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I do not quite understand what this is? It is a grid? displays Thumbnail to any custom post type or just post? Thanks!

Hello tavolucas,

First of all, thank you for taking time to look at our product.

Effortless Boxes plugin is content management based plugin, which means that you can use any kind of post type and display it’s content using templates and skins.

This basically means that any kind of post type which supports featured image could be displayed using our plugin. Choose any kind of post type, taxonomy and term, select a skin for it, number of desired object for page, option for filtering on front-end and implement it using shortcode or a widget.

Our primary accent was on providing a support for almost unlimited number of design variations. This means that, at the moment, you can select one of 16 templates and use a default skin or create a new one which suits your needs.

We have special support for WooCommerce products which is the second most important thing for us, and you can expect much better support for it in near future.

Also, you can take a look at our tutorials which will give you brighter image of a plugin: Effortless Boxes – Example Usage Effortless Boxes – Skin Creation Effortless Boxes – Box Creation Effortless Boxes – Example Usage

Best Regards, TheRoosterDesign Team

Love it. Your demo does not have a scroll bar on my iMac with Firefox running. Hard to scroll.

I have a wired mouse and keyboard because who needs cancer from blowtooth.

Hello Omnisapien,

Thanks for the comment.

Scroll comes from the WordPress theme that we use in our presentation, you can be sure it’s not a plugin feature. We’ll change this so that iMac users can see it properly.

P.S. Who needs bluetooth, keep it green :)

Sorry, but it looks horrible and does not work with Firefox 33.1 on WIN 7 prof. using this link: Yes, javascript is enabled, sure ;-)

Take a look here:

Hello colorit,

Thank you for taking time to look at our product.

Unfortunately, we’re experiencing some tehnical difficulties with our hosting service and, by the look of your screenshot, that is the main reason for this issue. . Try to reload a page few times, and that should help. Our plugin is tested with several versions of Firefox.

You can take a look at our preview video here, tested with Windows 7 and Firefox 33.1:

Cheers, The Rooster Design Team

Reload does not help – using German version of FF 33.1 at a Windows 7 professional 64bit desktop system

Our hosting service is experiencing some technical difficulties, and we’re expecting that everything will be normal soon.

The Rooster Design Team

Nice work, GLWS! :)

Hello Lakose,

Thank you for posting your comment. We’re glad you like it.

Best Regards,
The Rooster Design Team

Good job guys, it looks amazing.

I must agree with Mr. Tavolucas from the first comment that I don’t understand what this plugin practically does?

Hello RTheme,

Thank you for taking time to look at our product and for the thumbs up.

It displays your existing posts into beautifully designed boxes on a page or post of your choosing, and it is embedded via shortcode or widget. You can change and style your boxes in a simple manner through a visual editor, and you get a preview of everything that you change. Furthermore, you can select what type of posts to display, number of posts, only a posts that have certain category, you can order them by date, name, choose the number of posts that your shortcode will display, you can make as many boxes you like so you can combine this in various and powerful ways to display your site content. It can display custom posts types (e.g., portfolio, F.A.Q) and WooCommerce products.

For more info you can take a look at our video demonstration (using default WP theme)

Feel free to ask us anything. We’re trying our best to be available for you 24/7 here and on our support center http://effortless-boxes/tickets

Best Regards,
The Rooster Design Team


01. Is it just masonry or is it possible to make a perfect grid with same height as well? 02. What kind of meta info is available? (avatar? Author’s name?)

Thank you.

OK email sent

email replied.

Cheers, The Rooster Design Team

Issue solved! Thank you for your help!

Hi, nice plugIn – bookmarked for my next projects.

Another question: I like your vector graphics. Where Can I get/buy such graphics?

Thanks in advance – and all the best


Hello Mike,

Thank you for your comment.

Unfortunately, we don’t think that many people understood the great features and the real power of the plugin.

If you, by the vector graphics, mean our illustrations, these are random and from internet. If you ment something different, we’ll be glad to give you that information.

Best Regards, The Rooster Design Team

OK, thanks for your answer! And I recognize the advantage of your PlugIn :-)

Hello! Maybe you guys can help me out.

I was very interested in your product, once I bought it and tried to use it, it gave me a ‘fatal error’ code and does not want to activate it…

Please help! -Ximena


We’ve uploaded a version that should fix your problem, and it should be available soon on codecanyon.

The Rooster Design Team

I am not sure what you mean by a ticket. Maybe you can send me an email about this matter.

I appreciate your help!

Dear Ximena,

In the meantime, version that has this problem fixed is accepted by Envat staff, so now you can download it here, directly from codecanyon.

Best Regards,
The Rooster Design Team

I just bought it and it is giving me this error Parse error: syntax error, unexpected ‘[’ in /home/content/62/11954162/html/wp-content/plugins/effortless-boxes/_inc/classes/class.effortlessBoxesData.php on line 314

What should I do ???

Hello theenggprojects,

We’re uploading a new version which will solve this issue for you. It’s because your server is using older version of php.

Best Regards,
The Rooster Design Team

It doesn’t have option for height of the box, can you add that as otherwise its looking so random ….. I want boxes in line

Hello theenggprojects,

Some of the templates already have this option, and for the rest you can use option which is embedded into the featured image of post and choose desired size of the image (we suppose that’s your main problem). Better controlling of height (setting min and max height of the boxes at first) you can expect in future version.

Best Regards,
The Rooster Design Team


JuJ Purchased

Hi there,

Just purchased your item, even if I know it is not supported anymore. I really see how powerful it could be. It is an amazing work. To be honest, it doesn’t work good on WordPress 4.6, but I just purchased it to thank you about the work.

I don’t understand why sales didn’t come. Your product is really good (lots of efforts made), your presentation is great to…

I don’t know if you will get this message. But if yes, I just want you to know I’m sorry for you.

If you have this message drop me a line, I would be happy to get a hello from you.

Best regards.

Hello JuJ,

Thanks you very much for nice comment. We really put a lot of effort in this plugin but unfortunately we didn’t have success with it. Maybe it was because of high price in the beginning, and when we asked for decreasing it, it was just too late. As you said, plugin is not working very well with newer versions of the Wordpress, because it hasn’t been updated in a while, and a lot of things changed in the core or if (Wordpress). At the current state, update would be a lengthy process and it seems to be an unprofitable one, for us, as well.

Cheers, Jovan

Hello, I did not realize this plugin was no longer compatible with Wordpress. I am not even able to access a file to download despite having a product code.. Are you able to provide either a refund, or another Wordpress plugin of equal value? Thanks.