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This is a great addon to an already awesome product. Please could you tell me if there is any way to only export the Name, Submission Date, Phone, Score and Max Score. Does that make sense?


Thank you for the nice words. You can simply add the fields you do not want in the exclude list settings: http://ipanelthemes.com/kb/export-to-sql-for-fsqm-pro/sql-operations/activating-fsqm-export-to-sql-and-customizing-settings/

hey team. I’m looking for a lead generator that looks like a buzzfeed style quiz. The users answers would need to be recorded against their profile and then all the details exported. Is this something your platform can do?


Our system can store user submissions against their profile. All of them are accessible through admin side and/or user portal. But our system can not yet make personality type quiz.

Thanks so I can still view a users answer to a quiz/form as an individual?

Yes you can. Why don’t try the admin demo: http://clients.ipanelthemes.com/fsqm/wp-admin/

hi can i create this form through this ? https://bestquotetravelinsurance.ca/


You can create similar form through our system but the response can not be programmed. It would actually require some sort of booking system and I honestly I do not think our system would be fit for your needs :) . But you try for yourself with our online demo: http://clients.ipanelthemes.com/fsqm/wp-admin/admin.php?page=ipt_fsqm_new_form

What does the the database output look at? First – we love your FSQM plugin. But I need it to do a couple things that are advanced and would like to continue using yours vs. making my own or another plugin.

1. I really need a couple of fields to use a dynamic generated list based on a custom field or user field.

2. This one is more important. I need output directly to database using normalized column to question format much like I see in the spreadsheet for your demo here. Is this plugin creating a new table and storing the info there? Can I see an example of what the table looks like? That is what I really need. I was going to create my own mysql view to unserialize the php but would rather it be handled by plugin. Your main plugin storing the data serialized is really causing me headaches because it makes it hard for me to run pure reports. I can display the data fine via page but I really need to run cross-reference reports.

The use case is I have 50 trainers giving 100+ courses. I would like to have users choose the trainer or course from dropdown (are save this via hidden field or hashed URL). I then would like to perm the trainers to only see their own course data.


1. That isn’t possible without some customization. Sorry for that.

2. What you need is I guess the Easy SQL addon. It creates a separate database table for a particular form submissions. There, data is stored in a straight forward way without serialized values. Much like the Exporter CSV functionality. Please check it out here: http://codecanyon.net/item/fsqm-pro-easy-sql-export-submissions-to-database/14723482

Activated plugin, some things are working… However I have no tab for the SQL Export on my form pages… So everytime I go to syncronize a for it tells me I haven’t enabled SQL, because there is no where to activate it.


To have SQL export you’d need FSQM version at least 3.0.1. Please check what version of FSQM you are running (From FSQM Pro > Dashboard).

what does this do that Exporter for FSQM Pro – Reports & Submissions does not?


I have replied in the Exporter addon comment of yours. If you have everything you need with the export to CSV functionality, then you do not this addon.


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Can we make submissions private so only the logged-in user can view their own submission data? Also, can a logged-in user edit their own submission data?


Under Form Settings > Submission Limitation, you can enable “Only Logged In user can submit” option. This way, only logged in users can submit, and also they can view their submission through User Portal: https://ipanelthemes.com/kb/fsqm/fsqm-user-management/features-user-portal/


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Are submissions editable on the front end through the user portal? Can a logged in user edit their own submissions or only view them?


Admin can always edit a submission. Under Form Settings, if you enable the option you can let user edit their submission from user portal and/or trackback link. You can also put a timelimit till which they can edit a submission.

Hi there! I’m having a hard time finding a form solution that does what I think this does: but I want to confirm.

This addon – (along with the full FSQM plugin) can automatically save and store data entries AS THEY HAPPEN?

Or only after a button has been pressed? The way this reads, is that if the user completes a column, that the data is then submitted and added to the database.

My client needs a solution where if a user does not complete the form – and only puts in the first few fields, they can be followed up with – even though they didn’t click a ‘submit’ button.


Sorry that is not possible at this moment.

Ok – one last question… what I understand, is if the end user goes through a multi-step form, at every step, their information is saved…

Is this true?


For multi-step or any kind of form, the information is saved on client’s browser. This happens if you enable the Auto Save feature on the form. It keeps the data on client’s browser for 30 days.

No information is passed or saved in the server till the form is actually submitted.

This is a great addon to an already awesome product. Please could you tell me if there is any way to make a filter like the form we had create (i mean with the fields like checkboxs, radio boxs, matrix, etc…) or any addon to posting the data form entries in posts. I have try to import the csv or xlsx file in posts but there was problems with some types of fields, i try to work in excel but for some fields the cell works a little strange in the filter…. any idea… thanks.


I do not really understand what you are asking. Could you please explain in details and with examples?

Hi i mean we have many responses from the users in a forn and collect some data. Think for example we have a form for resumes. We collect some data for employers. Education. Age. Sex.hobbys, diplomas, licenses etc… We collect them, so the question is if we can use the same form to filter all of collected data. Thanks


The following filtering is available https://ipanelthemes.com/kb/fsqm/fsqm-report-n-analysis/filtering-eform-reports/ You can filter by user too. Other that that I am not sure what more you are trying to achieve.

please after i activate plugin …..where can i find it ….not appear in my dashboard


First of all, please make sure you are using the latest version of eForm. Once done, you should be able to see a new menu “eForm > Form Auto Exports” in the WP admin area. Also under form builder, you should be able to see “SQL Export” tab. Here’s a video: https://ipanelthemes.com/kb/export-to-sql-for-fsqm-pro/sql-operations/video-tutorial-of-addon-workflow/

Hello, This is a great plugin. I am using Woocommerce with it. however When the submit occurs, the users are taken to cart page to confirm the purchase, Is there any way the submission is saved to database after the purchase is confirmed?


Sorry but that isn’t possible. eForm saves the submission before hand. You can however lock the submission if you do not want the user to view it: https://ipanelthemes.com/kb/fsqm/payment-system/hiding-submissions-incomplete-payments/

Hello, I had purchased the SQL addon and when I go to “view a submission” I get two options, One is view the form using form ID and the last 100 submissions. Is there any way we can search the form by a database attribute.. for example Social Security Number (SSN)?



The page you are accessing is a core part of eForm. To search through easy SQL, you need to go to eForm > Form Auto Exports, Select the form and click on View Exports. Then you can perform search or any other operations.

More details with screenshots can be found here: https://ipanelthemes.com/kb/export-to-sql-for-fsqm-pro/sql-operations/browsing-exports-and-performing-some-sql-operations/

Nice Item

Thank you :)

Hi there. I have the SQL exporter, and I can see the submissions in a row. Very neat. Makes it super easy to integrate with any other platform through zapier.

I have a couple questions…

1. Why does it not have a column for score? I see the mcqs etc. But I don’t see the score column. Is this normal? 2. It does not have any (first name, last name, email, phone) data in the cells for users who were already logged in, and didn’t have to fill it out again. Can it be made possible for users contact data to be filled in rows even if they were logged in while taking the quiz?



1. The scoring information will be added in future version.

2. You can combine the easySQL generated table with wp_fsq_data through easySQL.data_id=wp_fsq_data.id and you will get f_name, l_name etc.

Hi there

Does the new update now contain scoring info?

Yes it does. But eForm update is in queue right now (v3.6.1). Once it is released, you will get full information.

Hello… Is it possible for two forms I’ve created to have their submissions go to one database table?


Sorry it wouldn’t be possible. Each form gets its own database. You can download the XLSX and merge them manually though.

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Thank you… :)