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i need for ios ?

Purchase made. Now how can I contact you about some changes. Could it be this way?


damaceno Purchased

Can the student’s parents sign in to the APP?


damaceno Purchased

I’ll add on skype, which one?


damaceno Purchased

Add skype

added ok thanks

Any plans for an IOS app?


damaceno Purchased

In the purchase said that help by skype, however, I am waiting and no support. I’ll ask for a refund.

yes right now accept your request. last two days i am out of town. sorry for that

pre-sales question. what type of domain that support for backend/php? is it support for school (example: school.sch.id) or only suport domain .com?

yes any kind of domain and Linux hosting required. yes in app use school_id and school name. thanks


YOU HAD promised an update in January or feb. When will the new update with fees module be out?

The fees module should be developed in away that the admin creates fees categories on the system. Such that when a student is joined to a class, the system automatically creates an invoice based on the fees set on the system for that particular class. And when a student deposit some money, the system is able to show how much deposited and the balance unpaid

I wait your reply

Thank you Ronnie

hi can you create this app for me i have no experiance of developing


A. Is it for Multiple School? *Like I can add 2 School and they can Manage their Individual School?

B. If it is for Multiple Schools, How the .apk will be Different? *Like Different Splash Screen? Or Name?

C. Is it Google Play Store Compatible?

Looking forward for your reply!

D. What is the Uses of Push Notification? *When Puch Notification will be Triggered? Any Option to send Push Notification to all Installed App Users?

And Yes, as like previous concern of someone, This app must should have Fees Structure. When we can expect the Fees Structure Update?

Looking Forward, Thanks!

Hi I will buy this app very soon. Before, I need some answers such as:

How can I import student data from my current server to this app’s server in the fastest way ?

Is it possible to automatically transfer the data or do I have to type each information for each student manually ?

Where would be allocated student data for the application ? In a cloud server or local server ? Which one is generally the fastest?

Is this app capable to handle a school with 5000 students without any lag ?

Do you have detailed information about how to export files from our server to the app’s server ? A sort of guide to accomplish it ?

What about the security of this app: do you use some type of encryption method? Something to stop hackers in potential ?

In the case of a cloud server to allocate student data for the app, do I have to pay for it ? Is there any kind of free server ?

Any idea when will you develop for iOS system ?


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Any plans for an IOS app? please… i love it :-)

I like this app i never seen before any apps like this thanks to this author…

To be able to buy eager to upgrade and ios version


Hi, i would like to purchase this app, and I downloaded the demo app to test it, unfortunately, I cannot sign in to the app, and I have tried all the passwords given in the page.