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Beautiful Form. But yes I also need to know how to embed this into an already created html site? Sorry, it seems like I would be able to figure it out… but sometimes I’m not so lucky. Thanks in Advanced =)

I did everything right, but still it is not working. I see PHP error code on the browser. Why this error and how can i fix this problem

Hi shashi111,

Can you tell me which error type you are seing? Can you send me the url of the script, so I can see it.

Thanks man, it’s a great job, i love it. Really easy to customize.

Thank you so much :)


I’m insterested in buying this item. Is it possible to add checkboxes and radios to the form?

Please advise.

Is it possible to add more fields?

Hi pdouglass

Yes it is possible, but you must hardcode that. I don’t know if you are familiar with PHP coding, but it is not very hard.

hi i am having a problem implementing this in my site. i upload the folder contact_form, and call it with the script

$.get(‘index.php’, function(data) { $(’#contactform’).html(data); alert(‘Load was performed.’); });

but it doesnt work too well – fancy js doesn’t work, i get a google maps error, and some other problems. i have purchased this and like the previous comments if you could zip up a html converted version non-php i would be grateful. my email is and username korefuji. if you can help that would be great. i am currently calling the php in a html page via the above script

Hi – great work!

It is working fine, look my styling here ( embedded per IFrame in Adobe Muse):

The only problem: Umlauts like ö, ä, ü and ß are not shown correctly in the mail to the contacted person, e.g. Köhler instead of Köhler. The contacted person is using MS Outlook Do you have an idea how to fix this? In other mails umlauts are shown correctly. Thanks in advance. Best regards! Hendrik

hi again, if I set MS Outlook manually to UTF-8 coding, it works fine. Seems that the email header is not indicating the used UTF-8 coding, and so MS Outlook falls back to its default character decoding. Suppose $headers or something else to be extended in emailsender.php… how can I introduce that field?

hi is this form getting any support at all?

Would be grateful if my previous request for a html version could be provided, or at least help with integration into a html site


Hi all,

I have solved meanwhile my umlaut-problem by means of calling phpmailer. Furthermore I’ve changed the email format to HTML mail. It is working fine now, but it was approx 4 h of work.

Do you need a database to send the information with the email? Can you add more custom areas to include a drop down list?

Nice, simple and creative .. 5 stars

Is there a strait forward way to change the background to just white without the bg texture image ?

Does this even have any support

DO NOT buy this. It does not work. And no support available.

DO NOT buy this. It does not work. And no support available. See notes. Last support request answered was over one year ago.

Since app not working, and no support being provided. Buyers should request refund from codecanyon/envato.

Hi Laborator,

My script doen’t send the mail to me and doesn’t send the copy to the user…

I not had made any changes…

Help?!? :-)

Hi Erik

I have uploaded the script on our server and tested it, I have received both emails (confirmation and message) here are the screenshots: (confirmation) (message)

If you are working on localhost it will not send emails because you don’t have SMTP server thats why emails do not go.


Hello I just bought your plugin I have this problem: Configure my mail in configuration.php   Main_email = “my email”;

But I do not receive mail

can you help me

Hi there,

If you are working on localhost it will not send emails because you don’t have SMTP server thats why emails do not go.

Kind Regards,