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Nice work, GLWS! :)

Thanks buddy. :)

the app stop much times why ?

The app need a icon to HOME.

When it stops, please be more specific ? Back button is used to go to home page.


Hi.. Great product you have there. Just about to buy. But i have two questions. 1 Can the Adds be turned off (I don’t like the idea of little kids tapping adverts, not even sure if Google allow the targeting of kids) 2 Are all the files easily re skin-able, including the audio..


Hi, thanks for showing interest in our app. Yes you can turn off the ads by just not writing the publisher code. All the files including audio are skin-able. All the instruction given in the document. Also, we do reskinning. You can email the requirements at support@desk87.com


Thank you for the update.. I have purchased it :)

Thanks for the purchase. If you need any help please email us at support@desk87.com

what is the difference b/w this one and your previous one?

This is pro version which contains more features. You can compare each other by installing on your phone.


Hi bro, Do you have iOS version ?

Hi, we can create one if you want. Email to support@desk87.com


Hi Bro

How we can change the black background color in ABC writing and 123 Writing portion.


Yes, check under res>layout xml files.


can we change or add the image and sound ? can we add more categories ?

Yes, you can change or add the images and sounds easily. Regarding categories, if you know programming, you can add that too. Thanks.

How many alphabets did you make this app for? and how do I add more alphabets?

we can make 29 letters for examples for another language. example Turkish language

The app stops many times indeed, when you try to open the writing categories after any other category or vice versa.. After doing some research I think this is some memory leaks in the app (The error in the LogCat was: Out of memory on a 6440052-byte allocation)... Can you fix it?

Hi I’ve purchased but as soon as i import to eclipse there’s errors

Please send error report at our email support@desk87.com

i have emailed

Hi, i am interested in this app. However i have few questions. Do you have any update or recent related work cos it seems it’s been a while you updated this.

2. can there be leadership board in the app during the learning process such that all the users can see their learning progress.

3. can i upload my flashcards and voice

Everything is possible with customization. Email us at support@desk87.com

import chalkup.sekhontech.com.R; Erorr

Restart your eclipse and import the project again.

Thanks, Sandy

Hi I have a question, I never purchased an app fro here and i was wondering if i buy this app am i OK to post it on google pay and just change the ICon and is ok to put my admobs also is there any issue with this app or it is ready to submit to the store. Thanks!

Hi, you need to change the images or in other word, need to reskin it in order to upload on google play store. Just need to change all the images.

Thanks, Sandy

.apk file not included :(

You need to generate the apk from the source code.

Thanks. Desk87, What software do you recommend? I opened it up on Eclipse and it gave me a ton of errors. Any other recommendation?

Eclipse. Make sure you know how to import on eclipse. Else check on youtube about how to import a project correctly on eclipse.

Hi, I am interested to purchase your app. Your project is made in Eclipse. Can I import it in Android studio and as I have a little knowledge of Android Studio, Is the documentation covered all the re-skinning guidance under Android studio? Else if some help required will you support?

Hi, yes, it can be imported on Android Studio. Documentation have everything covered for all the reskinning guidance. We will help you if you find any difficulty. Please send email at support@desk87.com if you find any difficulty.


Is it possible to expand alphabit items?

Means ? You want to add more items? If so, yes it is possible.

where is “google service lib” its missing having hard time on android NOW

Hi, we will be able to assist you on Monday as weekends are off for the support team.

Thanks, Sandy

Android Studio ?? code

Hi, yes, we have an android studio project as well.

I have this error in eclipe: Description Resource Path Location Type The project was not built since its build path is incomplete. Cannot find the class file for java.lang.Object. Fix the build path then try building this project KidsChalkUp Unknown Java Problem Description Resource Path Location Type The type java.lang.Object cannot be resolved. It is indirectly referenced from required .class files AlphabetActivity.java /KidsChalkUp/src/chalkup/sekhontech/com line 1 Java Problem

When I try to open in Android Studios it says: google-play-services_lib1 could not be found Path is E:\juego\KidsChalkUp\..\..\google-play-services_lib1 which resolves to E:\google-play-services_lib1

Hi, please email at support@desk87.com, someone will assist you.



andrewfelo Purchased

Insterstitial is not enabled


Desk87 Author

Hi, have you added the interstitial ads ID ?