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Good afternoon friend

I did the installation, but I can not login

-When I use the URL: hhtp: = He does not access this address, he only accesses if I enter the direct website “” and when I log in to that. the message “There is an error at startup”

-When I use the direct URL: = It does not enter, it does not appear that the password is wrong or something, it simply flashes the screen and returns “

Hello, could you give me your purchase code please? Send it to

How much do you charge to teach me how to install it?

friend I bought the codes but I need to put them in another address.

For the main address: Already hosted the institutional site

how do I do for example:

Hello, thanks for your purchase, you just have to move the files to the new folder and modify the .htaccess. Do you want us to do it for you?

I’m not able to login to demo as administrator

Hello, please try again. Regards!

Thank you. This is working

All the best for you. :)

I have a error.

I have already downloaded the codes again and have done the installation and the error remains.

when unzip the file the folder comes named as file, not as eduappgt as the tutorial if I name the folder for eduappgt the error still remains

and if I use the address

the error also remains

what is wrong?

Hello, we can support you with the installation through TeamViewer, if you agree you can send your data to:

Hola, quisiera saber si este sistema puede calificar por letra A,B,C debido a que en primaria se clasifica de esa forma. Saludos.

Hola, gracias por tu interes. Te comentamos que esta característica no esta disponible pero puede ser implementada sin ningún problema. ¡Saludos!

Cuanto sería el costo?

Puedes escribirnos a para que sea enviada una cotización por favor.

Greetings? i want to buy this but i have a few pre-sale questions:

1. does it generate performance report cards for the student? 2. does it allow for online registration for the students? 3. is it ready for use in a college or vocational institution?

Thank you

Hello, thanks for the interest in our platform. We tell you that these features are not available but we can adapt it to your institution. Regards!

thank you. how long will the customization’s take and how much will it cost?

If I buy you add payment to the relatives via Boleto Bancario and CREDIT CARD

Hello, this would be a personalization for you. For more information write to:

It is not possible to change the logo and banners. You sent the new file to change and it does not work. Not even in the demo of your site does this change work. What to do?

Hello, we regret this problem, have you already sent an email? In the demonstration all upload functions are disabled.

hello~ presale question:

we like the system however there are a few things we would like to ask about: 1- does it support RTL languages Arabic in specific? 2- we need to be able to add more information when admitting a student (like medical conditions, progress reports, behaviour etc), is there a way to add extra fields using this system? 3- adding custom roles and permissions, is it possible? 4- one other solution was offering modules like buses and inventory management, is it doable?


muy buenas tardes seria interesante si se pudiera agregar lo de la opcion de AD, A ,B,C,F en las calificaciones de acuerdo al margen de notas en numeros

Hola, gracias por tu sugerencia la tomaremos muy en cuenta para nuestras actualizaciones futuras. ¡Saludos!

I put a wrong class schedule, how do I change it?

Hello, this has already been corrected and has been sent to review will be published in the next few days as well as other problems with the application.

Cool, thanks


DcWeb0999 Purchased

Why do not you answer? I’m 5 days waiting for an answer to whatsapp and email. There are still other bugs to fix. If you do not answer today, ask for a refund.


DcWeb0999 Purchased

ok, bug fixed


I need support now! Please.

Hi, sure. Write us:


orbesjoe1 Purchased

Hola mi estimado saludos, deseo saber cuando tienen previsto una actualización. Hay errores como la calificación de tareas no aparece de manera correcta.


orbesjoe1 Purchased

Otra pregunta cual es la real función de student_promotion?? Pasa los alumnos de un año a otro?? o que hace?? Porque al parecer hay errores en esa funcion.

Hola, nuestro soporte no se basa en comentarios solamente en correo elctrónico, si usted desea soporte por favor escribir a: ¡Saludos!


kdconcept Purchased

Hello, I really like your app, i’ve already purchased it, but i need some support please, i’ve sent you an email but you haven’t replied yet while you’re asking people in the comments to send you an email, would you please reply to my email !

Hello, thanks for your purchase. Sure, what is your email address?


kdconcept Purchased

Hi, welcome, my email is :

Good Morning

You said recently that you would have an update that would run for example the hourly grid that you can not edit

It’s been days and this update is not available.

something happened?

Would you like to send me the files here?

Hello, yes sure, we will send the files to your email. The update is being completed and is ready to be released. Regards!

Buenas tardes estuve probando su programa pero hay cosa que no eh podid ver realmente, primero se puede cambiar los logos, segundo se puede modificar la boleta de notas, ahora sobre los resultados de las notas e visto que es hasta 100 se puede cambiar hasta 20 y promediar y por ultimo la facturacion se puede modificar o algo parecido, algo adicional tienen algun manual de usuario en español si pueden enviarmelo a mi correo

Hi I have following questions: -Can i do course online and EXAMS as like Quiz (multiple choice ...) ? -If a student has validated everything, is he automatically going to the next classe at the beginning of the next school year

- a teacher can teach several classes?