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Hi, were can I look to change the Paypal payment for an Order to get a Quote, this is instead of pay with paypal request a quote for the order (articles) in the cart,

Best Regards

PS. Excellent work!!! and App template!!!

Hi, It is currently not possible. Should develop this function. Regards

Hi, This beautiful app code does not endorse by Apple. Why don’t you eliminate Paypal module. Just select multiple items and then send by email to order. Simple! I believe you will continue to sell this app code without Paypal. Also, you don’t have to answer all comments about Paypal any more. Apple does not endorse it. Period! Why bother.

Keep up good work!

Hi, thanks for the advice. If we send an order via email, then the customer will pay like? Regards

Thanks for reply! After send an order via email, the sellers offer customers options for making payments (using credit or debit card, online payments, checks, cash, money orders, cashiers checks, automatic withdrawals or western) up to them. Your app has nothing to do with payment transactions. Remember that all payments must go thru App store (Paid app, In App Purchase…) Also, no physical goods allow! For now, just forget Paypal in your app. Hopefully in the near future Apple will considered this very convenient payment. Please revise your app and upload a new version as soon as you can. You will make more sell. Don’t let your app stop here!

hi, do you have an example of a published application on App Store that designed by this template?

Hi, no I’m sorry. Regards

Hi i agree with JCT app would be awesome if it could simply send an order to an email, the payment would be seller’s problem, ill buy it with out thinking it twice if this function is added, please let me now, i really really want this app with out paypall module!!!!! Congratulations, awesome work


A i have is that i get a “network timeout” popup when i try to run it in the simulator or real device when i check the products tab?

All other info from the database shows up under the other tabs.

PS. I also bought your carsale app and catalog app and those are great too.

Hello, probably simulator goes into “network timeout” because the connection problems.

Thank you very much for the compliments, if the applications you like give us 5 stars.


I added all my products in the store and set prices and such and it works fine on the simulator.

Prices are shown as 8.95 as it should. Then i tested on a real device and it gives me a number over 3billion when i add the product in the cart? The prices are listed as 8.95 but when i add to the cart it’s over 3 billion. If i add more products in the cart the number stays the same.

PS. I’m using the latest paypal files (needed by iOS after 1 may 2013). All works in the isimulator but not on real device. I tested it on an iPad mini with iOS 6.1, iPod 4th generation with iOS 6.1.2 and an iPhone 4 with iOS 6.0.2. All give the same error.

Any ideas?

Hello, info@egimobile.com to send us your project so we try to solve his problem.


hi, do we have limit for categories or products? for example i have 40 categories and every category has 500-1000 products. total i’ve 7.000+ products. is this application working stable? did you test this app more than 5000 products? does it make sense working this app over 5000+ products?

regards, thanks.

i have a webstore using open cart is there a simple way to import all my products to this app? thanks

Hi, no this not possible. Regards

Hi, has anyone found the solution on selling products in this app poject? by sending an email, or of Paypal is already accepted by Apple?


Hi egimobile, Great app! What’s new? Is it working? I would like to buy, but I am wondering if this app works. Any reviews from people who are working on this app? Regards! :)

Hello, at the time the paypal module only works in usa. As it becomes available in the rest of the world, we will update.

regards :)

I’m interested to buy but as JCT mention on his post that Apple dont endorse this code simple because there is payment proses using Paypal. Did you solve this problem already? thanks

Hello, when this code is being sold to learn how to create a shopping cart, view products from mysql etc. .. But unfortunately the PayPal module does not work anymore.


Hello, Is it Supports iOS 7 ? Thanks


Source code is included in regular licence purchase?

thank you.

any possibility of the update for latest ios framework?

Hi, i’m inetrested in this app. Do you have the same on android ? and i want to know if the app have a web backend . thanks