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Hi Alfredi,

I like the look of your script but the fact you do not have an admin demo makes it difficult to decide whether to purchase. I want to know if you can have any other currency other than US Dollars and can the script be customised to have the look and feel of any website? Are payment information stored in a database and does the script allow for printing of PDF Invoice once someone has paid?


Hello MYICE Thanks for your interest. I have added the demo links, the currency can be easily edited via a config file(just enter your currency code, AUD, CAD, GBP, EUR etc). The script is made simple (in terms of design for the EXACT purpose so that you can edit it and have your own customized version of the script, you can easily edit it and add whatever you want). The payments are stored in donation script, but there’s no pdf invoice option, I might add that feature in the future though thanks for your suggestion).

Have a great day.

Hi, I am interested in the above questions as well. Also is the link to the download somehow encrypted so they cant just share it with the world?

Hello Matteclipse I have updated the demo links. Sure the links are encrypted and unique and correspond to a specific user order. The links are expirable after a given number of times ( you can edit this, the default is 5).

Thank you for your interest.

Hello, Does your script display email address or business name on the PayPal’s Payment or checkout page? If it only displays the email adress, can it be changed to display business name instead?

Ailfredi, thank you for that information and for that assurance I will proceed with the purchase as promised.

Hello Alfredi, can the data collected by Paypal for the donation script be stored in a database? I think I am correct in saying that it is currently set to store in a plain text file. It is important that I have it in a database in order to properly sync information relevant to each user. Can it be done?

Still waiting for a reply after 25 days.

@MYICE2013: It can be stored in SQL but you will have to write the PHP to do so. fread and fwrite are easily recoded to use a database. Ive done it quite a few times.

Unfortunatly I dont have this script as yet but IF I decide to purchase it, the first thing I would do is convert it to use SQL as it way more secure than a txt file.

Thanks for your response Kalarah. Will look into it. As for the author of the Script only goodness knows what has happened to him or her!

One thing that I would definatly suggest any does is change the following in the template: <textarea name="description" disabled class="prdesc" > Switch it to a Div, reason is, the disabled textarea bugs out the browsers if you try to highlight any of the text. Forcing you to reload the page, and losing anything you may have stored.

Seems to be YET ANOTHER abandoned product, taking up space on Codecanyon and wasting our time looking into them….Oh Author….Where Art Thou??? lol

Envato needs some sort of CLEAN UP SYSTEM for these DEAD & ABANDONED scripts.

Fully agree. The author has abandoned this product. Codecanyon should not be endorsing products the authors have abandoned. It is not only a waste of our time, but money too as there is no easy way to get a refund.

The website has expired!

Not working! It takes you to a domain parking!

I tried to go to your demo site thru your posted url and i get an error popping up closed due to fraud??? eGoods Admin Demo

how do i add my paypal to it

its saying price pre item why is that