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Sir i have tried to purchase by card but my all card rejected and showing this massage Payment unsuccessful – there was a problem processing your credit card. For security reasons we may need you to re-enter your Visa or MasterCard details before trying again, or you may need to try an alternative payment method.

Sir there is any other way to purchase by internet banking please tell me,i have to purchase it today and install

Sir can to tell me your how to get your MP don’t have it

Sir can to tell me your how to get your MP don’t have it

Please refer the Screenshot :

Click on this link : and use the right hand side form Contact Author.

Thank you

Hi. I am very interested to purchase your Online examination software. However I need few customization.

1. You have random question for making exam, but I need exams would be allocated randomly. Such as if there is 100 exams for math for 10th grade student then student buy a package for 5 math tests the exams would be allocated to the student from 100 exams.

2. I don’t find any package system to buy any pack. Could you do it for me so I can sell packages like 5 math tests, 10 SSC subject (student can choose the subject) or 10 IBPS exam with limited validity?

3. Can I set exam schedule which would be available at specific hours like 8:00-12:00 everyday for one validity?

4. On demo exam it shows only one question at a time. But I need more questions would to be shown 10 or 25.

5. Is there any question limit for exam?

6. I need payment gateway integration.

7. I also need anroid app integration.

8. Is the landing page fixed or you will design according to my preference? If you need extra payment please mention.

If you could do these customizations then what would be the approximate cost? I am looking for your quick response.

Kind regards,

We have received the request for the same. We will provide you the quote and time frame in couple of ours to the provided email address iq0**

Thank you

OK Thanks

hi ı can use turkish ?

Yes we can help you setting Turkish. The cost will be $20 and 2 working days additional

can your provide android app with this project

Yes but the cost is additional. You can purchase the app from . Thank you.

if i purchased edu expresssion from codecanyon then can i pay only for android app. i don’t need web hosting

Yes of course. Without web script there is no use of android app. Thank you.


Its for single institute and single domain. Thank you.

Hello there,

I had a custom development job for you. It’s about buying the exam as a package. I also had a virtual POS integration. Our virtual pos submodified has changed and I want to integrate the new pos. I will give you the document.

Please PM me with the details and requirement file. We will let you know the time frame and cost for the same. Thank you

Can i create admin for group? For example Group is branch of our college in other city, so admin of group could see not all but only his students and exams

You can create teacher / instructor account for particular group where they can see only data (students, exams and result) for his /her own group. Thank you

Ok. One more question. We are looking solution for distance learning. You solution for distance exam, could you make paid development and add module where user would see video, SCORM presentations, download pdf files by subjects and so on. So create fully functional solution for e-learning?

Yes we can create a customized LMS with examination feature and content sharing functionality. Please email the requirement in details to support at silver syclops dot net to get quote and time frame.

Thank you

Hi if i download this Edu Expression Exam Pro from codecanyon, can i white label it ? Also what is the different pricing in your website ? Seed ? Plant ? Can we or you customize the code as per demand ! Can i get the android app free along with this purchase ? Will the website handle concurrent students ? If so how many students at time can the website handle ? Will i recieve lifetime updates ? Can i buy support whenever needed ?

Hello there,

1. The application is white label and for single domain usage.

2. The plans on our website is for hosted version. Here it’s downloadable version with one time cost where in hosted version you need to pay annual fee.

3. Yes you can customize code but there is no development support or document available with this product. Also we don’t support customize coding and you might need to pay extra if case of any help needed.

4. The app is of $65 additional to the Web App you purchase from here.

5. Some of the client is using more than 2k student at same time for live exams. It depends on your server resources too.

6. Yes you will get update for life time or as per the policy of Envato Market Place

7. You can buy or support any time.

Thank you

Hello gentlemen:

We are looking to use an Online exam script. before we choose and buy one of the scripts we are looking for some answers. Hope that you have the time to provide us with the best answers in the shortest possible period.

1- Is it possible to deploy the script in 2 languages? we are looking to deploy the exam system in Arabic and English. Off course this has two sides the front end which is the main website that will be shown to the user and the back end which is the admin/Student/Teacher panels. 2- Is it possible to use Bitcoin as a payment method, I mean students and teachers can pay by Bitcoin. 3- Dose the script support White board technology? If yes how to add it. 4- Do you have the option to get online direct support by chat? .

Thanks and regards


I want to buy this product, But have few questions to ask you.

1. Which payment gateways integrated in your product. 2. This product 100% working without bug or Not 3. If not working 100% without bug so you will refund or not. 4. If i want to do few minor customisation then how much you will charge or minor changes you will done free of cost. 5. Whats the status of android app, its 100% working right and if its not working properly you will refund my money right ?

Thanks in Advance. Waiting for proper reply.

I guess logo of organization remains same. Information can be edited 2-4 time no worries. Please be sure it is for single domain usage only.

1 Developer work on your project for 10 days in return of 12k is not a big deal i guess.

The project is already developer, in custom order the effort and resources required and hence custom orders are costly in most cases as compared to product cost itself.

Thank you

I want to test your android app.. send me link for demonstration… because your given url of apk not working

Yes we are updating the Package, the updated link will be available shortly. Thank you