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hi.Do with script “edownload” use download file?

I can’t figure out how to use this script… documentation is not very clear

The script does not support the session to say download accelerators can not download from the parts do not recommend

RESUME NOT WORK include_once ‘edownload.class.php’; $_edownload = new edownload(array(‘file_path’ => ‘dll/000ba85e5801100’, ‘download_speed_limit’ => ‘800/2’,’download_resumable’ => TRUE ));

Hi, I am looking to purchase this script but I wanted to know if it had a specific ability. I need to make a page on my website only accessible once with a username and password. SO I don’t want a user to be able to login more then one time, ever. Thanks!

the demo exist ?

It’s really nice class, It’s works well. Thanks to the author ! I just tried to download with prefix, user auth and speed limit, it’s really worked. Bye -

can support protect IDM Download file ?

I buy this for the resumable download and don’t works, i’m going to ask for a refund

How to make a video file to be download but domain restricted and it has mime type

Its shows the popup for username and password by when in the default password it shows wrong password. Any help