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Hi. My host cloud host. Script need laravel host ?

Hi there, Thank you for your purchase. The script is built using CakePHP and will work on most of the PHP Hosting.

For instillation you can create support ticket here along with website access credentials.

Thank you

Thanks ı install script. Very good. Now ı am translate turkhis language. Because false words. I change but after ı dont see my site. Which file I need to change

Please create a support ticket here for translation. They will help you setting up the proper translation on your website.

Please help us improve our services by rating our product at download page.

Many thanks.

Hi sarah23, how can i enable right click?

Hello Sir, Thank you for purchasing the software.

Please create support ticket at to get right click restriction disabled. Thank you.

Hi sarah23, your script is very nice but paragraph question type is missing , I need The IBPS clone an Online Exam Software. I will give you addition cost for this feature.I am waiting for your answers. you must have: 1.Topic wise category. 2.paragraph question type where minimum 5 question(can be in increase or decrease question number) have each paragraph

Please PM me the details so that i can reply you with best possible quote and time frame tomorrow. Thank you

hi sarah23, i created support ticket for addition feature.i am waiting for your reply.

Please PM me the details so that i can reply you with best possible quote and time frame tomorrow. The ticket is for tech support not for quote. Thank you

Hi . I send ticket but wait and I am from turkey. And certificate is turkish character problem.

Please be patience, the ticket will be responded soon. Thank you

Ticket ID: AQ2YQA468E25759 and Ticket ID: NPIG2BBFD725742

wait thanks friend.

waiting. :)

I am planning to buy this OES but I need to know about the security level, like can it be breached or it’s secure? Moreover I belong from India. So I would prefer payment gateways that are native to our region like PayTM or PayUMoney. Will I get support to configure them ?

Hi pritam.

The software is created using CakePhp (an Enterprises level framework ). It also has protection against known threats including Cross scripting, Sql injections, XSRF etc.

For additional payment gateway we charge Rs 1500 and 2 working days. You can supply Payumoney Api for integration after purchase.

Thank you.

Please answer these questions in detail if allowed

1. Does the design Responsive smart mobile devices?

2. Does RTL support?

3. Do you support ssl?

4. Do you support the Arabic language or multilingualism?

Is it open source code or encrypted? Can I customize whatever I need to fulfill my requirements? I mean, adding custom features or removing some unnecessary features etc?

6 – Is the exam start for the student X and also start the examination for the student Y in the same chapter and the school stage and the same exam Does the order of the questions differ? To ensure not cheating?

Hi there,

1. The design is responsive as built on Bootstrap framework. Although some of the component / elements might not be 100% responsive on all devices.

2. Yes it has RTL support which can be enabled from Admin – Configuration

3. Yes it support SSL / https protocols

4. Yes we can translate system to Arabic Language, the cost will be $20 and 3 working days.

5. The application is entirely open source and we also accept custom order to get things done as per your requirement. You can PM me for quote and time frame.

6. You can randomize the question and options for each student from Admin – Exam – Settings.

Thank you

Hello there,

Can we integrate this script into our own design (bootstrap html & css)?

sure sir. Thank you


I bought the script. As I mentioned in my commentary above, I would like to sell the exams as a package and a credit card payment system.

Hello there ,

Please PM me the details in Point wise manner for quote and pricing. Thank you


I’m interested in this for a project, but the demo exams does not seems to work (no text is shown on either question or answer). I would really like to test how it works before buying. Thank you!

Hello sir,

I am able to check the exams at demo :

Ref :

it’s working fine. Thank you

hello do support multi languages? can I add languages ?

Hello there, you can use one language at same time. For multi language you need to place custom order which will take approx $60 and 4 working days extra. Thank you

first I would like to thank you for this fast reply allot of developers not doing the same. Grate, I have some extra questions . So in current option Can i translate to any other language ? like translating to Arabic and use it only in arabic ? Can I change the direction ? RTL

is it easy to change the design to fit my needs !?

Hi there,

Yes you can translate it to any language. You need to create ticket to get assistance on translation after purchase. You can edit PO file to get things in Arabic.

The RTL can be enabled via Configuration.

It’s written in Bootstrap 3x so you can change design of your own or you can hire us for custom designing. The cost depends on the nature of Job. You can PM me for quote and time frame .

Thank you so much. Good wishes.

Hi my friends. The slider is very dark. Where can I make it shiny. My page

Hello there,

Please create a support ticket here for your issue.

Thank you

can i buy it without support

The support is included for 3 month. You cannot exclude it as per the Envato Guidelines. Thank you

Hi friends. Your ticket is not working. And demo edu expression script group performance wise is not working. Are you know ?

Nothing new. It was just a very minor CSS code, just one line. You will get update notification when we update anything major or required essentially. Thank you

very thanks sarah :) Test questions still do not seem mobile. Is it correct. Exams were not mobile

Please raise the ticket at support for technical issues. Thank you : )


kiran_dev Purchased

Hi, which version of Cakephp have you used to build and do you have .docx format file import for questions?

It’s built on CakePHP version 2.x and CSV and Excel is only importable. Thank you

There is a print option in result can it be disabled,else it is an custom feature

No it cannot be disabled via Configuration. We need to modify the code. You can make the ticket for the same after your purchase. Good wishes.

Hi, Can I create the exam with questions in Oriya Language in this application ?

Please use this link : to get answers for technical queries.

You can also refer this article.

Thank you

Thanks for a very quick reply …