Blood donation (Android)

Blood donation (Android)

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Blood donation is a native Android project, Parse SDK hosted on, super easy to customize.


  • Search donor by blood type
  • Search donor by distance
  • Became a donor
  • Donor profile
  • Admob ready (banner, interstitial)
  • About page
  • Parse backend +
  • Android studio
  • Detailed configuration documentation
  • Easy customization
  • DEMO

    Download apk here


  • The latest version of Android studio and some knowledge about its UI interface
  • Photoshop or any other image editor software
  • An Google Developer account to submit apps to the Google play Store
  • An AdMob account to generate your own Interstitial UNIT ID
  • A free account on
  • Updates

    • 06.03.2018 – Release application
    • 31.07.2019 – migrate to Android X
    • 18.04.2020 – Dependency Update, Android R

    Git server

    Over the years we have noticed that updates codecanyon system is not perfect.Why do we think so. We do an update of the application, we change the functions, fix bugs, make other changes, but the problem lies in the fact that you have already purchased the application and made your changes and with each update we break your head and look for what we changed in the new code. Uncomfortable, right?
    We found a solution to this problem. All our source codes will now be stored on our git server.
    What is the use of it?
    • Users can always download the latest version of the code
    • Users always see parts of the code where we’ve made changes and can easily move to your application
    • If users notice an error in the application, they can quickly inform us and we will fix it
    How and who can get access to your git service read in our knowledge base

    We help to install Parsi

    • You do not like the prices back4app?
    • You do not like the limitations of the service?
    • You want to be independent?
    We can help you install the parse service on your own server. You just need to create a new ticket in our support system. Support service