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Can students take classes online?

Pls send us an email of how you want the classroom to work, so we can discuss the budget?

As they are both made in the same technology, could I buy the Android School Management System (SMS), and have you implement the online class modules on your platform, is that possible?

Hi guys, I am looking for school administration… your once is looking good but the passwords and the usernames are not working unfortunately I cannot to preview the administration. Can you please give me some more information of the theme too ? is it supporting any online payments how it will work with multi schools and actually can you fix the login so I can have a look and decide?

Yes, this one works. Please send me one mail, i would like to send you what I need and we can discuss it.

no option to send email on your profile, visit our profile to send us an email, or just mail us on

Hello. The student report card in my country is different from what you have. Please can you add, i can send you a document on how it work. Thanks

Yes you can hire us to add the custom for you, kindly send your requirements to our mail

Any saas version or can I purchase extended license and customize it as saas to run paid business..

hello, can you send us email to discuss about this?

Your email?


eco9ja Purchased

why is my code showing invalid? i dont understand


eco9ja Purchased

i need you email please

Please, check our profile, there is message section there


eco9ja Purchased

what is happening that i cant use the script i bought? my code is showing error… what is all this?

admin login is wrong

Pls, check it now

Hi, Thanks for your support.

I logged in as admin and the dashboard will not finish loading since yesterday. I also realized the htaccess is linked to What happens if I change it to my domain. Please help me resolve. Thank You.

Pls Stop posting after sale issues in the comment section, the mail you sent is enough

please how can i remove demo content from login

please the comment section is for presale questions, try to send a private mail instead for support, thanks

Are you using angular js on your front-end

greetings.. can it support live classes/zoom as most of the apps are offering. In extended license what do u mean by we can charge from end user. Can we add Biometric attendance system

The script was developed with laravel, so for the live classroom, you will need to hire a developer to integrate it for you. Yes, it means you can charge end user for it. Yes, you will need to hire a developer to make that custom for you too

We do provide custom services for buyers too.

Pls forward your other enquiries to our mail, thank you

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pls stop sharing your personal info in comment section, you might be contacted by fraudsters


I am interested in your School management product, just want to check do we have the Mobile app (Android or iOS) for that as we.also, when we buy the product will you share the source code for the same how it will work.

Regards, Neeraj Jain

Pls send us an email instead