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Great plugin! Really helpful. I’ll definitely use it in some of my WordPress sites.

A video example must be better for understand the usability of your product. Bookmarked

No, they aren’t saved. This feature is not supported yet.

We’re working on the save and fork feature but there’s no precise date of the release.

I have updated the description to describe the product better.

Thank you!

Thanks for you response. Email me… Cheers!

Good, thank you for comments :-)

I also would like to see a video preview!

Thanks for a comment !

Here’s the video walkthrough:

How dependant is this on wordpress to work? Can it work independently without wordpress?

Hello mikeef74,

This particular plugin is only supposed to be used with WordPress, as the whole backend management is based on WordPress Backend UI.

However the plugin is based on a free JavaScript library, which can be found at:

Hi Gico,

This is a great tool, exactly what I was looking for… Now, I did follow the instructions but it is not working on my webpage. I get the EditrWP on the Left, I did create one HTML file, uploaded, then I went to a post and add it using the Editr Button. But when I try checking the post, it doesn’t show up the EDITR… What am I doing wrong? I’m using WP version 3.8 Thanks for your help. HF

Ok I found the first problem,

The folder naming is wrong. While unpacking you should unpack the file to the “editr-wp” directory. It’s currently residing within “codecanyon-6309158-editrwp-wordpress-plugin” folder which is causing the .js files not to load.

Let me know if that helps please.

G, Thank you very much for your help. Script is AWESOME !! Please let me know of any other scripts that you get out there. BTW, thank you for prompt responses and your help along with installing script within websites.

I’m glad to be of help. I along with the Editr author are going to work on some improvement to the script (see comments above), we’ll let you know with any furter releases.

Enjoy your software :)

Bookmarked for future ! Good luck for sales….

from FAQ “We’re currently working on the save and forking feature.” When it will be ready ?? :) I am really like this but this feature would be be good for all.


Hey XpeedStudio,

Well the main developer of the project has resigned and hasn’t touched the base with us for a long time already. As long as there’s no skilled Front End developer willing to extend the editr.js plugin we’re not going to extend it. We’ve been having a hard time finding a proper match for the project. Moreover given the lack of interest (several downloads) in the product we’ve placed its further development aside.

This is quite unfortunate.

Any plans to support SASS.js?

Hey chozen,

As denoted above the main developer responsible for the whole Front End code has resigned from the project and it’s in a blank spot since then.

As long as we won’t find the replacement we’ll not continue the project. With the low interest we had I’m not sure it’ll be easy to find someone :)

Thanks for the comment :)

I’ve done all the steps, but nothing is showing up when I publish it. 1) 2) 3)

My purchase item code is 26aa98f0-767f-498f-91e8-1b16cff88993

I also followed the video tutorial but the page is still blank

Hello thetechblaze,

I assume there’s a problem with the scripts. Its either your theme having the jQuery hardcoded or a conflict with the jQuery version. Have you tried checking the following checkbox:

If not, can you please provide me with the site link?

Can I add external libraries like bootstrap etc.

No, you can only use the ones that you upload. So you’d have to download the library first and then upload it to the WP install to have the plugin use it.

Great plugin I saw the Demo video on youtube I really like this. I have one suggestion there should be an option to add some other libraries e.g. foundation, awesomefonts, bootstrap, angularjs. Mean if someone want to show example codes of other libraries he can add one time and use. If you will add these options in next version then most of people will be interested in this even I also will be interested to purchase this plugin.

Plugin not found

Can you be more specific please?

All okay error working . Please clean post :)

Cool! :)