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Looked nice, what about price bar slider jQuery/bootstrap like airbnb

Looks nice, but what could be usage scenarios? Is it just to show the slider or are there some effects on a page content?

Thanks, Bernhard

what if I wanted to values? Right now there is only one pin – and I want to display two pins -[pin1]---[pin2]--

just to clarify – I meant two handles (where I said pins)

What is the absolute maximum value? (example, could you set it from 0 to 1×10^100?)

(p.s. I realize that the screen resolution would have an impact on that—in other words, if you WERE able to select from 0 to 1×10^100 I’m sure the increment for each pixel movement would be MUCH more than 1!)

The date demo is 70 years off on my browser (Chrome 35/Mac). I think it must be somehow related to the epoch, but can’t seem to get the right combo of adjustments to get it to work. Any thoughts?

Changing the date constructor in valueFormatter to var d = new Date(value); fixed it…

Nice price! GLWS