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Can this be used for money transfer agency?

Like a sender create account and fill in details for the receiver and pays money in. Then, we physically pay money to receiver in another country?

I have some pre-sales questions 1.I assume no KYC are needed with the payment processors available correct?| 2.Can you implement other payment processors like WIpay and paywise? 3.Can it be connected to third party for liquidity? 4.Any specific hosting requirements? 5.In which countries can operate with this script? 6.Can we add different cryptos? 7.Regarding taxes do I have to pay any? 8.For the modifications above how much would you charge? Thank you

hello, I just bought this script, and still lots of Bug.

First: - Rate Currency is out of sync with each other. I try to: Bank Transfer IDR 13600 to Paypal USD. and the calculation rate can be 13600 USD? Not earning 1 USD. WTF - Tracking Exhange feature Not calling CSS, so the display is just black and white

I’ve sent an email with a different email address, and the response is very slow!

and so long to reply _

Yes I am waiting an email to find out how to add new cryptocurrencies to the market. I emailed several times now. If anyone found out this answer, please hit me up. I would like to add, nice layout, easy to work with, just really needing the information on adding cryptocurrencies ASAP.

can your software auto update currencies

Hello Sir,

I am interested in buying your BitExchanger v3.0 PHP Software as advertized. I will need clarification for these issues before I start making a purchase. 1. Can BitExchanger v3.0 PHP Software support Bank Transfer deposit to help my clients to buy bitcoin from me and they will make an offline cash deposit to my specified local Bank account and when it gets confirmed, I shall then add BTC to their given wallet address and also get their order comfirmed? 2. Can BitExchanger v3.0 PHP Software help my clients to sell their bitcoin to me by automatically sending the btc to my designated wallet address while I make an offline cash payment to their specified local Bank account and then gets their purchase confirmed? 3. How long will it take to send script to me once payment is confirmed.?

Please get back to me ASAP to enable me decide when to make my payment.

in License what does it mean can not be charged for does this mean it will not work,can this just be set to do paypal to bitcoin

I just bought this script. First this script doesn’t support ssl..why? What is your skype id? I sent email…if not reply i will ask for refund.

exchange not even showing to set the rates.

Contact me via