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i am ready to purchase , but i want some little change like: demo question for free user and locked question for paid user and a payment system. also i look user design can be improved it is very very raw and ameture. what should i pay for this ?

if you need additional feature plz contact at skype: keraisureshv

is this support login user, adding image on question and android studio ?

Can you please give requirement on detail.

I want to buy this app. Can it work offline after get question data from.sever

No, it work online only.

Hi, Can we integrate google firebase console?

Also Could you please tell if we can arrange the chapters/subjects in alphabetical order or any way we like

1. You can integrate Firebase console. 2. Right now we do not give ordering but you have to write logic for that. we give order FIFO

I’ve contacted Skype and I also have to send a message to you, there I want to ask. Please in response

ok, I wait as soon as possible

has been a week, may I ask a tutorial to replace the contents of the content ‘About’ in the file EDU MCQ Quiz. Please respond. thanks

Hi, csv import not working, I am not able to see any question after importing the file, although i am following the stand pattern for csv import as mentioned

Please contact me skype: keraisureshv will helps.

Hi, can you add html and mathjax support in Questions and options.

Sorry, right now not support it.

hi,I did everything and the app is working amazingly , the admin panel and the mobile side , I could add questions and answers from the admin panel and view it on mobile , but I faced only one issue that is very important to me , “I couldn’t add Arabic Text from the admin panel , I face this error “Incorrect string value: ’\xD8\xB9\xD8\xB1\xD8\xA8…’ for column …” .Could you tell me how to add Arabic Characters to the app

sorry, we are not sure that support Arabic or not. we can test on English it’s working fine. still let us try please contact at skype: keraisureshv

Hello, I like this app and I would like to buy. But I have some questions: In the play quiz and learning mode. Can I have a Note/comment panel that will explain why answer is wrong or right? I will appreciate your quick response.

Can I have learning mode and Exam mode. Is there anyway I can have a test summary page where question is written and the right answer is display with explanation why the answer is correct. what this video https://codecanyon.net/item/mobi-quiz-practice-test-evaluate-your-learning-exam-app/10925449 or view the screenshop. You app have a very lovely skin and if it can be improved upon, it will sell alot

thanks for suggestion. Let us try to do it.

hi.I have purchased this app 3 month ago.but i forgot my account. so you know me.I am seapudin.can you send me code to my new email..samurayikt@yahoo.com

you can update it’s password. Then codecanyon provide download option.

are you active account ,will you reply questions ??

Which Question?

hello, i purchase your apps on May – 08 May 2017 . when i don’t have time for build it .but last 6 days i try to using you apps for build . but i have facing some of big issue . your apps source code contains virus or malware . when i unzip this code then my mac laptop operating system crashing . already i solve three time and today when i open this code then my os gone again . please solve this virus related issu .

Thank You

Provide solution on skype thanks.

I just installed the demo app tested it. Also i found that you have similar app on playstore named GK in Hindi. Both the apps are same but the GK in Hindi has explanations to each question at the end of the quiz. I wanted to know if you have implemented that feature in this app? If so i am interested to purchase the code of this app..

Yes. we provide customisation service. You can direct contact me at skype: keraisureshv

reply on skype….

ok. thanks.

Hey man we want to buy it and which framework did you used on admin panel ? And if we want to do inn app purchase how would we do that ?

PHP and MySQL for Admin Panel Backend. Yes. you can implement inn-app purchase.

Hello, I am receiving the error: Error:Unsupported method: BaseConfig.getApplicationIdSuffix(). The version of Gradle you connect to does not support that method. To resolve the problem you can change/upgrade the target version of Gradle you connect to. Alternatively, you can ignore this exception and read other information from the model.

Does this app work with Android Studio version 3?

Can you please contact me at Skype: keraisureshv

i want contest type quiz app, means when many people play quiz and highest scorer person won prizes.

plz contact skype: keraisureshv

Your app file is not updated more then 1 year..

Is it compatible to Android O ?