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the demo is not working. it lets me log in but then nothing!

Looks like your Browser is not redirecting the Plugin. Please use the direct link here after using login credentials for student.

Link :

would other users who use the system have the same problem then – I am using Chrome ???

No, since it’s rely on WordPress. Once you login it will automatically gets redirected to Student Dashboard. Just now checked on all browser. It is redirecting. Might be you are using admin and student account on same browser. Thank you

when click payment in student and get { Warning: include_once(Paypal/Lib/Paypal.php): failed to open stream: No such file or directory in /wp-content/plugins/examapp/Payments.php on line 4

Warning: include_once(): Failed opening ‘Paypal/Lib/Paypal.php’ for inclusion (include_path=’.:/usr/local/php56/pear’) in wp-content/plugins/examapp/Payments.php on line 4

Fatal error: Class ‘Paypal’ not found in /wp-content/plugins/examapp/Payments.php on line 19 }

I dont want any paypal i will add money manually. but the payment button is broken.

and when the plugin is active widgets are not working. atleat custom css of wordpress twenty seventeen is not working to hide the payment button.

Please create a support ticket at Thank you


misdis Purchased

Hello, You had also IBS for wordpress has it been withdrawn! Are users are able to be exams or courses! if so, how does it work. Thanks

We are rewriting the plugin for IBPS , for Edu Expression PRO / IBPS Stand alone version you can make quires.

Thank you

When we are giving the exam the save and next, reset answer and review buttons are not working.

Many thanks for your purchase. Please raise a support ticket here :

Thank you

Hi silversyclops, WOW!! :) I’ve been looking for this for a long long time!! I have a customer that has been asking for a system just like this for almost a year now! I need all the plugin to be in Portuguese, is it possible? All the strings, texts, buttons etc (Student and Admin) I’m happy to colaborate with the translations if you need. Thank you in advance, best regards

Thank you so much for showing such a interest in our product. Yes the system can be translated into portugese. You can also insert video / embedded youtube code in place of Question using editor. It’s already there .

Thank you

Sorry I forgot to ask if is possible to ad videos as part of the test? Like the students watch the video and then have to answer the questions on the exam? Thanks, Regards

Hi, I have few pre-sell questions 1. Will the result be send to User and Admin 2. Can we have Statics Chart 3. Can we export Result as CSV, and this contain user detail like Name, Email Id, score etc 4. Do it has timer 5. Should the user be required to be logged in to take this test? 6. Will it work on all theme 7. Will it work with woocommerce


Many thanks for taking interest in our product.

1. The results are available on both Admin and Student Dashboard.

2. Please elaborate what statics you are looking for ?

3. No we cannot export results in CSV as it contains graphs and charts but we can export / import students with information including Name and Emails.

4. Yes it has timer with each exam.

5. Yes the user needs to login to view and attempt exam.

6. This plugin is independent of any theme and does not use any theme options except login widget.

7. It does not work with Woocommerce but it has own paid exam system where students can pay online via payment gateway or via integrated wallet system for each students.

We also offer custom development services in case you required any modification.

Thank you

I have a pre-sale questions: does this plugin come with a registration and login system or do I have to use another plugin for that?

The custom registration form is via this plugin which can be enabled from Dashboard -Exam Configuration – General Settings – > Enable Registration option. Any login widget or plugin will serve the purpose.

Thank you

When I clicked on the Exam Start It open a not working page. What shoud I do?

Please share a screenshot as i am able to see it’s working from my end.

Thank you

I am not able to track any purchase. And the screenshot showing you are using it offline. Please share the purchase code so that we can investigate and resolve your issue.

Thank you