eGrocer - Online Multi Vendor Grocery Store, eCommerce Flutter Full App | Admin Panel | Web Version

eGrocer - Online Multi Vendor Grocery Store, eCommerce Flutter Full App | Admin Panel | Web Version

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Recently Updated

Version 1.9.5

( 1 Nov 2023 )

+ [Improvement] Input validations (Admin panel)
+ [Improvement] Promo code validations (Admin panel, website, app)
+ [Improvement] In order page address validations (Admin panel, website, app)
+ [Improvement] Library updated (Website)
+ [Improvement] Security enhancements (Website)
+ [Improvement] User interface enhancements (Website)
+ [Improvement] Page loading performance (Website)
+ [Improvement] Checkout page validations (App)
+ [Improvement] App theme (App)
+ [Improvement] App fully compatible with iOS 17
+ [Fixes] Address various other improvements and fixes across the platform

Version 1.9.4

( 20 Sep 2023 )

+ [Added] Brand-wise sale feature on both the website and app
+ [Added] Options to toggle Brand Wise Sale visibility and set the number of items displayed in the Admin panel
+ [Added] Options to show/hide categories and specify the number of items to display in the Admin panel
+ [Improvement] Enhance the phone input option during the login process on the website
+ [Improvement] Automatically hide time slots that have passed today's time
+ [Fixes] Address various other improvements and fixes across the platform

Version 1.9.3

( 05 Sep 2023 )

+ [Added] Order detail page (Website)
+ [Added] FSSAI detail inclusion in product detail page (Website, App, Panel)
+ [Added] Get direction of seller store and customer location (Seller/Delivery Boy App)
+ [Added] Call to seller and customer  (Seller/Delivery Boy App)
+ [Fixed] Seller commission issue. (Admin panel)
+ [Update] Admin panel product detail page variant image preview issue
+ [Improve] Slug routings (Website)
+ [Improve] Installation steps(Admin Panel)
+ [Improve] Auto update system (Admin Panel)
+ [Re-Design] Order tracker(Customer App)

Version 1.9.2

( 09 Aug 2023 )

+ [Added] Order filter option with active and previous order type (App & Website)
+ [Added] Added FCM Notification Functionality (Website)
+ [Added] Image placeholder (Website)
+ [Improved] Manage products in Seller panel
+ [Improved] Cash collection in Delivery boy section
+ [Improved] Cart total & promocode issue when item cancel in order
+ [Improved] User role (Admin, Seller, Delivery Boy) login
+ [Improved] Featured section in admin panel
+ [Improved] Optimised code and enhanced performance for faster operation (Website)
+ [Improved] Show full-page dialog for internet/API issues instead of toast messages (App)
+ [Fixed] Cart, Checkout ,Order detail, Invoice detail calculation issue solved

Version 1.9.1

( 15 July 2023 )

+ [Bug fixes]: Addressed various bugs and issues to improve stability and user experience.
+ [Performance improvements]: Optimized code and enhanced performance for faster operation.
+ [UI enhancements]: Made minor adjustments to the user interface for improved usability.
+ [General improvements]: Implemented various enhancements to enhance overall functionality.

Version 1.9.0

( 20 June 2023 )

+ [Added] FTP deployment feature has been added to the website
+ [Added] Resend OTP functionality has been incorporated into the website
+ [Added] Multi-language functionality has been implemented on the website
+ [Added] A language management option has been added to both the app and website, allowing for easy language customisation from the panel side
+ [Improve] Various bug fixes have been applied, resulting in improved performance and stability
+ [Compatible] Flutter v3.10.5 - Seamlessly utilize the latest Flutter features

Version 1.8.0

( 1 June 2023 )

+ [Added] - Paypal payment gateway (Website)
+ [Added] - Theme color-related settings in admin panel (Website, Admin Panel)
+ [Updated] - Signing and registration flow (App, Website)
+ [Updated] - Promo code module (Website)
+ [Fixed] Various Small Bugs and Improvements (App, Website, Panels)

Version 1.7.0

( 29 Apr 2023 )

