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Strange that someone has many comment but doesn’t give any interest on his business, we are interesting to be your customer,

verdict , not happy or older enough by what you doing , don’t do it

and stop waste our time ,


I am so sick of how much crap I’d now on Code Canyon!

This sure use to be good! But with all this rubbish and developers who go missing after uploading their script, it is crazy!

Such a waste of time!


96 Customers! Any reviews?

OK I am going to take a shot in the dark here with asking a question and hoping someone like the author of this script or maybe some other kind sole might be able to answer.

I am pretty happy with the script been using it on my site for about a year no. However I now want to edit it to the point of having the pdf invoice have an additional column called Item name instead of just the two column pdf layout it currently has. However I am unsure where or how to alter the script so that it produces a pdf invoice that would have 3 or 4 columns per row of data (such as item # | item name | desc | price )

Any fellow php guys bought this and where able to get their head around the code I know its based on fpdf and looked at fpdf.org but well obviously I am having issues

Its actually quite easy to figure out his code if you know PHP.. but for a newbie, it might be a bit over the top for you.

I took a shot and purchased this script, not for the code but to see how he was attaching the PDF’s to the email.. I was having some issues with my own app so I bought this one.. Once I took a look at his code I noticed a simple error in mine! So it was well worth the $6! lol I use tcpdf which is a newer (and better) version than fpdf.

jayreis, look at line 107 of einvoice.class.php, you can add an additional column there. but you will have to pass in the data for it in the ‘items’ array. then access the data from the $item_detail array in the foreach loop on line 107

It generates either an email, pdf, or html based off of the variables you define inside the php file. This out of the box isnt a Invoice Manger/Generator. If you have knowledge of php/mysql you could make a system around this pretty easily to generate a pdf and email it to a customer off of the info you define in a form. And depending on how experienced you are im sure you could make it save to a database. But that will require work.

I would rate it a 5/5 for what it does, but i would rate it 2/5 for the description not being clearly presented.

If some one is interested in using this and needs someone to to generate a system let me know. Im a php Developer I already have one, that a few of my clients usse.

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