Ecommerce Mobile App - Flutter Mobile App ( E-Commerce )

Ecommerce Mobile App - Flutter Mobile App ( E-Commerce )

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Ecommerce Store Mobile Application – Flutter Ecommerce Application for both Andoird and iOS

Check out the full video here Full Video Ecommerce Store

Scroll down to check out all the screen layouts in light and dark mode from the bottom of the page.

Ecommerce store is the application to start your ecommerce journey with a huge jump start!

Ecommerce store is a fully state managed ecommerce app carefully developed with Flutter framework ( developed by Google ) keeping the performance and best practices in mind. With the mission of reducing thousands of hours of business spent on designing, developing, and testing a mobile app, Ecommerce store app comes as a complete solution template from optimizing to delivering your ecommerce app to the market with high productivity and cost-efficiency.

It will satisfy all of your business requirements including ecommerce functionalities, impressive UI/UX design and smooth and fast performance on both iOS and Android devices.

Jump start your development for an amazing ecommerce mobile app right away.

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Videos to check out

These are the YouTube links to check out the application screens and functionality in better quality.

Full Video Ecommerce Store
On Boarding Screen
Login and Signup Screen
Splash and Home Screen
Product Screen
Search and filter screens
Choose category products
Favorites screen and Week Promotions
Cart and checkout screens
Profile and Orders Screens
Edit Profile Screen
Card Screens
Address Screens
Change Password Screen
Notification Screen

See most of the screens screen shots in both Light and Dark theme.

Already Implemented and developed for you in Ecommerce Store Mobile Application

  • Full state management of the application
  • State management using Provider, ChangeNotifier and Get_it all working together to bring a robust state management solution without the need of context. Bring all your state to your business logic with just one line of code.

  • On Boarding
  • Greet your users with a well defined on boarding screen

  • Login
  • A beautifully designed login screen with full form validation. Mocks the Http login data call to the server while showing a loading indicator to the user for feedback. Manages any error and show it to the user for feedback.

  • Signup
  • Allow your users to signup easily with the beautifully designed Signup Screen with full form validation. A confirm password field to match the entered password with validation. Mocks the Http signup data call to the server while showing a loading indicator to the user for feedback. Manages any error and show it to the user for feedback.

  • Home
  • Home screen to interact better with most of what the application has to offer.

    • Search Bar
    • Choose categories for products
    • Flash Sale
    • Small products list to show most of the trending products separated with categories in popular, recommended, featured products
    • Week Promotions
    • Banner ads for sponsored images
  • Beautifully designed Product Screen
  • Look at the product with multiple images and the ability to zoom and look at them all. Description, seller name and the ability to change size options, colors. Even get the related products suggestion for more activity for your user.

  • Search for products and apply filters
  • Type in the search bar and see the products change with a loading indicator while the data is being fetched (mock http request). Change price range, choose category and hit apply.

  • Choose categories for products right from home screen
  • Different options already developed to change what the user is looking for, all with typed classes for robust code. Also select the price range to sort the products.

  • Tabbed navigation with beautiful animation
  • Bring your users a delight with a beautifully designed tabbar with changing animations.

    Four main tabs with animating icons

    • Home
    • Favorites
    • Cart
    • Profile
  • Favorites
  • Shows all the favorites items of the user, items in the wishlist all in one place to make a decision faster.

  • Cart
  • Cart which shows all the items with the ability to change their quantity and more. Proceed to checkout with multiple but easy steps for better checkout experience.

    • Shipping Address
    • Shipping Options
    • Review your order
    • Choose payment option
    • Payment screen for both success and failure management
  • Profile
  • Navigate through your Orders, track orders, change your profile information, add new address, delete or update it, add new cards for faster checkout, contact us screen and logout.

    • My Orders
    • Track Orders
    • Edit Profile information
    • Add, update, delete address
    • Add, update, delete cards
  • Notifications
  • Show notifications to user with notification objects and items.

This is not all, check out the the application from the link to get the feel of the application and see for yourself how premium the application feels.

This application is a fully state managed template which you can use to build a beautiful and super fast ecommerce application. A delight for both, your customers and developers. Pump up your I/O functions ( mock data fetching functions already developed ), sanitise your data with the built in model classes, add a payment gateway and you are ready with a great ecommerce application.

What will you get?

  • Full Dart source code for Android and iOS
  • Screen Designs by Figma design tool
  • Setup and Installation guide
  • Lifetime use and free version upgrade

Using this template developers can only concentrate on the functional part, they don’t need to work and think like designers, this template helps developers and clients to reduce their efforts, overall cost, money and also make sure that their app is gonna look damn good!

You will have to develop your I/O functions to talk to the server and get data from the database. This application uses mock data to show the functionality of async data fetching from the database.