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Hi, first of all, great plugin. Very much needed and yours delivers the goods! Currently the Insert counter is always active if checked or unchecked and I really don’t need the numbers unless the post has multiple images connected to it and I’m also interested in setting it to 1, 2, 3 (versus 01, 02, 03) and to set the initial # custom to start from something other than 1?

Hi Chris :) thanks for your purchase. I got your email. I will reply ASAP. Have a good week :)

Hi! I’ve updated the alt tag on a picture that’s in a post, but when I go to the actual post to and check the image’s alt tag, it’s not there. How long does it take for changes to propagate?

hello Gayatriom! thanks for your purchase. It should be changed immediately. Please email me and send me the link :)

it worked!

glad to hear that! thanks again for your purchase :)

Hi, when I save a new ALT tag it doesn’t seem to change it in the post. I see that it is changed in the media library, but when I view or edit the post the

Hello Aaron :) thanks for your purchase. If the images are in the content, you may wanna check this plugin http://codecanyon.net/item/post-content-alt-title-editor/4258286

Hi, does the plugin work with latest Wordpress 4.1.1 ?

yes sir. Thanks for reminding me to update that info in the description. Have a good day

Hi – I just purchased the plugin purchace code (de3bc713-8b01-4ef9-a322-b79a45e0f963) It actually does not register any images on any pages or blogs.

I have 8 images on every page…though….

http://www.uksolarpvpanels.com Solar Panels (id:1173) 2015-04-09 22:43:24 0

Images are however on the page in the editor as shortcodes. IE [wr_image el_title=”” image_file=”http://www.uksolarpvpanels.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/03/02.jpg” image_file_button=”” image_size_wrapper=”” image_size=”medium” image_alt=”estimates solar panels”]

I guess that could difference EXCEPT

The one page that does show the images on your plugin is ALSO image shortcoded.


Any thoughts, please.

hello bribiz

first, I dont know if you can, but the above comment and remove the purchase code, you dont have share that information, otherwise someone can claim he bought the plugin.

now yes, thanks for you purchase. in shortcodes, images can o can not be attached to the page. Let me explain:

[shortcode src=”yourdomain.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/04/21/image.jpg”] lets say that is an image in your domain and that was added to the post using the media uploader.

on the other hand: [shortcode src=”NOTyourdomain.com/image.jpg”]

will work on the shortcode too and its not an image on your domain (nor attached to your post/page)

so that must be the reason you see only one image in my plugin: that image has to be attached to a post/page. And you dont see the other images because probably, they are not associated to the post as an attachment.

Last but not least, if you insert the images using shortcodes, those can not show the attributes of the images, that depends on how the shortcode was coded.

For images on the editor, I have this other plugin http://codecanyon.net/item/post-content-alt-title-editor/4258286 but again, it will not help if you use shortcodes.

Let me know if I can help you or if I explained clearly. Thanks again


OK thanks

The sales page does not state that shortcode images cannot be changed with your plugin…

As the coding for all my themes use shortcodes like this…

“[wr_image el_title=”” image_file=”http://www.uksolarpvpanels.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/03/02.jpg” image_file_button=”” image_size_wrapper=”” image_size=”medium” image_alt=”estimates solar panels”]”

The plugin is not fit for purpose… On my websites…

I did not know that when purchased… maybe you can make that clear for future clients.

I would respectfully request a REFUND.

Best regards Brian

hello again Brian. Im sorry to hear to my plugin isn’t a good fit for you. but as all shortcodes are coded differently, I don’t think you will find a plugin that works as you expect.

Sorry again :(

for refunds, you have to contact the envato team.

Great little plugin, so EASY to use. I am running Yoast SEO plugin as well. I have added all the alt tags via the media library (love the way it sorts out images from each page) nice!. Yoast in its analysis of the page tells me I don’t have any images in the page. If I go into the html and add an image and an alt tag directly on the page, not through the media library, it then recognises that I have an image…Can you tell me if I add alt tags in the media library of Wordpress that they can still be seen by the search engines?

hello ganumf! thanks for your purchase.

