EHLO Mailing - Email Marketing & Marketing Automation Software

EHLO Mailing - Email Marketing & Marketing Automation Software

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EHLO Mailing (new version 3.2.0 – Jan, 23rd 2020)

  • Really easy installation wizard
  • So easy to use that no special knowledge is required!
  • Regular updates bringing additional functionalities for free
  • No more cron jobs or process control system like Supervisor, all execution is automatically managed by EHLO Mailing
  • What are you going to do if during the sending of your campaigns your server or your third-party provider crashes? No problem, EHLO Mailing picks up exactly where it left off automatically and without supervision!
  • You have the possibility of adding additional functionalities without having to master high-level programming and give free rein to your imagination (just like the wordpress model)
  • Only default PHP extensions is used which are installed and enabled by default in most PHP 7 installations
  • Delivered with a geolocation server using a database of 3.781.641 IP addresses. No more need to pay extras to a third party
  • You can use your own SMTP server or/and any third-party providers like Amazon SES, Google Gmail, Mailchimp Mandrill, Mailgun, Postmark, Sendgrid…
  • Can be used as a standalone application or as a real SaaS model
  • Support and technical quality assistance
There is no more limit, this is quality!


EHLO Mailing is a bulk email program for email marketing campaigns and was optimized for low resource utilization.

The scripts were written in PHP and includes all sorts of rich features. This software can also be used as a SaaS platform specialized in the creation and the sending of email campaigns developed with “Symfony”, the famous PHP framework.

  • Easy and well-explained installation in documentation (for dedicated or shared server)
  • Delivered with two documentation: Complete installation and Quick Start Guide
  • For occasional or professional use
  • Credit account system available

Can not find better at a better price!

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Current release 3.2.0 – January 23, 2020

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Version 3.1.0: January 05, 2020

- Add PHP requirement for GD2 and PHP-Intl extensions during installation
- Replace MySQL Database engine by SQLite database engine
- Maximum Database size increased by 140 terabytes
- Doctrine parameters file modification (dbal and orm) taking into account multiple connections
- Use of a new entity manager to monitor campaigns and statistics
- Add .htaccess for apache web servers at root for compressions, cache and security
- It's no longer necessary to install the geolocation server, it's now integrated

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Version 3.0.0: December 03, 2019

- In a general sense, the entire application has been significantly updated
- Update Symfony framework to version 5.0.1
- All depreciated features have been removed
- Added a fully configurable frontend
- Create templates for the frontend by drag and drop
- Catalog concept introduced in this version
- Added new categories

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Version 2.4.0: August 05, 2019

- Installation wizard added
- Bug fixed when importing emails by csv file
- Bug fixed caused by FastCGI when importing emails
- Fix 3 security vulnerabilities
- Automatic installation of IP addresses for geolocation
- Automatic installation for the free templates
- Minor corrections and additions

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Version 2.3.0: January 24, 2018

- Default path update for skin editor
- Default update for command.app_dir parameter
- JavaScript subscribers form update
- Code adaptation for SwiftMailer bundle in controllers and command
- Parameters adaptation for controller methods and command
- Add conditions for objects
- Add additional image (loader) for subscribers form

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Version 2.2.0: December 01, 2017

- Improved configuration files
- Symfony update to v3.3.13
- SwiftMailer code modification
- New feature for manual editing of email headers
- Use your DKIM signature
- Adaptation for the latest version of PHP7
- Various minor modifications

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Version 2.1.0: June 22, 2017

Initial Release