Ecwid eCommerce Widgets for Adobe Muse

Ecwid eCommerce Widgets for Adobe Muse

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Welcome to the most comprehensive eCommerce widget for Adobe Muse! Purchase of this widget includes 14 widgets packed with over 300 features to give you complete customization of your entire Ecwid storefront.


Designers have been able to make some beautiful stores with these widgets. Here are a few personal favorites:

This store was also made with these awesome widgets! If you’ve designed your store with these widgets and would like to be added or removed from this list, just let me know!

What’s Included


  1. Storefront — The main storefront widget that gives you full control of your store’s font types, sizes, and colors.
  2. Top of the Store — Prevents Ecwid from automatically scrolling.
  3. Global — Styles the entire storefront including spacing, background colors, animation speeds, and more.
  4. Product Grid — Controls the amount of items that appear in the product grid, the spacing between products, product images, and more.
  5. Buttons — Styles the button colors, sizes, icons, spacing, and more.
  6. Text — Allows you to change much of the text of your store if you do not have a free account. If you have a free account, use Ecwid’s Storefront Label Editor

Shopping Carts

  1. Cart Counter — Dynamically displays that amount of items in your cart.
  2. Detached Login/Favorites — Allows you to place Ecwid’s login and favorites bar wherever you want.
  3. Lightweight Cart — A shopping cart that loads super fast and can be placed anywhere you’d like.

Add to Cart

  1. Full Widget — Embed individual products onto the pages of your store with the same customizablity as the Storefront widgets.
  2. SEO Add-On — Adds some additional SEO to the add to cart widgets.
  3. Quick Button — Makes it fast and easy to quickly add your products to your page.

Best Features

  1. Very easy for your clients to add products to their store
  2. Over 40 different font icons
  3. Easily customize every button buttons
  4. Customizable animation transitions with almost every widget
  5. Enhanced SEO for “Add to Cart” widgets
  6. Customizable fonts
  7. Optimized to work with Hi and Low DPI websites
  8. Minified CSS for faster loading times
  9. Yotpo reviews styling integration
  10. Pop-ups are removed