+ [Added] Promo code module
+ [Added] Website settings in admin panel
+ [Improve] Delivery boy earning module
+ [Improve] Website UI/UX
+ [Fixed] Various bugs and made general improvements to the app

Version 1.6.0

( 21 Mar 2023 )

+ [Added] Release a website version
+ [Added] The ability for iOS app updates (in-app update)
+ [Added] PayPal payment method
+ [Added] Search feature in the admin panel to search through the menu
+ [Fixed] Various bugs and made general improvements to the app

Version 1.5.0

( 11 Mar 2023 )

+ [Added] Url option in FCM notification
+ [Added] App update option
+ [Added] Popup offer image (Show popup offer image at app home screen)
+ [Added] FCM push notification (Set URL redirection option)
+ [Added] Received FCM push notification without login (App)
+ [Improved] Major validation (App and panel)
+ [Fixed] Various bugs and made general improvements

Version 1.4.0

( 30 Jan 2023 )

+ [Added] Dark/Light Theme (panel)
+ [Added] Get the current location in the seller edit form(panel)
+ [Added] Paytm payment gateway(app & panel)
+ [Added] Section custom sorting(app & panel)
+ [Update] Invoice download option directly instead of showing print preview (app/panel)
+ [Fix] Improvements & bug fixes(app & panel)

Version 1.3.0

( 9 Jan 2023 )

+ Added - Stripe payment gateway
+ Added - Dynamically firebase settings
+ Improved - Customer side get data by latitude and longitude without consider city name(app and panel)
+ Improved - Maintenance mode (customer app)
+ Fixed - Multilevel category selection option while add product(panel)

Version 1.2.0

( 29 Dec 2022 )

+ Added – Seller & delivery boy registration system (app)
+ Added – Order fcm notification  (panel)
+ Added – Order status notify system by smtp  (panel)
+ Added – Default city selection option in system settings  (panel)
+ Added – Default city set at initial if map location not selected  (app)
+ Improved - Seller & delivery boy registration system  (panel)
+ Improved - Order fcm notification  (app)
+ Improved - Auto admin panel installation system  (panel)
+ Other minor improvements  (app and panel)

Version 1.1.0

( 02 Dec 2022 )

+ Added seller App/delivery boy app
+ Added meta data on share product option from app
+ Added admin panel installer
+ Separate seller and delivery boy panels
+ Improvements and issues fixed

What is eGrocer?

The finest solution for anyone looking to start their own grocery business! It provides a complete solution that takes care of everything from the shopping cart to the order and order to delivery.

What is eGrocer & Why choose eGrocer ?

The eGrocer is a ready-to-integrate online grocery store solution for those who want to start their business online. It is simple to use and set up, and it offers a wide range of features to help you run your business smoothly.

What eGrocer will provide you?

  • Customer App
  • Super Admin Panel
  • Seller Panel
  • Delivery boy Panel
  • User-friendly Interface

    The App has a user-friendly interface that makes it easy to shop for your favourite products. You can easily browse and find what you’re looking for, and you can even add items to your wishlist to save for later.

    Multi-Seller (Multi Vendor)

    Its allows multiple sellers to register and sell their items. This system provides an easy and convenient way for buyers to find the products they need from a variety of sellers in one place.

    Nearby Delivery Service by Geo Query

    App will show products or items based on the user’s location or a selected area from the geo map.

    Multi-Level Category

    Admin can set up a multi-level or nested category structure for your e-commerce products in the Admin panel.

    Robust search & Filtering Functionality

    Users can search for products by location, voice, and preferences. They can also filter and sort the results to find what they’re looking for more easily.

    Online Cart Manage

    The online cart system in the eGrocer app is more convenient for users to manage their grocery items and products they need!

    Smooth Checkout Process

    App provides users with an easy checkout process, so you can be sure your customers will be happy with their experience.

    Secure Payment System

    Multiple payment options available in applications like Rajor Pay and Pay Stack. Customers can purchase products securely with online payments.

    Support System

    The Support & Complaint system is designed to help customers and sellers resolve issues and queries quickly and efficiently.