librarian g-accountant h-owner

Key Features • School calendar – school calendar with various planned events and holidays is handy always • Class time table – class timetable of a student is always available on the app for parents to check when required • Notifications – instant notification about various events with attachment. • Chat – One-to-one and one-to-many chat between teacher and parents, and between teacher and students – teacher or parent can initiate chat sessions with each other for interaction on a specific topic or subject • Home Work & Project Assignments – Teacher can send homework and project assignments to a group of students • Attendance – Teacher can take attendance in the class with mobile app and parents get instant notifications if a child is absent in the class. • Multilanguage – The app can be operated in English, French and Turkish Major Challenges • Implementing instant notifications • Must have web window ios and andrid apps • Populating existing data of students and parents into the system

Regards Max

Please tel me which of these features your program can not do an which it can and do you plan to add in the feature and what would be your customization fee

Hello sir, For the customization details please contact with our developer support team at http://support.creativeitem.com/ , they will guide you as well.

your app work without intenet ? can I make attendance without internet ? can I take report for attendance by EXCEL ?

Hello sir, You can’t operate this application without internet and you can take excel report in our android application, you can do it in our web application. Thanks for waiting to us. Have a nice day.

If you have any further query then send us ticket at http://support.creativeitem.com/. Our developer will help you.

Hello wanted to buy this one. Just wanted to know if the files you provide are completely editable so that I can customize it as per our needs. If there is any quick procedure to do that or a tutorial would be great.

Hi there, we provide the complete source code and nothing is encrypted. So you can modify the codes as per your need, no problem. There is no video tutorial available for modifying the source code. However, the android app is developed on Java, so anyone who is familiar with Java programming language and android development procedure can edit the codes with ease.

Let us know if you have more queries. We will be glad to assist. Thanks

Hello , i am interested but i want to test the App , can i have login users and passwords for parents , student , teacher to be able to test the App

Sir , did you check the login accounts?

Hello, sorry for the inconveniences. The accounts were disabled. It is working now. Please check

Thank you

Hello, how to update the android application with the new version?

Hi there, the android app will automatically sync the changes, no problem. The api inside the web app is updated.

Let us know if you face any issues in our support center http://support.creativeitem.com


Hello , after package rename , i am trying to build apk i have error Error:Execution failed for task ’:app:transformResourcesWithMergeJavaResForDebug’. > More than one file was found with OS independent path ‘META-INF/DEPENDENCIES’

Please leave us a support ticket at http://support.creativeitem.com

Our developer team will be in touch with you.

Hi, I have some pre-sale questions:

1) Does the application sync with both, Ekattor School Manager System and Plugin? If not, with one of them? 2) Only the school manager pays the app. For clients, theachers, etc. it’s free. Is this correct? 3) The pay-application is for managin every aspect of the school from the app. Is this correct? 4) The free-downloadable application if just for check (classes, attendance, books, etc), not for managing or editing. Is this correct? 5) Is it possible for clients to communicate with manager/teacher through the application? 6) If I buy Android app, clients teacher, etc. they can download IOS app. I don’t need to buy both Android and IOS app in order to allow them to download IOS app. Is this correct? 7) With Ekattor Manager (system or plugin) installed, if I don’t buy the App for my school, clients teacher etc. they can still download and use the App for my school. Is this correct?

Thank you! Regards

Hello, thanks for your message.

1. The apps sync with the Ekattor School Management System Pro, not the wp plugin.

2. Yes, this is correct. The users can download the app from play store for free once the school manager uploads the app

3. Didn’t get it, please clarify

4. The application is for checking the data, the editing or managing functionalities are not handled yet

5. Messaging module is not implemented on the app, however we have plans to develop that in future updates

6. Android and iOS apps are separate. You will need to purchase the android and ios apps separately

7. The apps will not work without the Ekattor School Management System Pro.

Let us know if you have more queries. Thanks

Hi íf í bought the app you can configurate the app with my Server? Is posible and if is which price? Thanks

Hi, thanks for your message. The android app will need to uploaded to google play store. The steps for doing that is given in the documentation. However, you will need the Ekattor School Management System Pro which will handle all the api calls and that will need to be installed on your server. The installation is quite easy and automated and you can do it yourself, no problem. But if you face any issues while installing the application, contact our support center http://support.creativeitem.com

Our developers will resolve any issue. Thanks

the application comes with source code to modify with android studio?

to customize and / or add something

Hi there, thanks for your message. The android app comes with source code and you can modify the app according to your requirements.

Let us know if you have more queries. Thanks

Few pre-sale questions: 1. Can a teacher manage attendance through the app. If not can your team customize it? 2. Is there a notification engine to notify parent when the invoice for student fees is generated?

Hello, thanks for your message.

Teachers can not update the attendance through the mobile apps. However our team can customize the app such that teachers can update attendance through the app.

Notification on invoice generation is not available but can be customized.

Feel free to leave us message at http://support.creativeitem.com