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Hello Sarahji, can u please tell me, when I check on guest login in configuration, but there is not guest login there in main page, I want users to give quiz without login or guest login

Guest login is for disabling email verification. Thank you

Price for PRO version here is $105, whereas on your website it is $159. Which is the correct version?

The cost of Pro version is $159. Thanks for letting us know the wrong pricing. Will update it shortly. Thank you

Paid pro version today by paypal invoice… How to get the script ? Thanks

Your download is already activated. You can download it from My Account section of our website. Thank you

Thanks. I just have a problem with translation. I had modifified the Po/mo in locale but, it appears to change nothing !

Please note we do not offer support for Pro version here. For faster assistance please email the Website Access Credentials and Cpanel details to support (at) edu expression (dot) com. We will investigate and resolve your translation issue.

Thank you

Exam Name already exist.

Please provide the details to support (at) eduexpression (dot) com for the same. Thank you.

I found your product very interesting and hoping to buy it soon. But I have few queries-
1. I have a educational website not an institute. Can I use your product for my users? Can I host your product in my website?
2. Does it support mathjax and equations? I want to create exams in mathematics also.

Hello there,

The detailed response against your query are mentioned below

(1) There is no review button. Response : You will have the option for review in next update but update may take 15 days or so as due to series of holidays in this month.

(2) The text color of the question and options are very light. I want to know whether it is possible to change the font color and text size? Response : Yes we can change the text color or point you the line number in css file where you can change your self. No big deal : )

(3) For paid exam, the amount is in dollar or rupees? Response : You can set the desired currency in configuration. Or we can change it for you. In update coming the option to change currency will be in configuration.

(4) Can I change the color of the background, menu, etc.? Response : If you are familiar with Bootstrap you can change it your self. We also offer layout designing services which starts from Rs 5000 onward,

(5) If I purchase this product now and if you release a new update later, will the new update integrate seamlessly with the old one or I have to remove the old one before installing the update? Response: Update contains core modification in the code hence cannot be upgraded from older version. However if it is really necessary we can migrate the data for you at Rs 1200 and 3 working days.

(6) Can I change the layout designs by modifying the php, css, etc. files? Response: Yes the code is open source. You can modify it as per you need.

You have mentioned Edu Expression Online Examination System (Lite) as open source, is it so?

All our product are open source.

One more thing I want to ask is that you had last updated this product almost 2 years back. Can we hope to get any update to this product in near future with new features such as mathjax, import, export, etc.?

Yes it is same as Edu Expression Pro. Thank you

I am not asking about PRO version. It’s about Edu Expression Online Examination System (Lite).

No Edu Lite is different from WP Edition with lesser features. Also request you to do not create multiple comments , emails and PM. A single communication will help us respond you faster.

Thanks Sarah for your prompt reply. I have purchased your product Edu Expression Online Examination System (Lite). You have created a wonderful product. Hope to get update soon.

Thank you for your purchase. Will keep you posted. You will get a notification from Envato once update is approved. Thank you again for your purchase. Good wishes. Also request you to provide a feedback, it help us to improve our services and support. You will get 20% discount on custom development order on rating our product.

For any additional query or concern you can use our support portal for faster response here :

Thank you

I would like to request you to implement two features in the new update if possible-

(1) While logging into the student demo version i saw that once an exam is started, it is possible for a student to cheat the system by navigating from the exam page to open another web page and search google for answers. There must be warning to users if he/she tries to navigate/leave from the exam system.
(2) After an exam is over there should be an option for the student to print the result.

1. Browser Tolrance feature is only available in Pro Version.The upcoming update also does not include this feature.

2. Print out of Result will be included in upcoming update. Thank you

Hi Sarah, I am facing one problem.
Suppose I have created a exam named English Set-1. When I select VIEW under the exam then select ADD QUESTION, we are presented with hundreds of question (it may even reach 5000-10000 questions with time) under different SUBJECTS. There is no easy option to add questions from a particular subject. Currently I have to navigate through the pages to find SUBJECT and then add questions.
Also, the search button given is not working. The search button could have solve this problem.

Please create a support ticket to

Support will investigate and resolve your problem. Please include website access credentials in the ticket. Thank you

Hi Sarah, I didn’t install your product yet. I will install once I get the new update.
The problem which I have stated is what I have experienced from your demo version.

Support is provided by different team. Please raise ticket, you will get an update shortly.

“Please create a support ticket to

Support will investigate and resolve your problem. Please include website access credentials in the ticket. Thank you “

Hi Sarah, I´m interested in buying the pro version on your main site; I have 3 presales questions: 1. The sms function is an add-on, ir is included with the pro version? 2. Are you planning to update the pro version in the next weeks? 3. Can you provide me a promo code to get a discount?

Best regards.

Thanks for taking interest in our product. The response for your query is listed below.

1. Yes we can include any SMS and Payment gateway at Rs 1200/- and 3 working days.

2. Nope, we are not scheduled any pro version in upcoming weeks. We are working on LMS module which will be a major update but it will take little while, perhaps couple of months.

3. If you make payment via bank transfer you will get Rs 800 discount.

Thank you.

Thanks Sarah, Rs are Indian Rupee?...... Can you provide me further details to make the payment via bank transfer?

Pleases PM me for bank details. Thank u

Is there any possibility of receiving update of Edu Expression Online Examination System (Lite) by 25th of this month.
I have not installed the product yet as I am waiting for the new update.

Thanks Sarah. You are very supportive.

One thing I want to ask.
Is it possible to install the product now and start the work and when the update is available, I will uninstall the product and install the new update.
Please let me know whether this is possible or not.

Please PM me. I will send you the direct download link. Thank you.

