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Hi, this has not been updated in a long time. Is there a planned update?

Here are some features I recommend:

- Lockers (each student in school has a locker to them selves or with a locker partner, a locker has a combo and a number which teachers write up onto EduAPPGT-Pro)

- Visitor Pass (a visitor gets a pass with their name, destination, license ID, and their photo using a webcam feature)

- Behavior Reports (if students are misbehaving, a principal or staff member can write a behavior report, and the student will have the report on the student record so in the future staff and principals can see their record)

- Multi-school support (if a school district wants to use this script they can add multiple schools and each school has their own system)

- Academic years (admins can make academic years, for example: 2016-2017, 2017-2018. This way admins or teachers can look back at old marks, attendance, behavior reports, and all the stuff. Every academic year, the system would be like new but the old data from the previous academic year would be available for school admins)

- Texting/SMS and email notifications (once the student has been marked as absent, present or tardy, the student’s parents will get a text message or email saying that their student was present, absent, or tardy. or staff members can make notifications for parents encase of emergencies, announcements or stuff like that)

- Attendance notes (while teachers are taking attendance, next to the student absent/tardy/present options there is an input field for teachers to put notes for administrators or secretaries to view or for parents too)

- Online testing (students can take their quizzes or tests online. teachers can make a certain time so students can only take the test in school at school time/hours. once a student finished his or her quiz or test, the system automatically adds the mark to the student)

- Parent reported absence (parents can log into the system and report their student’s absence. if they are sick, there is an input field for the parent so they can put the details in, if they have a doctors note, they can upload the file to the parent reported absence for the secretary to view. if there is no doctor’s note, it is unexcused, if there is a doctor’s note, it is excused)

- Student IDs with bar-codes (once a student is registered, there is an option to print out an ID with the student details, the student ID barcode, and other useful information)

- Push notifications (teachers, parents, and students should get push notifications on their webrowser or phone if there is a new message from their teacher or parent or student)

These are all the features I am expecting or wanting to see on EduAppGT-PRO in the future. These features will vastly improve EduAppGT-Pro’s sales and revenue. This script could be a replacement for costly and ugly solutions like InfiniteCampus. You should demo InfiniteCampus to get an idea of all of these features that EduAppGT-pro should have.

Hi, we do not have a set date for the update, we work on it, however we do not guarantee to include all the features, so it could work as a customization for you. Regards!

Okay – can you tell me what is new in the update you released today?

Hello, a cool update is coming very soon, be watching our news. Regards!

Hello, I have a question before buying it, at the time of purchasing it, can you provide me with the UML Diagram of the platform?, is part of the technical support or is paid separately, you tell me if I can get that diagram, thank you.

Hello, of course it is possible, please write to: contacto@webstudio.com.gt Greetings!

I see the home page is different from before, but the files that I download seems to be the same when it was 2 months ago, Can I get the latest update?

Hello, we are sorry for this inconvenience, the update is already under way. But you can write to: contacto@webstudio.com.gt to get the quickest update. Regards!

I would like to customize the product. Please help.

Hello, of course it will be a pleasure What kind of personalization do you need?

I would like to add a send SMS option to parents of students who are absent.

Sure, please write to us via email.

Hello… I cant install the system. Its stuck at /index.php/index.php?install/do_install. Please help

Hello, we are sorry that you are presenting these problems, please send us an email to help you with the installation. contacto@webstudio.com.gt

Have mailed the details, but no help for 10 days.

Is it possible to import existing student details into the database from sql, csv or excel files?

Hello, Do you want to import from the system to excel or excel to the system?

From csv/excel into the system database.

Hello I have issues with the app.

I have installed but the app doesn’t work after i have logged in.

Nothing works. I get to the home page and thats all. how can i resolve this? it also crashes my entire site. I have to clear my cookies and restart my computer before i can access the main site.

http://kingsfoldinternationalacademy.com.ng/ http://portal.kingsfoldinternationalacademy.com.ng/

username: Ayotommywah password: Ayotommywahslink

please help its urgent

I have sent the details to the mail address

Hello Still waiting on your response…its pretty urgent

Hey, what the hell is this ? we purchased your script and no use for all these days. its been 11 days we had purchased your script, still we cant we even install the script. you said your support team will resolve the issue after we send our ftp and database details, still nothing. We purchased your script for doing something, not for sit around and watch. Please resolve our issue as soon as possible

Hello, we’ll check your emails now.

this is getting very upsetting!!! i can’t use the bloody software!! can i have a refund!!!?? this is a freaking scam

this is getting very upsetting!!! i can’t use the bloody software!! can i have a refund!!!?? this is a freaking scam

I have told you the problem a thousand times, sent you mails no reply!!!! all i can do on the portal is log in!! nothing else works after i log into the portal. the whole thing freezes and hangs

Sorry, we had problems with emails because our server was migrated and the MX records have changed, we have not received your emails, could you please send them.

I just sent you another mail (aadekahunsi@me.com)

what is the updates?

Hi, have corrected important errors, you have added the attendance of teachers, now you can hide the slider in system settings. Soon we bring great updates for our script are already in development. Regards!


kayits Purchased

Hello, i can’t install the app. I filled all fields are their respective data. The user and password database are fine.

But it does not tell me where the error is when I give you to submit

Purchased the item almost one month before and still not able to use. Support is helpless. No reply for emails. Let everyone know what is your support response time. Is it 1 business week?

Hello, you have already responded to your emails.

i need special customization can you help me with that?

Of course, please write to: https://fb.com/WebStudioGuate

Questions on basic features: 1. What is the difference between admin and super admin? 2. How shall we delete a student? 3. How to edit details of existing parents? 4. How can users (students, teachers and parents) change their login password?

If you would like to include some features please let us know at: https://fb.com/WebStudioGuate and we will do our best to integrate them. Regards!

As you have promised, your update will be coming tomorrow. Right? Its been 8 days since you said that.

Hello, we told you that we are working on it, we try to add as many features as possible, so that this is a complete script. We appreciate your patience!


hostbdc Purchased

Is android app available? Can the script be translated into Portuguese?


hostbdc Purchased

I have setup problem I made the purchase today. Please help me.

It has already been resolved via Facebook.

hi in demo and screenshot there is lots of difference. And will it support English Language as i login to admin it show me different langualge

Why do not the icons appear when we disable the RTL option?

How do you change student information? For example, I am a student and want to change my password. In the account admin offers option to go to the profile, but in the others does not present this possibility … Is a bug?

Hello, we commented that our next update is next to be released, have corrected errors and have added many improvements in both interface and functionality, we invite you to watch our updates.