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Nice work, congrations and GLWS – DCSF

Nice Work, Good Luck With Sale :-)

you are using native android code (java, xml)?

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if im not change the graphic, it would be not approved by google play.?

hi banner ads are not appearing

sure Will I get support?

there is a problem banner ads is not appearing

I have checked, all works. Find file “strings.xml” and configure it and enable ads showing in them. And may be if your admob ADs are new they need some time before ads will start showing.

Yes you’re right I also came to the same conclusion. thank you for you response

Sorry I have another problem that I connect correctly the google play service but when I click on sign in this message appears “failed to sign in. Please check your network connection and try again” but i have a perfect connection

hello, does this game have interstitial ads ? br

Hello, How can I slow the rat of eggs falling?

In core folder in file “Main.java” find:
final float MAX_INTERVAL = 1f; // max egg interval
final float MIN_INTERVAL = 0.6f; // min egg interval

play store link or demo apk . Please

Hi I hope you’re fine . I just want to know why the app (aggscatcher) only works on android 7 and not on the other versions

I think you are not right, because when this game was coded Android 7 did not exist at all.

Hi admin i have interested this game please provide me a demo apk

Link to the demo was added on the item details page

Hi Please Give your skype id. I want to contact with you.