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Hello Sarah, can you tell me … is it possible to have a quiz/test type where all the questions in the question bank is asked in random order and they need to answer the question right 3 times… if they get the question wrong, it will ask them again and they need to be asked 3 times correctly in a row. Somewhere there would also be a progress bar showing how many out of the total questions they have completed (completed = answered 3 times right)... I imagine this is custom development so can you give me an idea how much this would cost and if its possible?


It would be around $300 and 8-10 working days, as Exam and Result needs to be modified accordingly.

Thanks Sarah, do you have an email that we can touch base?

You can use store (at) edu expression (dot ) com or use my Skype : sarah (dot) harwals

Thank you

Hi! Very interested in purchasing this plug-in. Two questions – do you have a recommendation on a LMS that will work alongside this plug-in? And is there a way to set the percentages of question groups when compiling a random exam? For instance, a 100 question exam should have 30% Math Questions, 20% Reading Questions, 40% Biology Questions and 10% History Questions.

Thanks for taking interest.

1. You can chose any WordPress Based LMS and we will provide you the quote for integration or you can get your own LMS in 20 days @ $600 that will work along with this plugin. This way you don’t need to deal with two different authors and avoid update incompatibilities etc.

2. Yes you can create Exam in Preparation Mode and add questions in percentage from various subjects. Please refer the screenshot below.

Feel free to write us if you need any further assistance on this.

Thank you

To Saraallen24 – You can use any wordpress LMS plugins learndash or woocomerce sensei as we are using wordpress learndash plugin currently.The only thing is that this exam application is not integrated with woocommerce .Once the integration with wooocommerce is done ,you can create product in woocomerce by combining your learndash courses and this exam application exams and sell it to students.I am too waiting for the woocommerce integration update for this exam application as i too want some 6-7 licenses of this application.As of now this exam application is of no use for me as i am using woocommerce to sell my learndash courses and the current way of buying exams (Wallet) implemented in this exam application is of no use for me.

To developer of this application Just checked the result dashboard,thnks for updating and correcting bugs.There are some more bugs which i found . 1.While attempting any exam ,if u press save button ,the wrong answer of that question gets displayed in red while correct answer is shown in green.Kindly attempt demo exam which you have uploaded.This i think it is bug as it should not show student the correct (green) and wrong answers (red) while attempting exam

2.In result dashboard ,in compare report section attempted question is shown blank .

3.It will be better if u keep only one button ‘save’ or ‘save and next’ as i didnt understand why the need for two buttons .Save and next will be sufficient as of now save button is redundant according to me

3.Also waiting for woocommerce update ,it will be good if we can create product in woocommerce and purchase so that automatically all exams relating to product gets added to student dashboard .You can integrate your application with woocommerce membership or subscription plugin or at least one can create product of exams in woocommerce

Thanks for the valuable feedback. Will resolve those issues and update the Woo Commerce functionality asap. Thanks again.

Hi Sarah, I am already purchased your Php version . I would like to purchase this too . But I need one customization .

When creating exams , Exams are assigned to groups here . Is it possible to assign exams to students . ? For Eg : If there are 30 students in a group, create exams to 15 or 20 students . I want to uncheck some students .

Email notifications coming from wordpress . How can i change to site Name ?

Yes. Solved .

Okay. Thanks for letting us. Good day : )

I have used the LITE version of this exam system and love it. I will purchase this, but may want some few customizations like

1. Assuming I have 500 questions under a particular subject and I want to set an Exam whereby I want the system to randomly choose 200 questions out of the 500 for the exam so I dont manually add.

2. Can this SMS API (link below) integrate perfectly into this system to send messages to students?

Hello Nankawame,

Thank you for taking interest and using our software.

1. You can create exam in Preparation mode to set the number of question in random order out of total questions in bank. No customization order is required.

2. Yes we can integrate this link. It will cost Rs 1200 and 2 working days.

Thank you.

How much is Rs 1200 in US dollars please?

Approx $20

Thank you


taaish Purchased

How can I get the exam to be displayed on the front end without giving users access to the admin dashboard? is it possible? Also, once the user registers (this is going to happen through a separate plugin) how can I have the users be added as students automatically? is this necessary?

1. Student has no Admin Access, It’s just the dashboard without any Admin Access.

2. You can enable the User register from Wordpress – Settings – General – Any One can register to enable student registration.

Please create support ticket here : in case of any problem or technical assistance. Thank you for your purchase. Good wishes.


I’m interested to buy this script. But let me clear some point:

1. Is this script compatible with WPLMS Learning Management System(Wordpress theme)?

2. Can WPLMS Learning Management System’s existing user access the functionality of your script or they have to register separately on your script to access all the functionality ?

3. Can existing admin of WPLMS, access and manage the dashboard of this script.

Waiting for your response.

Sorry this Plugin is not compatible with WP LMS currently. Thank you


I am trying to use this on localhost but the MatJax is not working. It keeps trying to connect online to load fine.

How can I make this work offline properly. I need this fast.


We can customize the code, it will cost $35 and 2 working days.Thank you.

hi sarah,

I am really interested in this plugin but i want to ask some pre-sale question first.

(1) I am using learndash lms, can this plugin easily go with it.

(2) i have course structure with course inside which there are lessons and topics and i want topic wise quiz(having variable difficulty level.)

(3) user can take test, after finishing the test , > result and analysis.

(4) individual dashboard with statics.