I wrote to support 2 days ago but no response from them yet. Buttons such as Save, Save & Next, review, etc. are not working.
Please do something in this regard.

The support ticket works in queue. You will get response as soon as possible. Thank you.

For the last 10 days I am trying to get your product run but your support was unable to fix the problem.
Before purchasing I go through the server configuration and setup requirements which is stated below:
1. Web Server: Apache
2. PHP version: 5.4
3. MySql version: 5
4. PDO extension:
5. GD extension:
During installation your product itself detected all the requirements mentioned in serial no 1 to 5 otherwise the product would not have installed. Infact, before installing I myself contacted my website server support staff regarding all the software requirements mentioned above and he replied that everything mentioned is present in their system.
Now when I run the quiz after adding subject, exam and questions, I noticed that after 1st question, when the 2nd question is displayed when I clicked the buttons Save, Save&Next, Review and ResetAnswer, these buttons simply didn’t work. Only Prev and Next buttons were working.
I contacted your support staff 7 days back but he/she replied that the quiz is not working because your Server API is fastCGI. Now where you have mentioned in your documentation that the Server API should be Apache 2.0 handler instead of fastCGI. I didn’t read this condition anywhere in your installation guide as well as documentation. If it would had been so I would have enquired about it from my website server support staff before purchasing this product.
One more thing I want to add here is that why your support insist in getting cpanel details. Giving cpanel details will compromise with one’s website privacy and security. Who will want to give it? Instead there should have been features like teamviewer, etc.
Now the present status is that your product is not going to run in my site as it runs on fastCGI. Thus, either you modify your code to run on fastCGI or I would like to request you to refund the money paid by me as it is fault in your part that you didn’t mention about the requirements of fastCGI.

Dear Sir,

1. The support document is already included in the item description page where you can find the installation guide :

2. Envato Purchase does not cover the instillation service. However we are ready to provide you installation assistance if you share the Cpanel details of your website. You can create temporary user and then delete it once it’s done. We are working in trade since many year. Your data will not be harmed or alter anyways.

3. The issue is due to fast CGI. Fast CGI cause delay in processing script as it use cache feature. It’s a known issue. You can either change hosting or disable fast cgi to make the application work as expected.

4. The refund request can be raised from envato itself.

5. For the code modification you need to pay extra as part of custom development service.

P.S : Emailing your issue to single place will resolve your problem faster. Thank you

Hi Sarah,
I am genuinely interested in your product and taking refund won’t serve my purpose. I just want it to run successfully without any errors.
1. There is no option to create temporary users in my website cpanel. Despite that I can share my cpanel details but only for 1 hour. As soon as you inform me the time (IST) I will share my cpanel details.
2. One more thing I want to add here is that your software run successfully in mobile. I tried to run it on two mobiles in different browsers such as Chrome and CM browser and surprisingly it runs without any problem. It’s just that it is not running on desktop browsers. You said that the problem is due to fastCGI then why it is running successfully on mobile browsers? I think you should look into this aspect also.

Please respond to ticket. Tech support already replied. Thank you.

Does it support the range of answer for mathematical type questions? e.g. for same maths questions some one can answer 1.23 or some one can answer 1.24 or 1.236? In this case will system detect it correct answer if i can set a range of answer as 1.23 to 1.24???

How much and how long you need to do this?

Sent the email with quote and time frame. Thank you

Sent the email with quote and time frame. Thank you

I am interested in your product, but I want to know if the system can send a reminder to the student before exams date through email or SMS?. also can it run on localhosts such as Xampp and Wamp, please.

Yes you can run it on XAMP or WAMP. Pro version offer feature to send reminder. Thank y ou

Yes you can run it on XAMP or WAMP. Pro version offer feature to send reminder. Thank y ou

Can Edu Expression Pro be installed in Wordpress website?

You can use WP Edition or you can use the System parallel to wordpress separating the login for both system different. Thank you

I have the pro version not WP edition

You can use the system parallel to WordPress. Thank you

I checked the demo exam. No exam there. Two Problem. There are some question. But I didn’t get anything while I open this theme Second is –

I understand. But do you have any solution for this lite for now? I need this badly

Unfortunately the Code is no longer supported however you can purchase it if you wish. I’ll make sure for your installation and usability of the application. Officially it’s no longer supported. Thank you

Unfortunately the Code is no longer supported however you can purchase it if you wish. I’ll make sure for your installation and usability of the application. Officially it’s no longer supported. Thank you

Hello. I am interested in buying your online exam management. I have through just that she was not able to login to the student aspect. I want to ask if you can give me a demo link to browse through the student aspect then if we are okay with it then we can buy it. I also want to know if I buy it, can I host it on a local server not necessarily online? also is it limited to number of students who can be registered for an exam?

I have reset the password. You can login the demo for students now. The link at item description page is now working.

You can host it to local server but we do not offer support for local pc. There is no limit of student or exam from script side. Thank you.

How can I find detailed comparison document between pro and lite version? In both of the demo pages everthing looks same except layout.

Unfortunately the document is not available due to changed in support policy for lite version basic difference are as follows

Lite Version don’t have

1.MathJax Support 2. Multiple Admin Concept with Group Permission 3. Group Based Users 4. Bulk Export Import of Questions and Student Data 5. Translation Support 6. Support for Other languages in Exam than English. 7. After sale support

and some other configuration options.

Thank you

What about the highlited (red) features in the lite one like free&paid exam? These are not included but we can purchase this feature, right? On the otherhand pro version is already contains these features. One more question about the translation. Did you mean to you translate for us or give support about translation?

Thank you.

Yes most of the features are not available in lite version as it’s a very basic version. Translation means system translation and RTL Support.

Thank you