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Is there any back end so it can b operate properly.. App have to a full featured back end bcoz in institutions there is no time to operate two diff software at same time.. Like app, n management app.. Or etc

Hi, i am interested in your project can you please send me the latest apk of this project on my email ID sdhoundiyal.m@gmail.com

Okay. Thanks


You promised an Update on 12 July, 20 days passed and still No Update. All Month 31 Days fix and Fees Module are expecting. I will purchase after you release this update. I hope many of us waiting for this update too! Don’t lose your sale !! Update asap, and we will purchase it.

Hope for the best :)

we are add one more feature is quiz that wise few day delay. sorry for that. Thanks

Sent prepurchase inquiry email more than a week ago and another one about 5 days ago. Can you respond asap? Thanks

yes thanks

Any plans for updates and an IOS app?

yes next week release iOS app. Thanks

nice app for schools and parents. improvements to the mobile app.


Class attendance via mobile app: Enable teachers to use the app to take attendance and eliminate the paper work. you can add buttons with all students for a aparticular class. teacher will just click a button to mark that student present or leave it to mark absent and the button changes colour. once finished the teacher can click update and the information is updated on the backend server.

Teacher attendance comments: During attendance taking, allow teacher to add comments like ‘arrived late’, naught, absent with notification etc. this comments are linked to attendance register.

Parent Instant Notification: Allow parents to receive instant attendance notifications with all comments for their student ONLY once the register has been updated.

Exams/Home work: Allow teachers to upload notes/homework. this can be by taking pictures or uploading pdf/word/excel etc and set submision date and time. concerned parents to get notifications on their phones.

Teacher results posting: Allow teachers to post exam/homework grades directly using the app. on updating the data in synchronised with the server/backend.

Teacher – Parent communications: Allow a button for messaging between teachers and parents (teacher to specified parent and teacher to all parents) also parent to specified teacher.


parent to view exam results, homework, view and filter attendance report, for their students ONLY, post comments to teachers, get notification on attendance, request leave for their childrens, view school events and get reminders, parent forum page to contribute in school agendas, view school perfomance dashboard,

okay we try in future. Thanks

thanks. your work is good and comendeable. keep up the good work.

Any plans for updates and an IOS app?