(5) result and score sharing in social media. Please reply asap.

thank you

you can contact me directly at

Replied. Thank you

cant get the demo login to work ?? its saying user: demo and password: demo123 but it do not work, keep saying “Incorrect Password” ?

Database reset. Sorry for the Inconvenience. Good wishes.

In change log, it said that it version is Version 1.2 – 06 October 2016, but when i download it, I get version 1.0 Can you upload with the current version. Thank you.

It’s already the updated version. It’s just the file name error. Will be fixed in release. The application is already bug-fixed. Thank you

Hello. I was given an impression 4 months back that woo-commerce integration will be done on ASAP basis, but still after 4 months, I do’t see any update on this issue. Could you please confirm if you have any plans for this update or no, so that I should stop following up and find other plugin that serves the purpose.

Unfortunately our development team is busy in custom others and other new products. WooCommerce and WPLMS is in road-map but i cannot commit the time frame. Very sorry for the delay and inconvenience. Thank you.

How much will you charge in case I need woo commerce integration?

Please PM me for the quote. Thank you

Forget about new features like woo-commerce integration, these guys don’t even offer whats promised on their product page. Stay away from this plugin.

I understand that you are having issues with the plugin. Already approved the refund.

Also corrected the item description page as mentioned regarding the group right assignment. This feature is in Pro version but unfortunately WP version needs to follow the default User Access rules of WordPress.

We by mistake copied the details of Pro version to WP Version. My sincere apology for the same. Rest everything mentioned is there in plugin.

Thank you and good wishes.

Thank you for issuing the refund. Although we really loved your interface and backend setup but unfortunately we are unable to use this plugin in the current setting. Your plugin has got huge potential and also with a little development it will appeal to the huge possible market of online examinations and quiz creations.

We will follow up with your future developments and sincerely hope to reconsider re-buying as well as recommending your plugin in near future.

Good Luck…

Thank you for the encouragement. We will surely fast forward the development process of this plugin asap. Thank again. Good wishes.

Sarah, I purchased the WP version but ran into an error which I submitted to the support team. While I am waiting, I have a question… My question is, when the user is setting up to take an exam, can the user set which banks of a specific bank they want to take?

For instance lets say the test is on real estate sales. Under the exam topic of real estate sales, I create the following question banks:

1- Sales 2- Laws 3- House pricing 4- Ethics

all question banks are within the real estate test, but the user just wants to brush up and practice 2-Law questions. Can the user set the parameters for their practice test/quiz?

Hi there,

While creating an exam, the Admin / Instructor can define the question bank (pool) from Admin – Exam – Add New Exam – [Type = Exam or Preparation ]

Where in Exam Mode the Question for each student will be fixed and in Preparation Mode the Question randomly picked from Question bank based on parameter defined.

However if you want your Student to pick the question bank of his/ her assigned group, the feature is not available in the package currently.

Only Admin can define question bank not the student. We can however custom develop the feature. PM me for quote and time frame please.

Support works in queue and your issue will be answered shortly.

Many thanks for your purchase : ) Good wishes.

Do you have payment option other than paypal and offline payment to work in India. Can I use payment gateway like ccavenue or any other that works in India through WP plugins? I need to get payment for paid exams through them only. I tried paypal but it does not work in India.

Hello there,

Yes we can integrate any other payment gateway including CCavenue / PayUmoney. The cost will be Rs 1200 and 2 working days.


intolimp Purchased

Hi! yesterday bought these items, but I can not set the display tests on the personal site. And you can connect the gateway QIWI?

Many thanks for your purchase.

Please create a support ticket here :

The team will investigate and resolve your issue.

Thank you

Hi, Can you provide me with demo access??

Please use this link :

Thank you

Hi, is there any settings in plugin through which questions asked in the exam, will be random for every student? as multiple students will be appearing for exam at the same time? is there any limit on the number of users to attend exam at the same time?

Yes during the exam creation you can randomize the questions for each student. Go to Exam -> Add New Exam form for the same.

There is no limit of number of students/ users or exams in the software.

Thank you


mikeobi Purchased

Dear Sarah, We love this plugin, it’s really awesome but we would need you to add a modification on a button to help finalize results with one click.

We also have an issue where some students were able to see answers to questions asked during questions preview. Please kindly help us fix this issues,

We also have not been able to create users groups

Some times when students finishes an exams they get an invalid post

The plugin does not allow students write exams once an exam which they failed to complete is deactivated.

Thank you for your purchase. I request you to please create a support ticket here for all your issues. The team will investigate and resolve it asap.

Thank you


mikeobi Purchased

Thank you for your quick response the support ticket has been created alrerady

The ticket works in queue and handled by different team rest, will be responded asap. Thanks for being patience. Good wishes.


alier1962 Purchased

Hi Sarah How can I change the system’s language? and when students finishes an exams they get an invalid post. (SELECT SUM AS `total_marks` FROM `wp_emp_exam_stats` AS `ExamStat` WHERE `ExamStat`.`exam_result_id`=5 )

Hi there,

Thanks for your purchase. I request you to please create a support ticket here : . Team will investigate and resolve your issue.

Thank you


alier1962 Purchased

Hi Sarah, I have contacted with this link their support but i have not received an answer yet. I have been waiting for 3 days an answer.

Hi there, sorry for the delayed response, we don’t work on Weekends. It’s in queue and will be doing it today only. Thanks for being so patience.