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You are talking about “in app purchases” but i dnt see any monitisation methods / payment gateway integrations!!

Hi, Google Play’s policies require all apps to use its payment system for in-app purchases. Apps which link to other payment methods are removed. This means that all earnings from in-app purchases will be paid to you by Google and can be tracked using the Google Play Console.

demo not working

Hello, can you please clarify what you mean? Both the Admin Panel demo and the app demo seem to be working fine.

Hi, firstly congratulations. This is a nice app. I have some question for app. Can you answer the questions? 1- Can we create questions with 5 options (5 multiple choices)? 2- Can you add category and sub category feature to theory and quiz. 3- Can we upload 20 questions collectively(Excel, XML or etc.)? 4- Can we add explanations to the questions? This option is required when the user wants to see an explanation of the answer.

Hi, we are glad you like the app!

1) Yes, each question can have as many options as you want. 2) Theory supports subchapters, but this feature is currently not supported for quizzes. 3) Both chapters and quizzes are stored in XML, so you can easily import all content using XML files (as long as these files follow the XML structure used by the app). 4) Yes, the app is built such that when a user answers a question, an explanation of the correct answer is revealed.

Hi, Is it possible to have only chapters (Theory) or Only quiz app?

Thank you.

Hi, yes, this is possible and easy to do via the Admin Panel.

Hi, thanks for the new version. Any updatelog or info on what’s new in this Nov update?

Hi, please check the Item Details page. It has been updated to include info about this update.

Hi there, I like the app but have few questions. 1) how can i host its admin panel in shared hosting ? 2) can you implement the admob banner ad?. Thanks


1) This is explained in the documentation – the item comes with a ZIP file which you simply upload to your shared hosting. We also provide free support with deployment. 2) Currently, the app only supports interstitial ads

just bought this app but I am unable to deploy it on shared hosting. I have followed the documentations but it is not working need your assistance.

Hi, please check your email.

Hi, I need help to install admin board on my sharehost service. Currently it is error HTTP ERROR 500, I have followed your instructions but failed. Can you support me?

Hi, please check your email.

Hi, I have resent the mail to you

I think admin panel installation process is harder!!!

Hi, can you please clarify what you mean? The Admin Panel installation process is explained in the documentation, and we are providing free support to all customers who run into issues.

Pre-sales Question: May I know if the app can support 200-800words per questions? and if the question/option can include an image?

Hi, the answer is yes to both questions.


eskimo888 Purchased

Quite a difference between ordinary app coders vs someone like Skali who has an active highly downloaded app in Playstore. The difference is obvious in the level of detail and the ease of use of his Code/Admin panel/Support etc. Nothing less than 5 stars!

Thank you! We’re glad that you like the item.