I see your point. It depends on where the image is located. If it is located in the content of the post/page, Wordpress will not add the attributes from the media library (this is a weird thing implemented a few versions ago). When you use my plugin, the values will be shown in galleries, sliders, etc.

I got you covered though, this other plugin, is very similar but works with the images in the post content http://codecanyon.net/item/post-content-alt-title-editor/4258286

let me know if you need anything else. thank you very much

Hi I just bought and tried out the plugin. My products are not changing using the plugin. It’s pulling in the products with correct data, but when I try to update them and save it, nothing changes. What am I doing wrong, is there a trick to it?

hello rbkinsey, thanks for your purchase.

Can you send me the URL for your website please? I would like to see the template.

you can email me from my profile page. thanks

I need to use your plugin to edit the alt text of the Featured Image. I just bought your Post Content plugin but it doesn’t show any of the featured images available to edit. Will the attached images plugin work for this?

hello JCFreak1223! I see you already purchased my plugin. I hope you are happy with it :)


I downloaded and installed on 4.3.1 today.

As administrator level, I can see it and use the plugin. But, my SEO Assistant is an editor (one level below admin) and she cannot see it, or any plugin for that matter.

Is there a way to allow them to see the plugin and use it as an editor in their admin?



hello Kory27 :) let’s try this:

edit attached_images_title_editor.php on line 138, find ‘activate_plugins’ and replace it with ‘edit_pages’

I think that should do it :)

Another issue I am hoping you can fix or apply to future versions.

The posts are listed in 10 page intervals. But when you select a post on page 2, make the changes and hit save, it returns you back to page one after saving. It’s really cumbersome and time consuming.

Any ideas?



I’ll try to fix that :)

More issues here:

1. When we save them, to the point that we have had to temporarily stop work on this project due to the buggy-ness, it only saves some of the titles and alt. For instance, if we have a post and we go and do the title and alt text for the 6, hit save, and go back, we notice it didn’t save for all of them.

2. Sometimes, it saves the title and alt text but the image disappears and disappears from post. It also is not longer in the thumbnail of the plugin.

Can you please help with these issues? I love the plugin, but we are stalled on fixing our issue due to these issues.



hi Kory, sorry to hear you are having issues with my plugin.

1. im not sure what you mean here. When you “go back” do you use the browser button? when you save all you see the green check icon on all items?

2. I’ll check this

by the way, which theme are you using? I ask because no one had had issues with this plugin in a looong time

Hey. By go back I mean we click the Post title to go back into it. Not the back button. Sorry for the lack of clarity there.

This Wordpress install actually installed as a subdomain and integrated into Magento using James Kemp’s Wordpress Magento Integration (WMI). It has it’s own database, etc., just integrated it to have it be the blog engine for our Magento website. We are using the Wordpress Twenty Thirteen theme.


I start to think that it might have some problem with another plugin. I tried it several times and always worked fine. Maybe you can request envato a refund if you are not happy :(

Hi there, does this work for WooCommerce Products and their attached images?

I purchased it anyway and it does work with WooCommerce. Is it possible to use tags like %title and it will take the title of the post? at the moment I’m having to go row by row and copy the title into the field and then click save all. Also, the images have a default caption attached which I want to replace, but it never replaces that text. I’ve tried clicking save, save all and also checked and unchecked that checkbox that I have no idea what it is for.

Appreciate your thoughts.

hi Paul! thanks for your purchase! right now, tags like %title are not available, but I think it is a great idea I didn’t see :) so I will consider adding this feature :) thanks The caption you mean is the image description? this plugin currently supports ALT and title tags only. Are we talking about the same thing?

thanks again for your purchase and interest!

Will your app find attached images in WP pages/posts and insert my titles & alt text automatically?

I have hundreds of pictures in my site and I want all the image code on the pages to be updated with their titles and alt text as they were just modified.

yes, but as long as they are not in the post content. For that, you have my other plugin, this one http://codecanyon.net/item/post-content-alt-title-editor/4258286

Hello sir!

