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I installed this app, now my password isn’t working and there is no option to reset the password. I opened a support ticket already. Should I reinstall with the new updated version? or can you help me fix this? thanks

Congratulations, it’s nice to know. And of course, the recovery is already available. Have you contacted

Yes, we have emailed and we have submitted requests through your support ticket system. Thanks :)

Hello, we have already responded to your email, please check.

I have a pre Sale Question, who the teacher can record the students grades?? Thanks

Hi, you can register them the administrator and the teacher. Regards!


duyphuong Purchased

I install EduAppGT PRO, but can not.

After finishing provide all information for install, Next page is the white page, and nothing happen.

PHP version 7.1, Using Godaddy’s Hosting. In xampp localhost, I have the same issue.

Pls help

Hello, this is due to its PHP version, in our features it is defined that it is supported until PHP 5.X.X, but send your data to: to be able to give it solution right now. Regards!

I thought about will be released by now?

Hello, you could send your purchase code to: right now.

Hi sent it to you by email.

Update ?


osmansays Purchased

Failed to install and cannot reach to support team yet !!!

You could check your email and answer please.

Problem solved, thanks for your support , although it came late but it was good and solved the issue.

Sorry for the delay, have a great day.

Hola que se actualizó en la versión 4.3??

Hola, en la actualización de hoy se realizaron solamente 3 ajustes:

1. Compatibilidad con PHP 7.
2. Buscador rápido de estudiantes.
3. Mensajes grupales, ahora puede crear un grupo y asociar a maestros, administradores, padres y alumnos en la misma conversación.

Las demás características se incluirán esta semana. ¡Saludos!

Update changelog?

I have responded to your friend email.

Hi, I’m reviewing the update, besides supporting php 7.x and the search students function, are there any new features? Do you have a changelog? Thanks.

Hello, among them is the sending of private messages in groups, you can create a group and send them all.

a few questions about your invoicing page i don’t understand…

1. what is the difference between total and amount under payment details? 2. why are my invoices being recorded under payment history when they aren’t yet paid? 3. Why doesn’t payment history show payment details and total sum collected?

Can you do these updates?

1. Allow admin to create invoice without applying payments (sometimes the user hasn’t paid yet)

2. There is no option to get paypal out of sandbox mode

3. When admin edits the invoice, both fields (total, and amount) are not available, but they should be in case there was a mistake

4. Paypal total does not update if the admin updates the amount on the invoice

5. Admin should be able to collect credit card details or process paypal payments

6. Admin should be able to add homework, exams, and everything else that a teacher can do

These changes would really help to keep billing accurate and allow me as an admin to build out the school without having to keep switching between teacher and admin logins to complete setup

7…lastly…it’s hard to separate who has paid from who hasn’t because every invoice created is saved under payment history…can only payments be saved under payment history and not every invoice i create? i noticed that the payment history stays even when the invoice is deleted


I understand, I will try to introduce these updates, I will give you follow-up and more details in mail you think?

Any change log and update instructions?

Recibido bro, te responderé pronto.

Gracias men, saludos y éxito.

Se ha respondido tu email, todo lo mejor para ti.

Update changelog?

I do not understand how a person who sells a product here at Evanto does not have the ability to respond when updating their script.

I am a potentially interested buyer for more than 3 weeks, but I am waiting for the upgrade since then. When the update finally comes out, the guy does not put what was upgraded, when we asked in the comments over 8 hours, the guy answers other people and does not have the ability to respond to ask what was updated.

Honestly, it’s hard to believe such support. Even more than most of the reviews are of complaints.

My friend, understand, you can be a good programmer, but if you do not think about all the steps of a sale, the service is complicated.

Hello, I appreciate your communication, could you give me your email address please?

Thanks, I sent you an email. Regards!

can you please share what was the update sir to this email address