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Still waiting for support on installation. ZERO replies for developer.

Sure. Thanks

Still awaiting for a resolution. Extremely slow response rate.. Using their internal ticketing system, it still takes 2 days to get a reply. Most replies, when received, are apologizing for being slow. I used their ticketing system and it does NOT expedite the process. Extremely frustrated. Not sure what else to do.

The team is on it.

Hello Sir, i purchased your online exam system.

When we create Exam then there is a setting : Random question . I activate this but on student panel during exam question not coming in random pattern . Its show only subject wise.

So , As per your features please tell me how it will be show in student panel random question.

Please raise a ticket at . The team will investigate and resolve your issue.

Thank you

Hi, am interested in your script but I have a few questions.

1)Is there any option to enable/disable Paypal Payment Method and e-wallet ?

2)Suppose i want like students can only view their own performance they should not be able to see other students result is that Configurable through settings?

2a)Is there any option to enable/disable Group Performances for students?
2b)Is there any option to enable/disable Compare Report in My result section for students?

3)Add-on : Load entire question at once. Is this included in this?

Thank You.

1. It has eWallet and Payment gateway settings in Admin – Configurations

2. The result is only available for the person and is not public by default. No setting required. You cannot disabled result format. It require customization.

3. It’s add-on and will cost $50 extra.

Thank you

Dear author today I have purchased your edu expression. But here I given new online test but . The test is showing invalid posting. Please help me

Many thanks for your purchase. Request you to please raise support ticket here as this comment box is only for Pre sales inquiry. Your issue will be investigated and resolved.

Please don’t worry. Good wishes.

hello sir, I purchased this software , please tell me that which hindi font support for exam excel import . I am trying to import hindi excel file nut it show failed.

Many thanks for your purchase. Please raise a support ticket at to resolve your issues. This section is only for pre sales. Good wishes.

CAUTION, this vendor is extremely slow in replying to issues. Replies to their ticketing system is generally 2-4 days AFTER you post it. Their help desk is a rotation of people, all using the same image (female) but the name changes over time.

I paid ($450) for CUSTOM DEVELOPMENT and when they finally delivered the code, the custom development was MISSING. When i asked them where these features were, their reply is that it is a CUSTOM DEVELOPMENT project and i would have to PAY FOR IT AGAIN ($450).

I don[‘t know if they are just scamming people or just incompetent. It would seem to me that they have a good reputation, but i am doubting that as the past 6 months have been a horrible.experience.

correct… please advise.

I stand corrected… Silversyclops came through with flying colors. The researched what their prior service company did and saw that I was correct. They quickly did the previously paid for work and assisted with a difficult installation. They stood up for their product and their reputation. They out performed themselves and showed them good stewards of their product and customer relationships.


Just because of a small miss-communication from our end you had to suffer such an inconvenience, but we are happy that your work is finally delivered. We will keep on providing dedicated services and support for all our clients.

Many thanks for such a wonderful word. Good wishes.

can i upload bulk users

Yes you can.

Amazing Customer support and Excellent Product. Good in terms of functionality and speed. Thanks for making such a wonderful software.

Thank you for such a positive feedback. We are committed to serve our prestigious customers. Many thanks for your purchase.

dear developer you buuton certificate not funtions

It’s disabled in demo due to server load. It will work in real application.

allright thanks for reply

Your welcome sir : Good wishes.

how to get 50% discount ?

The mentioned price is discounted price. Thank you

I had installed edu expression pro ( online examination system) .when entering questions with equations i need the editor to be loaded.when i click load editor nothing comes. please help.

Request you to please raise a support ticket at The team will help you determining and resolving the issue

Thank you

Which Indian payment gateways are available?

In pro version there are not Indian gateway pre integrated. However you can get any gateway integration at Rs 1500 and 2 working days extra.


Does this have timer for each question and the entire quiz/exam? Also how many question types do you have in it? Thank you

It has timer for the over all exam but not on per question basis. We have Question Type

1. Single Choice 2. Multiple Choice 3. Fill in the blanks 4. True and False 5. Image based 6. Video / Audio Based Questions.

For any additional feature, we do accept custom orders.

Thank you

hello i want sales a differ exams package and each package consists of 20 -30 test is its is possible

what is the sort cut to display on front end

Please try : to get the front end Exam availability.

Thank you

I have old version 2.3 which having high cpu load issue in script as per host services provider, may be due to little customization by inhouse developer. Now we are planing for fresh installation with latest version, but not sure about the database migration working struction. Pls suggest, how can we migrate the old database. Is that possible if we are using by default database structure.

I am not able track any purchase associated with this account, anyways you can email us the Purchase code or Order ID so that we can enable help migrating / upgrading the software.

Thank you

Do we migrate Pro version database to WP plugin version.

No sir. It cannot be done !


yeyery Purchased

I have purchase your application and I want the students to write the exam offline using this application, I am using wampserver on windows server 2012 r2, Hp laptop Core i5 with 500GB HDD Hard disk, 4GB RAM my question is can wampserver 2.5/ apache handle up to 500 students at a time to take the Exam?

(No other application is install on the laptop)

Hope to hear from you guys soon

Thank you.

Please raise a support ticket after purchasing support to get better assistant on offline usage.



yeyery Purchased

Hi, i want to use this application offline on a LAN, is there a way you guys can customize the application that after the exam answer should be send to online server either by clicking on a button or automatic when internet connection is available if yes please how much is it to customize that or adding of that feature?

I request you to please email us the requirement in details to support at edu expression dot come.

Many thanks.

hey which version of this application is most advanced as i see a lot of different one i.e pro ,lite ,elite ?? with hindi language(kruti devi font) support for questions?

Edit version contain comparatively more features. You can compare versions here :

This application don’t have font specific content and you can write Hindi in Unicode without any problem.

Thank you