So we recently bought your plugin and have been using it to try and fix a slew of missing alt issues on our images. The problem is, when we go into the bulk editor and change the alt, it only seems to change it in the media library. It does not directly change that image where it is inserted in a post. We see the changes immediately when clicking on the image within the library, but then the photo that is on the post (even though it links to the same photo in the gallery) does not update its alt text. Any ideas how we would resolve this?

Here is our purchase code: 8144b340-5f54-4e1a-a2c0-15c250e4db65

Hello Jayson :) I saw you bought the other plugin, that’s the one you need :) thanks!

Hi, Looks like a really valuable Plugin. But I’m a little confused here about which one should I purchase. You’ve got 2 Plugins, similarly Priced and both of them doing nearly the same thing…. What is the main difference between the 2 Plugins that You’ve got in Your Portfolio ?

Actually, this is what I want to achieve : I run a Used Car Aggregator Portal. I import tons of Post Listings using a custom importer. As a result, I have to manually update the Alt and Title Tags of so so many images, its really crazy.

I want to automatically rename the Titles and Alt tags of all the Images of a particular Post Category. Which Plugin Should I purchase ? This one or the other 18$ one ?

Kindly Revert, RebelHustler.

hello! sorry for the delay, I was on vacation. If the images are in the content, buy the other one :)


I have a question.

I am currently trying to use the plugin to optimise some images.

When I click save, the tool just simply isn’t progressing. Yesterday I used it on a few other sites and it worked fine but together it isnot progressing to the green tick when the changes are saved and published.

Is there a bug or only a certain number of sites that I can install it on?

Also, I’ve just noticed that you have another plugin for post titles and alt tags, is this different or are both options available in the tool I have purchased?.

Thanks Chris

Hi Kilinkis,

Thank you for getting back to me. I’ve checked the other plugins I have and I’ve disabled the majority of them and it is still not saving. Do you know of any plugins that may cause this problem.

It seems to be the same problem if I install it on any domain.

Really frustrating as there are no plugins that do the same thing.

Thanks Chris

If you give me a direct email. I;d love for you to take a look if you can determine what the issue is. Thanks

sure, email me at juanofx@gmail.com

Hi Kilinkis,

I think I purchased the wrong plugin. I need to edit ALT info for images that are already attached to a post and it sounds like the plugin I purchased only edits the ALT/Title content for images in the media library or have been placed in a post as a gallery. Am I understanding this correctly?

Thanks for your help, Paul

if the images are in a gallery you need this plugin. If they are on the content, you need the other one :)

hello good morning, I try to use this plugin but give me an error doesn’t work correctly.

Notice: Undefined index: title in /usr/home/aidayvictor.com/web/wp-content/plugins/full/class.table.php on line 225 Notice: Undefined index: title in /usr/home/aidayvictor.com/web/wp-content/plugins/full/class.table.php on line 225

Hola! como estas? gracias por comprar mi plugin. Voy a investigar el error y te aviso en cuanto tenga novedades. Mientras tanto, que version de WordPress estas usando?

Por lo pronto, no he podido reproducir el error, lo probé con varias versiones de wordpress. Te recomendaria actualizar el wordpress, y luego ver que no haya algun otro plugin interfiriendo.

Perdona no había visto tu respuesta no me había llegado el email Estoy usando la última versión de Wordpress Ahora te enviaré una pantalla con el error que me da. saludos

Hello I bought this code one week ago, I was send you an email, because this plugin dosen’t work correctly. I’m didn’t receive answer yet. Please I want to know if I have any kind of support or I want a refund of my money.

Thank you in advance. I wait for your answer. Regards. Leonardo Pereira

Perdona no había visto tu respuesta no me había llegado el email Estoy usando la última versión de Wordpress Ahora te enviaré una pantalla con el error que me da. saludos


dk9 Purchased

Hi, I bought this plugin some time ago. Does it still work with wordpress current version?

sorry for the late reply, yes, still works! I’ll update that information now