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good work, all the best for your sales ! ;)

Thank you! This is very positive encouragement!

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Great. Works as expected. I just want to say that additional sharing options like “Prevent editors from changing access and adding new people” can be set directly on item in Google Drive since plugin will share the email with permissions directly. Also, when sharing is done, Google will send the email on its own which I found also useful.

Has migration functions for already production sites? Works with wp media too or only with edd managed files?

P.D: Pre-sale questions :)

There is no migration process per se. The plugin integrates into EDD hooks, whenever purchase is completed Google Drive is called to share the files bought with the users email. The Google Pickup helps you to pickup files easier as their URL identifier. The files should be hosted on Google Drive and referenced there when bought.

hi, Does it work with Frontend FES? Do you intend to implement this feature?

You mean for multivendor, so that vendors can also use Google Drive? I haven’t work with this particular plugin but I would say you would probably have difficulties. The setup part is integrated into the EDD Settings and not into the management part of the vendor. Keep in mind even if it would work vendors would need to go through the authentication process of Google Drive to allow word press to work with Google Drive. I was not planning on implementing this feature since I think it would need to be integrated in a very different way than standard EDD.

hi, yes, each vendor will have to enable the authentication to their own google drive on frontend. Hope to have that feature soon :).

Maybe in future. Keep in mind that activating Google Drive to allow your application takes a bit of work on Google side, and this might be an additional burden for vendor. In this case you would need give your application to access many different Google Drive accounts. This would need to be handled really well on security side as well.

Nice, bookmarked.

Hi vlevacic

I have follow your steps one by one and been getting error 400 over and over Error: redirect_uri_mismatch

Does HTTP & HTTPS makes different?

I am HTTPS and keep saying:

The redirect URI in the request, http://xxxxx.com/wordpress/wp-admin/edit.php?post_type=download&page=eddsettings&tab=google_drive&edd_action=redirect_from_google, does not match the ones authorized for the OAuth client.

Thank You

Hi Hendry, can you go to support and contact me directly…I will send you my private email so we can check what is going on. This is being returned by the Google when authenticating, so it must be something wrong on the way you entered the URL on Google side.

Hello vlevacic! I follow your steps but when i click in “Connect Me” the Error 400 is displayed.

Can you help me?

Did you get the error from Google or just blank page? What is the URL that is generated when you make press a button… Can you access it?

I follow your steps but when i click in “Connect Me” the Error 400 is displayed.

Can you help me?

Hi! Does this plugin works with EDD’s PDF Stamper? (http://docs.easydigitaldownloads.com/category/821-pdf-stamper) The Dropbox plugin, for example, doesn’t work, while the AWS one does. Many thanks.

I don’t know… from the look at the PDF Stamper it seems to be not related, but its hard to judge. I use standard EDD hookup points. You can try to buy and get the refund if not working.

Mutisites / Multiusers supports?

If you mean by multivendor – no. It would mean that vendors themselves setup the Google API etc, which takes some knowledge.

hi, I am having the same 400 error. I can open the app from the returned mismatched uri in the error message sent from google. I paste the url direct from the message in the authorized redirect URIs field and it still returns the message. what can I try next?

Update- I figured the problem out on my own- when the google error is returned it may get truncated by your browser. Inspect the element of the error page for the complete uri and paste that into the api uri field. Hope this helps somebody

Thank you. This is true that this is happening…. I will create the update of addon to show the URL directly on setup page, since it is very easy to post the wrong URL.

I did not mean to be critical of the script. It works very well and I absolutely recommend people purchase.

Hi, I just purchased the plugin, I have the same 400 error. What can do for now? thanks

Hi, I just purchased the plugin, I have the same 400 error. What can do for now? thanks

Hi, I’ve already done many times but still get the 400 errors here is what I have done Authorized JavaScript origins: http://localhost:8054 Authorized redirect URLs: http://localhost:8054/wordpress/wp-admin/edit.php?post_type=download&page=edd-settings&tab=google_drive&edd_action=redirect_from_google I believe this is exact same step in your pdf tutorial, however when I click connect me, the 400 error shows every time. Am I miss something by mistake or should I need to put the plugin to live website to test? Thanks


What do you get when you type in URL above in browser. Do you see your webpage?

Hi Kevin. One of the user reported that when you get 400 error Google is falsly truncating the URL which is showing as redirect. This URL is sent by EDD Google Drive and should be the one that needs to be put in the Authorization page.

hi Vle, thanks for your reply, I’ve managed to get the plugin working currently, the problem I cam across was the redirect link, I add a “wordpress” folder by mistake, after I remove the wordpress folder, everything works like a charm, thanks ^..and btw, awesome job^


wkch Purchased

Hi vlevacic,

According to the description I can: ‘use Google Drive as a storage for your content for all other files’.

Can I use this plugin to sell other file types using Gdrive? (I’m looking to sell video files) Or can I only Sell Google Sheets and Docs?

You can use the drive to regularly sell any content. It behaves in same way as if you would share your GDrive link with someone who buys it. With Sheets and Docs it is only advantage that they are integrated into GDrive natively.

segui sus pasos no funciona

Difficult to say what it is from the error. Have you read pdf and comments here?

This program does not work either please support. Return the money


I try to follow your instruction, but I also got error 400 400. That’s an error.

Error: redirect_uri_mismatch

The redirect URI in the request, http://plasticsurgerylibrary.net/wp-admin/edit.php?post_type=download&page=edd-settings&tab=google_drive&edd_action=redirect_from_google, does not match the ones authorized for the OAuth client. Visit https://console.developers.google.com/apis/credentials/oauthclient/551265266942-48k5olh3muc4o8c3k9dcoi6ha5434kin.apps.googleusercontent.com?project=551265266942 to update the authorized redirect URIs.

Please try to help me.


If you have issues, please request a refund and if it is something I need to do in the interface I will give to you. Many users have the EDD Google Drive working but it requires a specific technical prerequirements to set it up which you can find in the guideline.

I never used the refund system but here are the instructions… https://themeforest.net/refund_requests/new

Hi, I followed your instruction completely, but it does not work. By the way, please send me your email address so that I can ask you to help me. Thanks.