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Hi I have installed this software and everything works but my footer pages are not working ..please tell me how can i fix

Why not answer for my emails? Its not working and unsupporting script. Anyone with good recommendations ?

We have more than 1000 mails per day, cant remember all messages…

Ok, ill try 1 more time and write here after

It seems to work, sorry

can u show admin demo

which server required? for this product

GoDaddy we recommend or you can buy hosting from us.

me4onkof AUTHOR i have buy script and install not work please write me for PHP Configuration or any like that cuz … every time i try install i get All fields are required.

I message you to give me hosting access to check issue.

so please give me inform for ur email that i can send u hosting access


b2l2l Purchased

Hello there, I have uploaded the PHP software,SQL database entered all correct Data at install.php page ,and when I hit the button it doesn’t install and keep sending me back to install page without a noticeable error.

Send me hosting access to our support email


b2l2l Purchased

check your email please.

hello. i have send to your email hosting access . please check and also i write you email for thing’s happen. thanks


ukeme Purchased

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please help me I already installed but the website went blank.

message me via support section to solve problem.

do you know how to add neteller payment option inside? thanks alot

Hello, do you have a video guide to set up this script because I can read that you always have upto 1000 emails. I need the script but I want to be sure, If the support I’d be paying for will be needful

Dear Admin,

Can you teach me how to add Neteller payment processor in this script? Thanks so much.

Hello, Author.

I have an issue.

Why my rate is NaN?

How to fix it?

Please support me.

Need to add rate manually.

Hi Admin, can you support me on how to add neteller payment method inside? and do you have any other email to contact? because I dint get any reply from your gmail.

Best Regards, Giap

We already replaid you.

Hi Admin, But as we can see from this friend website, he got neteller payment. My website cannot add neteller. Can you please help me? thanks

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You have encrypted code in this module that is preventing loading. Can i get it decrypted?

Its not encrypted code…

I have installed script but its not working i have sent many mails even my login pass of hosting please help i am unable to use it since last week i have buy

any one using this can help me please whatsapp me +92 333 333 9002 please i need help


lordgiap Purchased


Can you help me add Neteller currencies?

Thanks you so much =)

Your application seams to have issues from the comments here. Do you plan on releasing an updated version? Preferable with a framework like codeigniter at worse.

are you still support this product ?

its too strange, no reply of any inquiary regarding any of your products purchase ….

Some discount?