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Good luck with selling! :)

Thank you,

Good luck with selling!

thank you

very good job, nice ;) i’m excited to see more of your work and wish you all the best for your sales !

I am very happy to hear this from a market professional like you, thank you dear for your supporting

Looks great job, wish you all the best with selling. I just want to say something, you should work on the main script first there are so many little bugs need fixing in layout. Usernames and status goes and mixes up with layout. Please try to improve first the main script then work on plugins. People first see the main site then they go to the plugins. If you release only plugins it means people will think you just want to earn money and that’s all.

And small small features, u make plugins give it free with the script. If your scripts is improved and has main basic features then trust me you do not need to earn from plugins. Your script is awesome and I am using it, but I am putting my site on hold just waiting for the fixes, so please do give time to the update to release it soonest :)

Thanks for the quick reply as always, it makes me happy at least we know you read our comments. Look forward to the update :) Take care bro

i sent you email to dillse@ please check it, thank you

oh thank you SO SO SO Much, I got your mail and you made my day :)

Congratulations my friend, Good luck

Thank you bro

Is this just the free ‘Favorite Gift’ Oxwall plugin that’s just been modified a little bit?

Abd i was being sarcastic

If you didn’t steal the script why does it say Oxwall in your code?

_ you haven’t even purchase it. If you ever did then i think you just did not understand what the code was. We will soon be having update with completely new design to show that who we actually are. What would be the use of 5-7 php developer if they did not build the script?

Hi, pre-purchase , do you plan a mobile app, can I setup another payment system? Thank you

Yes, we plan developing mobile app, Yes you can integrate any payment gateway if you have knowledge .

I am interested in purchasing along with all your plugins, however, when signing up for your demo site, the register section asking for location gives a: TypeError: Unable to get property ‘isValidValue’ of undefined or null reference. Seems to be a bug that needs fixed. Also, before I even make such a purchase, can location be skipped when a user registers? Many prefer to use their STATE and not actual addresses.

First of all, thanks for your interesting and for your purchase, after i read your comment i went to my demo site and registered account and set location without any errors, Second question answer, Yes you can remove location from registration by going to profile fields and edit location section and disable it for join or registration .